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Here's to being happy.

Hi team,

I know I haven’t posted on here in a long time but I am going to make more of an effort in keeping up with this. 1,002 more words


When you feel absolutely singular with no possible escape. There is you and only you.

– Noelle, age 16, The Loneliness Project

“I feel like my relationships have gotten significantly worse as technology continues to progress. There’s never any time to have conversations anymore. Everyone always has something to do or somewhere to be and I am here watching it through a tiny screen…” 7 more words

The Melody Of A Toxic Love

The last time we fought like this
You told me
You loved me
And you said
That you won’t ever leave me
Even if I lead… 172 more words


By Clay Jacobs, who understands.

Most of us live on Easter Saturday. Something tragic or sad happened yesterday and we cling to a promise that all will be made right tomorrow. 476 more words



There is this sadness that fills you when you want to discuss something with a person but cant. It’s not because they are not there anymore but due to the situation you live in. 154 more words


Hold my hand, my face,

Let me feel your fearful breathe;

Your eyes within mine,

Drink the wine of my passion

Wetting your lips with our tears.