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Can't Sleep Without Taking Alot Of Medication

It takes ALOT to get me to sleep and even then I don t know what to expect with sleep. Never consistent even though I take same meds which I realize is normal but why can I take the same dose and not fall asleep at all. 68 more words

If You Could Talk To Past Tormentors, What Would You Say To Them?

I have been thinking alot lately about the people who tormented me in school. I wonder what I would tell them if I had the opportunity. 86 more words

not alot missed

where it was a life of inches

and how a hug

can prevent

a moment

of forgotten

and what it said

and those of the… 48 more words


A New Phish, Downsizing, and Figuring Out Life

So, it’s been a while… and in the past I have said that a lot.

I love that thing. But, life hasn’t done much, and that probably had to do with the fact that I haven’t told it to do anything. 558 more words


My Tour of An Ethanol Plant

I’m about to leave again for my third ALOT trip of the summer and I haven’t posted anything about our second trip!  We did So Many Things on our trip across Northeast Missouri.   329 more words


A lot of / lots of / a lot?

Xin phân biệt giúp a lot of /lots of/ a lot và alot?

‘Lots of people like football / A lot of people like footaball.’ 337 more words

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