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I really do 

It’s eleven o’clock when you say goodnight. My room is black except for the glow from my screen. My knees are exposed between the sheets and the air smells of rain. 170 more words

Goin' Through The Big D And Don't Mean Dallas Pt 1

My marriage is officially over. My life has been turned upside down. I thought I would have a lifetime with the man I love, but it turned out that two years was enough for him. 174 more words


20 Something: Living Alone Gets Weird Sometimes

So, I came home from work today, and I was in a fabulous mood because after work I had decided to check out the nearest library because I hadn’t done that yet, and I am so excited because it is awesome! 597 more words

20 Something

Darkness Cries A Winter

Darkness cries a winter’s tongue, cold as ice amongst my remnants as I am digging it at the shore, cold water blue slapping indigo hate marks against all the stone faces staring out all bewildered and dumb. 367 more words


To the Girl Finding Her Independence, You Are Not Alone.

After high school, a lot changes. Especially people, including yourself and those around you. While in high school, you have a certain friend group that you swear will stick by your side until the end of time. 457 more words


Recently I decided to try and make such a big change in my life and beat my Anxiety and Depression. I didn’t want it to control me or my life and stop me from living the life I want. 124 more words