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Hair Loss Is Not a Skin Disease!

When people realize that they are losing their hair or having alopecia, they often become distressed and book an appointment with a dermatologist as quickly as they can. 377 more words

Every hair Matters

One day I brushed my hair, thinking nothing out of the ordinary

The next night my head itches something awful, I feel something weird

Smooth, soft, and prickly…..my head with no hair!! 50 more words

Day 74, No. 74. The Amazing Colossal Man

HAIRCUT 100: Day 74, No. 74. Sticking with middle aged naked bald guys, Lt. Col. Glenn Manning (played by Glenn Langan) in The Amazing Colossal Man… 359 more words

Haircut 100

Day 71, No. 71. Joseph Gatt

HAIRCUT 100: Day 71, No. 71. Joseph Gatt – ‘The Man.’ So, we’re just getting the third season of The Asylum’s postmodern zombie western Z Nation… 456 more words

Haircut 100

How To Not Cure Alopecia Quickly and Effectively

As I previously mentioned in my Intro., I have alopecia. In February, my poor hairdresser noticed a bald patch and had to break it to me gently. 1,013 more words


News For Hair Loss Sufferers

Japanese Firms Team Up To Fight Baldness With Stem Cell Cure

Giant strides to prevent and cure baldness are being made in medical labs around the world. 283 more words

Hair Care

Facts about me...

So before I get into the whole get the violins out alopecia story I thought I’d start off with a few interesting/not so interesting facts (let’s say 20) about myself so you, whenever, if ever, can get to know me a little better. 203 more words