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Alpaca fleece

Alpaca can be quite hard to spin because it lacks the elasticity of wool, it doesn’t have the lanolin and doesn’t have the same twist tolerance. 131 more words


1161. Dreams of being a vet

Throughout his childhood, Bonito loved Nature. He collected leaves of different plants and pressed them. He knew their names, both Common and Latin. He had pet macaws, and bred them. 104 more words


Into the Valley

A Quechua woman spinning alpaca wool onto a spindle – Qorqor, Peru

Dyed alpaca wool – Qorqor, Peru

Quechua woman – Qorqor, Peru… 12 more words


Stash flash - the spinning fiber edition

This was going to be a four-part inventory series for my own notes when I started it 2ish years ago – the first was commercial yarn… 1,554 more words


First Prize for Alpaca Yarn

My¬† next weaving project is to make two throws from hand spun alpaca yarn. The first skein from Paddy’s fleece won a first prize!