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Exposing the Invisible: Investigating Google's revolving door

A very extensive article from Exposing the Invisible: Investigating Google’s revolving door. “Google portrays a fun, friendly, informal image that effectively distracts from the company’s ever-increasing accumulation of wealth, information and influence. 54 more words

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A to Z Fun Facts About Me

Hellooo guys,

Ive been struggling with post ideas over the last week, every time I would come up with an idea, I would start writing or take the photos and then go off the idea! 987 more words


The AlpHATEbet: B

Drawings and photographs of what Ratty and Mole hate from A to Z.

Moley: B is for Boardroom meetings, unless there’s cake

Ratty: Brussels sprouts

Photo Challenge

Wipe-Clean Collection

Early Learning and Entertainment

I had a children’s book themed baby shower back in July, and we asked attendants to bring a children’s book instead of a card to start Molly’s home library. 904 more words

Reading Specialist

Alphabet’s Google has been dominating its Own Search Engine!

Alphabet’s Google has been pushing the advertisements for the company’s own products and affiliate products into the prime online real estate, raising a conflict with other advertisers. 59 more words


The A-Z Tag (1.21.17)

Hi worms.

So the very, very cool blogger JoT (or Rainbow Girl) has tagged me in this fun A-Z tag where I basically just write down a word for each letter of the alphabet (like A: Apple and so on) (great, now I can’t use apple, that was pure genius) (nothing will ever compare to apple) Thank you for the nomination Rainbow Girl! 332 more words

Mantra with phonics

Something be mindful with.. whether college educated professional, Laymen Child or impaired:

Today we are bombarded with noises and data, seemingly at a increasing rate.. 124 more words

Self Therapy