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another day, another transition

Wow! I continue to appreciate and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.


Bookish Playlist A to Z: The Letter A

The idea: post a book recommendation and a song which reminds you of the book, or that you listened to while reading the book.

The catch: 239 more words


tbr revision || april 2015

It’s almost midway through April, and I’m soon to be leaving on a trip, so I figured I would do a revised TBR for the rest of the month, seeing as I have new books in mind. 97 more words


good with the bad

the past 3 weeks have been such a crazy ride that you could say tow-mater was involved somehow. glad to be recovering and grateful for the opportunities that life allows. keep on truckin’


Easter Sunday, He is Risen ✝ = ♥

Easter Sunday, a day where the easter bunny roams and chocolate is being distributed around the globe. But other than giving, eating and receiving chocolates, it is also a day of remembrance for what the Lord Jesus Christ had done 2000 years ago. 266 more words

Along For The Ride

Versatile Blogger Award

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been very inactivate with my postings lately mainly due to the fact that I’m currently doing my Fashion Internship here in Sydney! 264 more words