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Friends make the best kind of family

Hey! We survived the holidays. I spent most of mine either at work or alone at home, so I didn’t have much opportunity to be bothered by people who are obsessed with their kids. 677 more words

Getting Through Christmas Morning when Divorced and Alone

I can cover it up pretty well when talking to friends and family, but the truth is, Christmas without a partner definitely has its low points. 397 more words

Emotional Healing

Happy Christmas from songbird! But, if not...

Wishing you all a wonderfully happy Christmas full of love, joy, hugs and kisses from those you love.

For those alone this Christmas, for whatever reason, may the Prince of Christmas himself fill your heart with the joy of his presence, that never leaves, always loves, forgives, cares. 67 more words


catch-up and Christmas...

I am officially useless! I have been very bad at blogging these past few weeks mainly because I have had my brother and boyfriend visiting me – both which has been amazing. 324 more words

A poem @Christmas

Those of you who follow me know that I live in back-chat, a small village in the conurbation of sarcasm. So just for a change and because it’s Christmas – whatever the hell that means these days – I’ve found you a poem. 132 more words


Don’t be afarid. Don’t doubt. My Son will be victorious, the world belongs to Christ! Mother of God said to St. Valeriu of Romania

The appearance of the All-holy Theotokos in St. Valeriu’s prison cell on the saint’s last Christmas

During the night of his last Christmas, toward dawn, Valeriu testified to his friend Ioan Ianolide: 1,094 more words


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A visitation of the All-holy Theotokos in St. Valeriu’s prison cell

"Let us lift up the hearts!" Any visitation from our Lady warrants our immediate attention. I was not surprised by Her words "that deliverance will come, albeit through fire and devastation. The world still has to suffer....". But these words put me to shame: "Today, the sons of darkness are bolder than the sons of light." For the complete narrative of the visitation, go here valeriu For the life of  St. Valeriu Gafencu the New Confessor of Romania (+ 1952), go here   Blessed Christmas all! May the light of Christ bring you peace and joy!


Sorry for the delay, but life got me sidetracked a bit, but here it is, the 3rd part of the series: Emelie

Shaking hands, chattering teeth, graying skin, she is cold. 1,534 more words