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one hello alot goodbyes

one time to arrive

and be seen as   fresh

the other times when things

don’t go as plan

and where you already know

where you stand… 47 more words


I really like this song.

Wow. I never thought I’d be sharing my music taste on this blog, but here I am.

Although I’ve never been a huge fan of the… 103 more words


alot of memory

took as the offer

and for the create

and welcome

and long on the front of the parts

and held on the standing

and causing on the scene… 42 more words


Quick Tips for Authors: A lot vs. Allot vs. Alot.

Today’s quick tip: There is no alot.

You might, however, want a lot of ice cream when you’re feeling sad.

You also might allot… 26 more words


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took alot

never on the right

and for the meaning

and its own seeking

and what it recalled

and thought on the pulse

and when it was the said… 44 more words


alot and more

down the road

and said from this angry respond

and where it  was the  weird

and wire

and keeping

and something so kept

and for the blend… 45 more words