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As part of my self-improvement aim of doing something new everyday, I visited Holly Hagg Farm in Sheffield and walked their lovely Alpaca, Santiago. 

What do you think of this vlog? Would you walk an Alpaca?


Clucky Chicken and Her Girls

There is something miraculous at my sister’s farm. Where most people would think of the Kansas farm as being filled with cattle or hogs, my sister raises alpacas. 114 more words


Heather Laminaria.

I love heather blooms. Heathers here in Ireland are just so pretty come autumn.
The hills would be covered in it and the different shades of purple and pink would just cascade over the landscape. 314 more words


6 year old b-day gifts!

One of the things I love about having younger cousins now is that I get to make them fun little kid gifts. It can be hard, however, to pick things out they would like—and that their parents would approve. 273 more words


Things are Settling Down

It’s been a good week, as things are settling down and we 200 more words

Anxiety Lair

Let’s start from the basics. Generally, I love Japanese lifestyle. I love how everything is carefully scheduled at least one month prior. I love how everything has a starting and a finishing time, which is meticulously respected. 625 more words