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Fault Lines

We made promises to the thin sheet of air keeping your skin from touching mine and when our eyes met and I thought I could see right through them to where your thoughts were processed  and your mind worked with cogs and wheels to speak the words back to me, I thought I saw something. 310 more words

Do you hear me?

I’ve been trying to memorize Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics of “Alright” for the last two days.
It all started as a train pastime, but it soon evolved into a challenge between me and myself. 61 more words

Um hey!


so i decided to make a blog but i dunno its kinda fun!

anyways i just thought i would post an entry today not to mention my first entry *cough* 61 more words

#Hello From London ! ! !

‘You Right?!’….’You Ok?!’…..

I’ve lived in London for 3 months now and I still cannot figure this out, are people are actually asking me if I am alright? 208 more words

Tune of the Day: Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice on Ice, Alright

I know Modest Mouse just came out with a new album (which I love), but today I need to throwback to this song from The Lonesome Crowded West… 50 more words

Tune Of The Day

Day 95

you break me

but I’ve heard there’s beauty in the broken

so I guess I’ll be alright