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It’s Already In The Market?

Dear CIGAs, You have heard the phrase many times "it’s already in the market", meaning if "something" or some sort of event happens it is already factored in to prices.  I was overseas last week, travelled much of the week and stayed in a hotel that had only two…

Baby Clapping In Ultra Sound

I love this video. Fourteen weeks old and already clapping their hands.


Already Decided Chapter 4

Chapter 4
The birds chirped outside my window as the new morning arose to waken me. My body rested comfortably in the mattress that, I thought, had to be made of marshmallow. 2,912 more words


Error While Importing BIS Objects

When you are updating your customers to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 or later, you may come across an error while importing BIS objects:

…Object already exist…

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13 Reasons Why You Should Just Ask Your Crush Out Already

1. Because everyone knows you’re into them.
Every single one of your friends has seen/heard you going gaga over them. Save them the trouble and ask him/her out already! 25 more words

Words used with Present Perfect

Hello again!

I hope you are having a great day today!

Today we are going to look at some common words in English that are often but not always accompanied by the present perfect.

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Already Decided Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“You alive son?” A deep voice questioned as I continued to lay face down in the field. I felt a poke on my shoulder. 3,069 more words