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Sometimes I feel so alone.

Isolated in a world full of people,
Sure that no one will ever,
Be able to understand me.

I can sometimes lose all hope. 106 more words



I have been struggling for several weeks with a number of issues; insecurity in my primary relationship, a growing dissatisfaction with my job, continued estrangement from my son, the loss of my dog/companion/confidante, ongoing financial woes and a variety of physical complaints.  270 more words


You forgot to breathe again

To take those steps you were going to take

Life left your body it no longer needed the vessel

It did not want to be contained… 28 more words


The story of the Golden Buddha

There is a Buddha statue that sits at the Wat Traimit temple in Thailand, and it’s about 700 or 800 years old. At some point in its early history, the 10-foot gold statue was covered in layers of plaster to hide its true nature from invaders. 166 more words


Writing Prompt Wednesday - "Vengeance"

Revenge by zhaoenzhe

Verily, he wants for nothing more than to


No longer is it simply a matter of


Even he with little soul left can still feel… 17 more words

Writing Prompt Wednesday


Never knew what being alone felt like,

Even when I was.

Never thought I would ever be alone,

Even when I had no one to talk to. 95 more words

Can you see me?

am I really here if you can’t see me

will I really break if I fall?

i walk alone between your footsteps

you don’t hear me… 22 more words