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Things are okay

Tomorrow I’m going to be dying my hair…alone! Purple! I hope it all goes right. I’m going to follow the directions on the packaging and the ones I have been researching. 26 more words

It almost hurts my feelings

When I’m on the train and people take one look at me and walk away. There are not many seats but I have two free spots next to me. 63 more words

New Day

Yesterday was bad. Feeling-wise. It’s a new day and I will try to be happier. I have rehersal today for half an hour. Before that I’m going to this vegan restaurant that I seriously just heard of last night. 46 more words

On my way home

I almost lost it today. My ex keeps texting me. I’m not texting her back anymore. I don’t care how many times she texts me. 117 more words

I really wish this girl would leave me alone

I know she “cares” about me but this is too much. And she only “cares” because she wants to be my girlfriend again. I can’t take this crap anymore. 96 more words