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Update on my Graphics work

This is going to be the first of a number of entries about my current Graphics work. This is because I am actually working on two separate projects, one is a book cover design and for the other I am designing a typeface. 527 more words


DIY Activity Board

When I started researching ideas to help my daughter learn what she needed to know for Kindergarten I came across a lot of ideas for creating an Activity board that would include weekly letters, numbers, and calendars. 261 more words


Thankfulness Alphabet*

*I got the idea for this blog (slash maybe stole it) from my blogging hero, the Pioneer Woman.

A: Asparagus. It’s just good and healthy. 1,277 more words

Internet Subscription Wars

A New Business Model for the Web? The Subscription Wars Are Here.

That’s right. The second wave.

The next wave of the web, the second wave, is essentially the post advertising web.

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Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but before the invention of the alphabet, was filing difficult or easy?


Sounds by frequency

I’ve done a cursory analysis of my lexicon and determined the frequency that each Romanized sound occurs. This is just a fun fact to know. Obviously, /k/ and /a/ are very common throughout human languages, making it reasonable that the be very common in Kala as many of its lemma are derived from natural languages.

E is for Eumachius

The letter E has been a bit of a dilemma for me – there aren’t many gentilicium that begin with this letter – but there are two that are considered to be families of distinction. 1,053 more words