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America is bleeding and nobody cares

I get into a binge at times of YouTube videos and today was no exception.  I came across a video about fighting in sports.  There was one brutal fight after the other when one scene came around that really struck me.  239 more words

Thoughtful Exposition

False hopes

they are at the gate

help is not coming

alliances have been broken

trust sold for copper

the final humiliation

was your asking

you are alone… 20 more words


Sometimes...or have a lot of time on hand.

‘Sometimes you need bad things to happen to inspire you to change and grow’


Growth has no end or beginning.  


Change is constant with no restrictions, boundaries or cut offs. 103 more words


Cold Wind

Rain falling

Knocking on the windowpane

Each drop I hear

Drumming it’s way to my ear

How I wish not to care

Not to feel the coldness of the air… 58 more words


I’d like to think, that most of my thoughts are in good validation, but in all honesty, my thoughts are so spontaneous that I can’t even begin to keep up. 18 more words

Class Clowns

I swear that I am living in a virtual realm among the Village People of late.. literally, as I my Son would say.   Take today for example.  467 more words

Solo holidays soar in popularity - expert reveals the best destinations for holidays alone

For those who haven’t done it before, a holiday without anyone else can be a daunting prospect.
But it needn’t be, and all travel fans should do is make sure they are prepared, and that they have chosen the best destination – arguably true of any holiday. 10 more words