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Pitchingga Ridge alpacas

It was hard to keep my eyes on the road as I drove into Red Hill. It’s such a pretty, rolling green hills kind of a place. 451 more words


Fresh field alpacas

I couldn’t have hoped for a warmer introduction to alpacas than Freshfield alpacas. MaryAnn took me out to see the alpacas first. She knew all their names, and could call over those who were likely to be up for a cuddle. 350 more words


Hide and "goat" Seek

There is a reason why baby goats are called “kids.” The similarity between a 3 week old goat and a three-year-old child are uncanny. Both are fearless, playful, and busy…Oh so busy! 341 more words


Yesterday, a friend and I went to see alpacas. Doesn’t sound that amazing, but it was probably the best thing I’ve done in AGES!!! Alpacas are the best! 233 more words

Oaklawn Farm Zoo

During my 10 day trip back in Halifax, My friends and I went to the Oaklawn Farm Zoo! It was a blast because I got to see llamas and alpacas! 47 more words


He's Got An Odd Alpaca Story 

I need to start by giving a massive shout out to all of you that are still reading this! Last week, my entire blog hit 1000 views and it’s still growing. 845 more words