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New Chapter

I’ve been away for awhile! After following AIP for a full 4 weeks, I did a reintroduction too quickly. I got discouraged plus I was traveling and had visitors so I threw in the towel. 131 more words


Beauty and the Beast

READER ADVISORY: Some photos and descriptions in this story might be disturbing to some individuals. Use discretion when choosing to continue. Previous blog posts leading up to this story are located at the bottom of this post. 956 more words

Treating post partum hair loss with Forever Living products

Last September I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy and about three months afterwards I noticed that quite a lot of hair was coming out when I washed it. 439 more words


PCOS & Hair loss

It has been a while since I posted on this blog, real life has a pesky way of distracting me. But as I washed out the oil mix from my hair tonight, I realized there is one blog post I should be posting, asap, for all of the women with PCOS experiencing hair thinning and hair loss. 888 more words


Balding in Women- PCOS (thinning of hair)

So when you are a typical girl who keeps on looking up pictures over Tumblr and Pinterest you might be familiar with the feeling of jealousy or utter sadness (sometimes) that you get after seeing all those lush hair pictures and hundreds of tutorials that you cannot possible carry around because you simply DON’T HAVE  ENOUGH HAIR!!! 696 more words