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Pecha Kucha: A Walk Through A Slide, Part 1

As a writer, nay, as a human being, there are a number of injustices that the written and spoken word suffers that individually and collectively manage to reach deep down into my soul and slap it in the face. 415 more words


Dear Baby Me: December 15, 1996

Dear Steve,
D.J.’s showing off – again. You see he came over to help Joey learn how to rollerblade. Me and Kim are having a fight. 463 more words

Dear Baby Me

Arched Windows

In Arizona we see alot of windows that are arched at the top. A great way to cover these…

What Do Body Memories Feel Like?

I ve heard alot recently about body memories and have found little on the subject. I was wondering if those who have experience with them could explain what they feel like. 71 more words

#Motivation from jake_trujillo00

Ya’ll first need to believe, after ya’ll believe take a chance to achieve, Dedicated to something or someone, most people do it to impress but me and my work out homies do it for fun @mr.flex27 @http.soccer15 We take chances like no other, I trust and believe in these guys like there my brothers, blood or not we are being tought, alot, so is what your giving all you got? 50 more words


Ag Leaders take on Washington D.C.!

And we’re back!  The trip to D.C. was amazing, exhausting, educational, memorable… and germ-y.  My plane touched down a week ago, but I’m just now recovering from all of it! 464 more words