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Round and Round

Here we go again.

I see how little importance

I hold in others’ lives

When I stop talking first.

As if they only respond

When I initiate conversation. 38 more words


Milan life has been so exciting and full of adventures I thought I would be immune to homesickness…Turned out I’m not.

Last weekend in Bergamo, I tasted some 45-degree Italian grappa that immediately reminded me of our rustic rice alcohol.  229 more words


In the Street

I stopped her in the middle of the street,

“I know you don’t know me, but do you think I’ll make it? Do you think I can survive all of this?” … 13 more words


-white noise

-white noise

That noise inside your head?
there is blessing in it,
give it the audience it deserves,
and it will become a symphony.

W.E. 312 more words


FUCK you.

for abandoning me
for making feel less than
for making me believe that you love me
for lying to me
for those times you’d go out and leave me worried… 75 more words


The boy who wouldn't be moved

The horizon calls it the end
Of an era
What will the clouds say?
Cause inside my head they’re still grey
Can’t believe it’s come to this day… 66 more words