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Let's Study Horror Games

I’ve begun a new series of “Let’s Study” videos on horror games, just in time for Halloween. This first episode explores the historical roots of the survival horror genre, which means that it’s a… 3,104 more words

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The Scariest Game

In the 90s, my siblings and I used to gather around and watch my mother play computer games. She liked adventure games, especially scary ones like Alone in the Dark and The 7th Guest. 352 more words

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Weekly pick-ups: Week 128!

A lot of the big releases are lurking around the corner : Forza Horizon 4 is next week and then the train just doesn’t stop: Soul Calibur VI, Red Dead Redemption 2, Hitman 2 , …: my wallet is going to have a hard time. 144 more words


Listen: ‘Alone in the Dark’ by Uniform

Today, Uniform unveil the second single off their highly anticipated album, The Long Walk – coming August 17th on Sacred Bones. ‘Alone in the Dark’ is an homage to Jack Sholder’s slasher flick of the same name. 112 more words

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I used to live alone in a small, one bedroom upstairs apartment. At night, when I was either in bed or in the bathroom, I would hear someone walking across my little living room floor toward the balcony and back again. 348 more words

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Four Basic Things That Horror Writers Can Learn From Classic Survival Horror Games

Well, although I had planned to write about webcomics (since I’m preparing a webcomic mini series for later this month), I thought that I’d talk about the horror genre again. 969 more words


Is what you see what you get?

When you plug ‘supernatural’ into Google, the top searches all relate to the TV show. Which is cool, it’s a great show with damn fine actors, excellent scripts and good balance of tension and banter; it also has a h-u-u-u-u-u-g-e amount of fan-fiction attached to it that I won’t go into here – read some once, didn’t really get it. 500 more words