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a beautiful boredom

for in this life if we keep on driving

we keep on dying

there is something in silence

there is a beautiful boredom

that should not be discouraged or disturbed… 72 more words


friday all along

best ways of the seeing

and what it  must  have endured

and where it was the seeing

and its own  asking

and what it  caught of the… 46 more words


on board

How long… and most probably…
in total dream.
hmm… almost to in.
And too with indulgent.
The more it tears apart
with more emptiness.
I have no such stories of chocolate, 15 more words


Wedding ceremony Hairstyles Part Bun along with Braid

Wedding ceremony is a very special occasion absolutely everyone want to appear unique and diverse at this juncture but especially bride should appear gorgeous from all the member of wedding ceremony. 27 more words


what it comes along

hurry it said

and what it needed

and its own time

and how it paused

and when it knew

and what it spoke on the… 47 more words


come along

where is the parked  car

and what is the moment

and how it seems to  find

the level

and its own hope

and what is the solution… 43 more words


Police Ride Along

It was the spring of my senior year of high school when the editor-in-chief of my journalism class came to me and said, “Matt, I have a great idea for a feature piece and I want you to do it.” I said, “yeah, okay, sure,” because I liked doing features and because I tend to agree to things before asking what they are, which is just… 4,443 more words