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Choking Flowers

I know this girl

she has a rose eye

unable to see her unique self

delicate like a flower

and hidden behind her weaknesses

she wavered in the wind…

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I feel so cold

I feel so cold and alone and destroyed like a corpse of a mutilated seal on a broken isolated iceberg under the dark sky with no sun

Warm pudding.

It’s challenging when you think your friends are your friends and it turns out they are not.

I now have this very alone feeling even though I’m surrounded by these people all day whom I thought were my friends. 193 more words

On a Fairy Tale

Allow me, dear audience, to relate to you a story.

Once, there were three creatures: a toad, a troll, and a hermit. Now, these three had become fast friends over their love of routine; they, as their names implied, lived alone. 283 more words

Sleeping With Dogs

I have two of them. Two dogs.  Miniature Schnauzers, both.  Salt and pepper.  They came from the same breeder, though from different lines and they are the reason I get up every morning.  843 more words


Lonely Fate. 

I won’t wake up and roll over

To kiss anyone’s face

I’ll never come home

To a warm embrace

That’s just a fantasy

That I’ll never know… 79 more words


One man town

Living my life is like reading a book you know the ending of. Even the experiance of greatest happiness in the back of your mind triggers something and you remember it will not last.