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The Alphabet Game...G Whiz!

No, I’m not recycling posts from last month.  It’s a game which I played last week over at Arabella Stokes’s blog, Hot Times in the Haute Ton, which incidentally she got from our lovely Jillian Chantal.  682 more words

Micki Gibson

Z is for ZZZZZoo!

(BuZZer sounding)

What?  Huh?  Blog?  (Leaps out of bed)  I’m up.  I’m awake!

Thanks to the lovely Jillian Chantal for my wake-up blog call!  Now on to what I was really going to post… 139 more words

Micki Gibson

Y is for Young Adult

How fitting that I got the letter Y being the Young Adult writer of the group.  Rather than list all my favorite YA titles (mostly because there’d be too many), I’d like to give a shout out to a particular group of Young Adults who are appropriately named The Young Americans. 338 more words

Micki Gibson

W is for Writing

                                              A-Z Blogging for April
by Jeff Salter 

            Well, actually, W is for Writing … and for Writers.
            Writers are a strange breed, aren’t we?  Whether we produce non-fiction, articles, essays, short stories, poetry, children’s stories, YA, or adult fiction.  533 more words

Bet U Thought I forgot about U!

Nope, I didn’t forget. I’m dragging about today for some reason. Hmmm, maybe because I was up at 3:40 am yesterday to get ready and drive to Tallahassee and back for the day (6 hours in the car) and I planned to go to bed early, but that didn’t quite work out either! 133 more words

Jillian Chantal

T is for Tennis Anyone?

It’s Monday!  Which means your Monday fox is rushing to get the blog written, the rascals off to school, and end up on the tennis courts on time.  241 more words

Micki Gibson

P is for Puscifer

I’m back! So I’ve been enjoying this A-Z Challenge. It makes me dig deeper into my music files to find bands/musicians who match up with my post days. 185 more words