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Hello peeps,

I am still alive. Easter was going on and I had no time to sit down a write a post or even draw during the weekend. 510 more words



“Show me how it ends
It’s alright.”
(So Cold by Breaking Benjamin)

In 2005 when I finally decided to get my personal life together and focus on the Lord, I was listening to a lot of alternative rock, like Breaking Benjamin. 426 more words

ALRIGHT, SO... This is NOT a rant!

I REPEAT: THIS IS NOT A RANT. It’s the opposite! More like… a rave.

I still feel starting it off with ‘alright, so’, though.

Alright, so… I’ve got something that I just realized I actually really love. 1,211 more words


Visiting the Easter Bunny 2017

Victoria – ‘Are we going to visit the Easter Bunny today?’

Grandma Titi – ‘ Yes we are!’

Victoria –



“Guys, We’re Going to Be Alright,” Declares Local Teen to Room of Friends Listening to The Smiths

(Milwaukee, WI) Saturday afternoon was here and local teen boy Marvin Blarvin was getting ready for a night to remember. His parents, Judith and Becky, were out of town this weekend and the liquor cabinet had disappeared again, leaving easy access to the grubby fingers of high school sophomores looking to ride the lightning.  975 more words

Iron Fist (S1): Really not that Bad

It really broke my heart to hear that the final defender to arrive was receiving such terrible reviews before it was released. I was so pumped for another great product released by Netflix’s Marvel division that I convinced myself that the bad reviews was a publicity stunt to help promote the show that will hopefully capture a sort of “cult following” because of it. 670 more words