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Alpines @ Birthdays 17th March 2015

Kingston duo Catherine Pockson and Bob Matthews are Alpines. Also they had a drummer called Henry who is also part of the band. I would describe the sound as Pop meets Soul. 974 more words


Febrile February?

This month just might prove to be the warmest February on record for the Seattle area. And wetter too!  By February tenth we had already exceeded the average precipitation for the month (3.75″ vs 3.50″ average).  255 more words


Debris around Alpines

Make sure that leaves and debris doesn’t accumulate around alpines! They hate that. [CCBY oatsy40]


L: Winter 15 I'm listening to

Don’t let those winter blues get you down. We’ve been relatively lucky with the weather in York so far, there’s been plenty of clear days. Apart from that it’s still far too cold for me to function. 81 more words


Escape to the Alpines

Dinner Plain
Mt. Buffalo

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Juniper E xx 13 more words


Alpines Will Die

All of your alpines will die horrible deaths if you don’t remove fallen leaves around them. [Photo CCBY Kabacchi]