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Yo Blog! Long Time No See

Well. For me anyway. Who knew real life was so completely engaging! Kidding – but it’s true – the longer I spend away from my computer, the more I grudge the time needed to post. 245 more words


The Escape Artist

I have an interesting story to share with everyone. We have been experimenting with having some of our alpacas living in our large natural pasture and wooded area (3 acres and +) that is located on the backside of my work’s property. 300 more words

Bashful Alpaca

Spent a few days in Indiana this past week where I found myself traveling the countryside.  Mostly all I found to photograph was lots of corn, soybeans, roadside weeds and barns.   37 more words

Other Critters

Фермы в Пенсильвании

Пенсильвания – один из самых любимых нами американских штатов. Он тихий, уютный, весь какой-то домашний. Там живет огромное количество “реднеков” – белых консерваторов, там живут сектанты – квакеры и амиши, там живут либерально настроенные профессора многочисленных колледжей, там живут настоящие работяги-фермеры… И при этом все мирно сосуществуют друг с другом! 10 more words


alpaca apparitions

in the age of hollow copies.

On nights when mirrored waves of air
are breaking in the clouds, the woolen ghosts
seep out of cast-off clothes, and squeeze… 210 more words

Speculative Fiction

Exploring Alpaca Fiber Quality

Last month I had the great opportunity to volunteer during the annual Alpaca Owner’s Association National Fleece Conference in Arlington Virginia. On Day 1 I took the… 486 more words

Local Resources


While pottering around the other day, feeding the Weep Weeps (Guinea pigs), snacking up the ‘Pacas and chatting to the Perkies (Chickens) I came across a bunny eating his fill of corn and not really concerned at my presence… 408 more words