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The Poo Stops Here

I have always assumed it is easy to grow vegetables.

I blame that assumption on my dad. He has never failed to have a productive garden — even if there was a year or two he didn’t embed Blue Lake pole bean seeds in the soil or plant tomato, cucumber and pepper starts until late June or early July. 810 more words

Alpaca poop is The Word.

I am a jealous gardener.
Jealous of the soft, almost black soil in my parent’s garden.
Jealous of the master gardener who grows beautiful lettuce, flowers and carrots in her raised beds. 463 more words

Did ya know?

Alpaca poop is very low in nitrogen and therefore can be put directly on your garden as fertilizer without it burning the plants.

However, if the animal was given dewormers or other meds on a regular basis, it’s better to let the manure age before using it on a food garden. 45 more words


Harper Voyager & NaNoWriMo

Dear Diary,

I submitted my novel, Vokhtah, to Harper Voyager last night, and now I can sit and contemplate the enormity of what I have done. 492 more words



At this time of year you’re probably thinking that my title refers to Christmas. Well, not this time. It’s roughly 25 degrees outside with a bit of a wind chill. 122 more words