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Alpina sates unsatisfied M7 dreams with B7

For years, fanatics and some buyers sought a reply from BMW regarding a model breathed upon by BMW M that’s aimed at the S63/S65 AMG and Audi S8 Plus. 522 more words


Alpina M1

sur la plage, avec gregoire from switzerland, Alpina M1 West Germany 1980s vintage sunglasses

Vintage Sunglasses

BMW-Edeltuner Alpina bietet die 600-Jubiläums-PS ab 2016 in allen B5 und B6 an

Eigentlich waren die 600 PS, die BMW-Edeltuner Alpina in nur jeweils 50 Fahrzeugen der B5- und B6-Biturbo-Modelle packte, als Jubiläumsangebot anlässlich des 50. Firmengeburtstages gedacht. […]
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Benign(ish) Dictator

Don’t deny it, you’ve dreamt it too. The old “if I ruled the world ” dream. It slips almost unnoticed into a corner of your mind and before you realise it fifteen very pleasant minutes have passed and this little planet of ours has been vastly improved by your wise decisions and sage pronouncements. 949 more words