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This isn't my life

My father wanted a boy in the year 2000. I was born a girl, in the same year. My mother wanted a well behaved child, that could do house chores, and don’t talk back in a fight. 429 more words

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Picking Podcasts

Hi Pals,

I’ve recently started getting into Podcasts more and more. I do like Audiobooks – in fact, that’s why I have a monthly subscription to… 587 more words



Could you survive alone on an island for 60 days? Ed Stafford’s new book describes the experience of being marooned on a Pacific island for two months. 605 more words



The fear clutches at your heart. It burns into your soul. The fear consumes your entire being. You can’t breathe, or see or hear anything other than the pounding of your heart. 154 more words

Her Yearning

Check out my poem “Untitled” made with Instant Poetry 2

Midnight Carnival (poem)

In the emptiness of the night

where shadows linger long

where imagination runs frantic

and memories sing their song

When silence is loudest

screaming its haunting refrain… 90 more words

My Poetry

Please remember

We were in this together,

Now we are not,

Something must have happened,

Or you just forgot