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How to get "In the Zone" using brain wave frequencies

Have you ever woke up and thought, “I feel great today!” Or on the flip side woke up and feel exhausted.

Have you been in a situation where everything slows down and you perform at a much higher level than you ever believed possible? 486 more words

Schockemohle Anatomic EQUITUS bridle line 


Schockemohle Anatomic EQUITUS bridle line.

Now that’s a mouthful. What a name.

Anyhow, the name doesn’t really matter, but how it works does. Schockemohle has invented a new bridle line specifically designed to fit the horses head better. 235 more words

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\citet and alpha

If you tried to use a bibliography style like alpha or alphaurl with the package natbib, you might have already noticed that using it in combination with the command \citet doesn’t work – instead, something like ‘author et al.’ ‘(author?)’ is displayed. 113 more words