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Because it’s called “Slim” most think it’s just for weight loss, but if you examine all of the natural ingredients that are in Plexus Slim, you can see why it offers such a powerful health punch! 243 more words


More Evidence for Alpha Lipoic Acid as an Anti-Aging Supplement

When it comes to aging it’s all about telomeres, those tiny structures at the end of your chromosomes. Shortened or damaged telomeres are a sign of aging and can even contribute to it. 231 more words


Chromium aids weight loss

When a person attempts to lose weight with diet and exercise they try to decrease the amount of calories and burn fat. Chromium Picolinate is a mineral that, when combined with diet, can speed the process of weight loss. 149 more words


What is Alpha lipoic Acid?

The human body produces most of what it needs from the food that we give it. Unfortunately, the process creates waste that has to be dealt with. 112 more words


No Tears to Cry? You May Need Testosterone!

Dry eye is a syndrome where the body’s ability to produce tears is dysfunctional. The tear film is composed of water, from the lacrimal gland, mucous or mucin from the goblet and epithelial cells from the cornea and inner eye mucous membrane, and a lipid layer produced from Meibomian glands. 385 more words


Anosmia and Alpha Lipoic Acid - 200 days!

Can Alpha Lipoic Acid help restore your sense of smell?

Anosmia. No sense of smell. Mine used to be normal, though seasonally attenuated by an allergy to pollen. 1,198 more words


Alpha Lipoic Acid: Fat and Water Soluble; A Major Player in mTBI/Concussion 

Because antioxidants modulate the pathophysiology of oxidative stress/free radical damage and chronic inflammation they play a major role in preventing and halting neurodegeneration in TBI. 80 more words