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Tonight I literally sat in service at a church I’ve been watching for a few years online. Tonight was one of the hardest messages I’ve heard, maybe it was impact of the message of being at the church or maybe I was SUPPOSE to be there and the Holy Spirit just spoke clearer than watching it online. 518 more words


Day 1 - Life After Her

Turn off the alarm. Sit on the side of the bed and stare down at the floorboards.
Today was the first time in a year, where I didn’t kiss the picture of you and wished you a good morning. 261 more words

That day!

So that day is upon us again tomorrow, a day that used to be enjoyed be myself and my loved one but is now one of the most hated days in the calendar for me. 181 more words

I'm a loner

It’s crazy how life can change so much in such a small period of time. About three weeks ago I started writting a post about how great my life felt in that moment: I had great weeks at the beach, when I returned I had great days with some friends and it was Haute Couture week. 379 more words


Day 19: A Real Feeling Of Being 24 And Missing Someone

Some nights, when it is at the end of the night

and i am getting sleepy or tired of where i am at that present moment… 53 more words

Being alone on Valentine's Day... Blessing in disguise?

So, since Valentine’s Day is well.. Tomorrow. I thought I would share a little something about spending it alone. For the first time in 6 years I am not dating anyone or with anyone and to be honest it’s really a strange feeling. 208 more words