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[synology, xpenology] Tvheadend-Testing 이 포트 충돌로 설치가 되지 않는경우?

아래의 문구가 출력되면서 Tvheadend-Testing 버전이 설치가 안 되는 경우?
Tvheadend-Testing :
이 패키지에 대해 구성된 포트 undefined이(가) 다른 서비스에서 사용 중이거나 시스템 용도로 예약되어 있습니다. 7 more words

The resistance is already planning for when Trump fires Robert Mueller - Slate

First I would like to thank my friend Kile Ozier for posting this article originally on Facebook.

In my opinion, this will be a seminal moment for the Republican Party. 297 more words

Before Radiohead conquered the world, it was already Israel’s darling

On Wednesday evening, the groundbreaking rock group Radiohead is slated to take the stage in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park and put on a multi-sensory and undoubtedly sweaty performance for thousands of devoted fans, despite calls for band members to cancel. 1,490 more words

Daily News

A 21st-Century Form of Indentured Servitude Has Already Penetrated Deep into the American Heartland

Indentured servitude is back in a big way in the United States, and conservative corporatists want to make sure that labor never, ever again has the power to tell big business how to treat them. 1,421 more words

Earth already in midst of next mass extinction, scientists warn

Human overpopulation and over-consumption are leading Earth to its sixth mass extinction faster than was previously thought, with the human race likely to be eradicated along the way, a new study warns. 473 more words

Daily News

Gorsuch is already pushing the Supreme Court right on religion, guns and gay rights - Los Angeles Times

During his confirmation hearings this man used seemingly benign language like gosh and golly to make himself look harmless. He is anything but benign. He is the worst kind of activist judge that tries to put his narrow-minded view of the world on to our country. 71 more words

(IM)Perfect – Already, But Not Yet

The theme of this blog series is really a play on words. You could read the title as IMPERFECT or you could read it as (I’M)PERFECT. 284 more words