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Basically: Failure

Few things knot me up inside like the fear of failure.

Failure is not a grade or a bad word from a boss or manager. Failure is not when a device I assembled doesn’t work. 329 more words


The Struggle of Friendship

We are very selfish beings.

Among animals, humans are a wonder. We vaunt our our hot air above others. We label some people better than others for arbitrary reasons. 812 more words


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"Alphas" - Chapter 1

David Cobbs had a vicious migraine that started behind his eyes and spread to his peppered-gray temples. He couldn’t take much more of Fifi’s barking. She yapped at every possible thing they passed on the drive home, and no matter how fast or slow David went it made no difference. 1,306 more words


I Have An Evil Twin

I have an evil twin.

Unlike other evil twins, this one does not have any significant physical differences. Most evil twins wear an eye patch, their hair combed messily, are covered with off-putting tattoos, carry a general air of dirtiness despite having showered just recently, have uneven shoulders, and since most Americans are already stooped of back, most evil twins actually walk without a hunch. 598 more words


‘Ello! If you have searched for the RIM today and haven’t found it, let me give you a hint(the answer to it will be at the bottom of this post)!   107 more words