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Alo-what now?

Alopecia Areata.

Read it, repeat it, remember it – because 2% of the entire population is at risk of developing it. Now, I know that number seems small, but if you put in into perspective that’s approximately 152,000,000 people. 1,009 more words


Current State of the Crown: Victim Blaming, Noticeable Progress and Plans to Move

Before anything else, I just want to say that I appreciate all the messages I’ve been getting lately. I was so scared of judgment that I can seriously count on my fingers the number of people that I told about what is really going on with me. 886 more words


Current State of the Crown: Rollercoasters, Goals, and Expensive Wigs

I spent the weekend in an emotional rollercoaster. I spent Friday extremely productive. I booked an appointment with a dentist (this is long overdue) and an gynecologist (because it’s about damn time and I’ve read about the possible links of AA and the female parts). 647 more words

Dear Diary

What is it??

Some people, I realize, have never heard of Alopecia. I get it. There’s millions of rare diseases out there that I’ve never heard of. However, Alopecia is more common then you think. 347 more words


How to manage your stress levels.... Working with Anxiety and depression... Strategies... and helpful books.

This may be a little long so I am splitting it into two parts.

Managing stress, depression and anxiety can be quite difficult at times.  I myself know this and understand what it feels like. 1,303 more words


Alopecia Universalis

January 12th 2018.

As this is my first blog post it will just be an overview of the last few months.

The day I officially received the diagnosis of Alopecia universalis. 449 more words


The Day My Hair Fell Out

I was a dirty smoker. I say “was” as if I’m one of those amazing people who conquered the smoking habit years ago. It has been a week guys. 651 more words