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Can These Technion Students Cure Baldness?

University team aces international competition with an enzyme that promises to stop male pattern alopecia.

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An obstacle is something that blocks your way or prevents you from doing something. An obstacle might actually hinder you from making progress forward. Alopecia Areata (AA) may be your obstacle. 519 more words

How Hair Transplant Treat Traction Alopecia?

Among various types of Alopecia, Androgenetic alopecia which causes male and female pattern baldness are beyond our control. But, Traction Alopecia is definitely treatable. You can stop the consequences of Traction Alopecia as it is caused by outside force on the hair follicles. 455 more words

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Is This Information Understandable?

This is a scheduled post. I am still here, just drowning under a tottering pile of my work and maybe a little of Damian’s. Why I do this to myself I do not know. 341 more words

good friday // the fall of mr fifths

Hip-hop can be so many things. ¬†Get engaged. ¬†Friends don’t let friends listen to lazy lyricists.

“Blowin’ kisses to disinterested bitches…”

“…I never said I didn’t have syphilis, miss listless…”


What Makes LeMetric Hairpieces Different?

In the market for a hairpiece? Elline explains what makes LeMetric Hairpieces and Hair Systems different than the ones other salons are offering and how to choose the right one based on your own needs and lifestyle. 97 more words


Grow your hair, the natural way easilydh

Growing hair is something that we sometimes don’t give much thought to, that is unless our hair is taking to long to grow out. Sometimes it may be something as simple as eating more vegetables and fruits or drinking more water. 79 more words

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