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Games I hated as a kid but would love now

Like everyone who reads these pages ; I’ve been a gamer for a very long time – I remember losing entire afternoons to Pac-Man on my 2600, I lost weeks to Streets of Rage, then I lost months to Pokemon Blue, I still lose hours playing on my PS4. 875 more words


Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, Don’t, Make a Sound

From a blog in Chinese I’m subscribed to, translated, by me…

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t, make a sound.

The Flickering of the Lights in the Night

Was Like This Heaviness in the Hearts… 93 more words


'2Dark' Finally Releases On PC And Consoles This Friday

Alone in the Dark creator Frederic Raynal’s 2Dark is finally ready to hit PSN, XBLA and PC this weekend. 187 more words


New 2Dark Trailer - This Time With Gameplay

I talked about the new stealth-horror game, 2Dark a few days ago and was generally intrigued by it. I don’t usually do horror games, but 2Dark’s story trailer looked really interesting and now we have a new gameplay trailer that shows off what the actual game is like. 93 more words

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2Dark - New Stealth-Horror Game From the Creator of Alone in the Dark

I love horror movies but for some reason, I just can’t play horror games. There’s just something about it that I just can’t handle and they freak me out more than movies do. 141 more words

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