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Silently the pain in my lungs it trickles,

Viscous and potent it fills, little by little.

My heart is now shielded,

For once it was yielded. 117 more words


My Journey Through Loneliness

The last two years of my life have been my loneliest. For a while, it didn’t actually seem that way: I ate lunch with a group of people for a year, and I thought these people were my friends. 304 more words

Alone (Jorio)

The mind won’t accept

What the others say

So isolated and insecure

Seems much safer alone


eruginavit et obliti.

the mirror doesn’t lie
eyes affixed and frozen
this Machine is broken
don’t waste another token
trying to convince it of its worth
coaxing her to make it work… 78 more words


Goodbye, Friend

Me and my family are all dog lovers my brother has a dog and sister has one to. My parents had an amazing caring and a little to energetic at some time but he was amazing. 183 more words

What I would say....we're we still friends

I’d advice you not to do this. I’ve seen you fall in love too many times with too many people to know that you are ready to settle down with this one. 265 more words


Crushed by a crush

Since we were little, people have told us that we have a crush when we don’t know any better. When we’re little it’s an adorable event where our parents set up play dates or we share our crayons with them. 529 more words