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A lot 

I couldn’t help myself correcting this one.. Where in the world would the extra “l” come from in “a lot”?!?! I could let “alot” slide, but c’mon now…

Online Dating

alot to come up off

admit the message

dance on the shore

and where is the complicated

and its own complex

and seconds

and how it spins

and those of the coming… 45 more words


Why So Much?

Hello everyone! So it feels like it’s been a really long time since I’ve written on here and technically that’s true. Half of it is because of busy days and nights and the other half is because I didn’t know how to word this post well enough. 301 more words


It's now or never

Since I was a kid, I was recognized as a very active child in my society. To be more specific ‘active in sports only’; But when it comes to study, procrastination has been a big problem for me. 291 more words

Personal Impression

Pecha Kucha: A Walk Through A Slide, Part 1

As a writer, nay, as a human being, there are a number of injustices that the written and spoken word suffers that individually and collectively manage to reach deep down into my soul and slap it in the face. 415 more words


Dear Baby Me: December 15, 1996

Dear Steve,
D.J.’s showing off – again. You see he came over to help Joey learn how to rollerblade. Me and Kim are having a fight. 463 more words

Dear Baby Me

Arched Windows

In Arizona we see alot of windows that are arched at the top. A great way to cover these…