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How do you deal with stress?

How do you deal with stress? In our busy lives, how do you manage your time?

Alopecia Areata isn’t caused by stress, but it can be stressful. 1,498 more words


My Journey with Alopecia

Hi guys! So if you’re just now reading this that means you’re just now discovering that I have Alopecia, and maybe you’re even hearing that word for the first time. 1,007 more words


Some people look, and some people stare.

There are times when you are in the right place at the right time.

When your meant to meet a person who despite everything oozes warmth, understanding, compassion and kindness and above all courage- to help someone else, and impact children and young peoples learning and curiosity-that you have to find out more. 724 more words

Waiting for Enigma

Wearing a full wig in the summer can be really uncomfortable. It’s like suiting up in road kill — which is masculine in some cultures, but concerning in my own. 1,629 more words

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Preparing for a wig when you have very little to no hair.

Preparing for a wig when you have very little to no hair.

Sounds a little silly but one of the main things that really does help is to make sure your scalp is clean and fresh with no product or oil residue on the skin. 431 more words


It’s not Cancer, it’s Alopecia

A couple of my earlier posts have centred around exercising head naked (as I like to call it) however I have now realised it’s a lot easier to keep fit when your an unemployed bum. 712 more words