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Video Wig Review: Sona by Vanessa Wigs in BT4007

Hm. It’s true I used to wear Sona a lot back in the day, but I don’t recall ever having the issue with the back that I see in this video – it looks thin at the nape and I think you can see the band of the wig. 123 more words

Wig Review

Tula's Story, Part One

If you were to meet Tula for the very first time, she probably would not want you to talk to her or touch her. She would keep her distance, physically and emotionally, until she had sized you up from a distance and decided for herself if you were a good or bad ‘un. 1,659 more words

Plaster Brace

Please mind the Baldness...

As if it’s not hard enough to deal with trying to lose weight, running two businesses and being a mom (I was a single mom for 7 years, but now I have an amazing boyfriend who treats me like a queen so it’s unfair for me to claim single mom-ness)… all of the sudden, last November, my hair started falling out. 557 more words


Skin Advocate iPhone App

The Skin Advocate iPhone app is a free application for iPhone compatible-devices that helps people with skin conditions and hair loss conditions connect with the appropriate non-profit patient advocacy organizations, resources and support, to help them live successfully with their conditions. 466 more words


It's my party..

Without realising, I’ve gone MIA since my return from Dubai. Not intentionally, but I think subconsciously my body went into self preservation mode. The last few weeks have possibly been the toughest in this whole nine month whirlwind. 987 more words

Hair Problems [Show Notes]

Episode 54 – Hair Problems

Alopecia – hair falls out in the same area all at one time.  Kind of like crop circles.

3 Stages of the Hair Follicle life cycle… 331 more words


Things I learned from shaving my head

  1. You will feel a lot colder now, therefore hair must be an insulator. Your head will feel the breeze much before the rest of your body.
  2. 287 more words