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A lot

There is alot to say,

but I can’t.

I alread said one third..


A lot/allot/alot

A mistake here is always a matter of written grammar error, as all these sound the same when we speak.

Many things equals a lot… 85 more words

Smokepurpp - Get Alot (Review & Stream)

On the real, the level of uselessness that Smokepurpp is capable of reaching is at an all time high. 82 more words


The One About Cuphead

Or: How I Learned That My Video Game Skills Peaked at age Nine.

If you want to know the truth, if you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to know is, … 911 more words


Ah, the Stain of Misspellings and Non-standard Spellings

Ah, the stain of the commonly misspelled word, the use of the non-standard spelling. They have tripped up many an apparently unschooled writer.

Common misspellings can trip up the best authors. 255 more words


reach as alot


as when it was the keeping

and said

as the doors

and move

as the flow

and  the meaning

as its own corner

and when it was the sentences of the words… 40 more words


You've Heard This A Lot, But...

It’s pouring here! And I drew back the curtains as much as I could to see the rain, fixed myself a hot cuppa tea and pulled the blanket over my knees to sit and enjoy the evening. 360 more words

Common Mistakes