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ran along

before it was covered

and what it had endured

and those of the  asked

and what it sometimes


and  how it stands onto

and what it  basks unto… 46 more words


MUSIC MONDAY - Josh Garrels

Hiya, friends.

Today I have for you a song from one of the most unique musicians I listen to.
If you like mood-lifting tunes, you’ll enjoy this guy. 214 more words


About through

As It could never thought of it.
It prolong it’s way
This moment It should feel the heavy kiss.
How could it change?
Ahh… 18 more words


When I meet you in horizon

till the eyes that rely upon.
Though It stands upon, on side.
Thought along,
with along with eyes.


cover along

feelings used and those of  comtempt

and  the inner war of the peace

and how it was sliced like a pie

and who is rolling the dice… 44 more words


Don't Belong

A pig in this rat race,
I don’t belong.
I seem like a nut case
for not following along.