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why do people always leave me?

The Fangirl's Life

Thanks for the Confidence Booster?

Don’t you just love those people that make you feel so worthless? I know I don’t. Shout out to my coach for confidence “booster” of the year!   195 more words

"Alone" 5/5

LEFT 2ND VERY EARLY ON- Mary Kate (severed arteries in a hand)


Alone, alone. All, all alone.

Having your father or mother or let’s say both of them, working? I feel you. We’re in the same page. You’re feeling lonely whenever there’s occassion that is required to bring a parent? 271 more words


Limey skin cells scrape off the sheets

and clump under curled fingernails.

The dusty thought of false fatherhood collects

under pillows –

a cloying pigment that diseases my sleep… 48 more words

These Overwhelming Emotions

I was looking forward seeing you there

Laughing nervously and sitting in the chair.

The anticipation was building up

Time went by and you didn’t show up. 88 more words