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Once upon an infinity,

A rose grew strong.

It was like a divinity,

That always comes along.

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listen to a new song from teen daze

teen daze is prepping his newest full-length, morning world, out august 14th via paper bag records.  as the arrival of the album’s title track last month suggests, the canadian singer-songwriter is dabbling with a more straightforward approach to songwriting, and this sentiment is reflected in his latest single, “along.”  though “along” is more relaxed and contemplative than its predecessor, key pop tenets are still explored and pristinely executed.   40 more words


News Alert!!: Moreno Valley, CA: Homicide detectives investigating a killing along Miners Trail.

News Alert!!: Moreno Valley, CA: Homicide detectives investigating a killing along Miners Trail.

Homicide detectives are in a residential neighborhood in Moreno Valley, California investigating a killing. 80 more words

push all along

where is the  doing of the

results of the higher

and its own carry of the keeper

and when it was the  pursuit

of the  choice… 47 more words


As a whole upon...

what comes along and what goes by
The silent drops like wax on the surface of still.
Relating and to the end.
That could flow as still and never dissolve. 22 more words


Getting Along With Brothers and Sisters

In a house with more than one kid, there are bound to be some problems. Brothers and sisters borrow stuff, and don’t always return it in top condition. 580 more words


Mail Art as Knobs Instead of Nodes.

When we talk about networks, we usually imagine a structure of dots with connection lines. However, the images of networks show a peculiar place where dots and blobs are suspended in empty space. 361 more words