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A lot/allot/alot

A mistake here is always a matter of written grammar error, as all these sound the same when we speak.

Many things equals a lot… 85 more words

A lot/allot/alot

The common error here is in the writing, as all these sound the same when we speak.

Many things equals a lot of things—two words, … 96 more words

Do You Sleep With Alot Of Covers?

Curious – does anyone else sleep with tons of covers on their bed no matter the temperature outside? I have a theory that I love tons of covers because they allow me to feel like a little child wrapped tightly in a blanket, nice and safe. 31 more words

Simply Because I Can Fight Does Not Mean I Want To

Our family has been going through some road bumps recently. We will eventually come out the other side, and stronger, but right now it feels kind of crappy. 353 more words

Social Issues

A great little movie about some big ideas on mental illness. Much more honest than your average ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Hollywood bullshit fanfare, no offense to those novelists that use mental illness as some sort of romantic comedy metaphor for love. 39 more words

Creative Writing

Can't Sleep Without Taking Alot Of Medication

It takes ALOT to get me to sleep and even then I don t know what to expect with sleep. Never consistent even though I take same meds which I realize is normal but why can I take the same dose and not fall asleep at all. 68 more words

If You Could Talk To Past Tormentors, What Would You Say To Them?

I have been thinking alot lately about the people who tormented me in school. I wonder what I would tell them if I had the opportunity. 86 more words