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5 Worst Video Game Franchise Reboots Of All Time

Reboots are generally good for keeping a game series alive and active. Sure most of the reboots do not surpass the reputation of the original one but it does keep the series alive in a good way. 695 more words


6 Horrible Video Games Sequels That Destroyed Their Whole Franchise

Video Game Sequels are either made to continue and expand the story and sometimes they are made to improve the gameplay mechanics, graphics and all the other things that were missing in the first game. 777 more words


4 Horror/Zombie Films make ToC's 20 Worst Films in the 21st Century

Taste of Cinema is one of the best websites for insights into Hollywood. The lists are great and provide good information. Now, the website has listed 20 worst films from the 21st century. 743 more words


Games I hated as a kid but would love now

Like everyone who reads these pages ; I’ve been a gamer for a very long time – I remember losing entire afternoons to Pac-Man on my 2600, I lost weeks to Streets of Rage, then I lost months to Pokemon Blue, I still lose hours playing on my PS4. 875 more words


Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, Don’t, Make a Sound

From a blog in Chinese I’m subscribed to, translated, by me…

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t, make a sound.

The Flickering of the Lights in the Night

Was Like This Heaviness in the Hearts… 93 more words