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This city gives her anxiety..walking between thousands of people..she feels like a stone between rain drops..she is hitting hard to the ground..to the ground of reality..suddenly when she realises that she doesn’t belong here..suddenly she realises that however hard she try she can’t find that love bcoz people will keep using her as an object.. 11 more words


Alone by Walter de la Mare

A very old woman
Lives in yon house—
The squeak of the cricket,
The stir of the mouse,
Are all she knows
Of the earth and us. 71 more words


Show me.

I hate that people have no respect for me. That they’re taking me for granted. It fucking sucks. I desurve respect. I desurve to be Loved and liked sometimes. 96 more words

Thoughts & Moments

Alone - my fault or the world

Last night I felt alone so alone. I sat in the recliner, at the limited crap in my house including 2 snickers my little man had hidden (although i did avoid eating the other 6 in the house) 137 more words

Single but not lonely

You know when someone says something and it sort of sticks to the inside of your brain. The following sentence did exactly that, ‘honestly I can’t see you with anyone (in a romantic relationship)’. 452 more words

Carve It Out

Carve it out.

That heart that pains me,

The brain that pains me,

The gut that drags me down.

The depths that claw at me, 125 more words


His hand holds felt rushed. Like i could reach out anytime and catch the worn out leather of a suitcase leaving me.