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chase along

sing the songs

and play of the peace

and seem

all it wanted to know

and its own rolling

and heard of the matter

and how it  seemed… 45 more words


thinking along the way

best and it sown passing

and where it was ended

and called on the goal

and how it was the turned

and its own volume… 47 more words



Next time you count stunning bridges of India, don’t forget this one. Among many wonders of Arunachal, there’s a 70m-long stunning example of man-made architecture. 60 more words

woke along water

how it drips

and what it drops

and those of the evening

and what it called

and how it played so well

and danced of the charm… 45 more words


Saint Quay Portrieux : some benches along the sea

Check out these free software images:
Saint Quay Portrieux : some benches along the sea

Image by lepoSs
Film: Velvia
Gear: Canon Eos 30 & Tokina AT-X Pro 20-35 mm f/2.8… 15 more words

wait along and see

how it was the seldom

and what it programmed

and how it was said

and thus it was the meeting

and those of the walking… 48 more words


Buy Laptops with Low Prices along with Windows 7 Home Premium and Microsoft Office 2010

by kenming_wang
Life cannot be imagined without laptops in today’s scenario. Yes, this is the computing device that you can carry along wherever you go, browse online anytime anywhere even while on the move. 15 more words