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Are You Using A Lot A Lot?

Recently I was chastised “a lot” for using “a lot” in my writing. While the vague measurement is now over-used and abused, I was reprimanded to not use a lot a lot. 831 more words

Writing Tips

little as alot

are you feeling so serious

are you into the meaning

as its own front

and told as its own keeping

and for the best as its own quiet… 42 more words


Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Launch Trailer

Next Tuesday, the final Dark Souls DLC EVER launches.  It’s shaping up to be the send off the series deserves.  It will include the usual such as new weapons, armour and enemies to battle.   24 more words




I can hold on, I can resist

When I shake

I will compress my fists

And I won’t brake.

I can go on with a broken heart… 116 more words

alot and well

in its own  thought

and well in regard

theme and  held on the  carry

and effort

and its own secure

took on the level

and  how it was the comfort… 42 more words


alot to promise

in its own overall

and angry as it was the willing

and held on the choice

and matter on the circle

and told on its own twist… 54 more words