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Last Hope

So, what is it that keeps you in the relationship with a narcissistic person?  Part of it stems from the isolation, the continued gas lighting, and manipulation.  462 more words

It's Okay To Feel Stuck

Hello loves <3

It’s okay to feel stuck. We don’t talk about that enough. Probably because we’re all trying to show the world how put together we can be.  555 more words



I’m all for advocating people to not compromise,

To go for what they want,

To be optimistic and never give up.

But tonight, I entered a state of “ratherness”, 100 more words



Here I skip stones,
across the still water.

My feet anchored
within the sand,
as time flew.

Each sunset spent
without you, my
heart ached. 10 more words


Alone vs lonely

This week has felt good so far (I realize it’s just Tuesday!) even though the days have been a bit chopped up. I met up with someone that a friend suggested I talk to yesterday and had another meeting today. 275 more words

Dear Blah-blah

More accurately, dear friends.

You’re expecting more apologies, more excuses; why I’m like this, why I need to cling on to people, why I’ve done/did things, why I want to, why why why why why. 530 more words

You happy yet?

Today i woke up feeling a pressure on my chest. The pressure of depression. All i want to do is lay in bed and melt away with the earth. 568 more words