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Online-PR als Ankerpunkt für die direkte Kommunikation | Online-PR und Pressearbeit aus Hannover

Dabei ist die sinnvolle Kombination aus Online-PR und SEO der einzige Weg, der aus der Misere führen kann

Week 32 - the one when I got sick

I’ve spent the last week on my bed with a fever. Fucking great. Another week where (almost) nothing has happened.

All I’ve done has been lying in my bed watching netflix and listening to 5 Seconds of Summer(haha, I’m not obsessed haha :) ) 200 more words


There’s something about
The lake.

Something about
Crossing the state line

It’s cleansing.

49 days
Into my new life

And I finally
Feel peace.

I will always be… 182 more words

The cut throat business of raising awareness

Followers of my blog will have seen me pour my heart out as I battle with my recovery from Binge Eating Disorder.  They will also have seen me grow very quiet over the last few months. 500 more words

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News: This Oscar Belongs to the Global ALS Community | ALS Therapy Development Institute


This post from ALS Therapy  Development Institute catalogs movies beyond The Theory Of Everything that involve ALS. Several of them I have yet to see.


Sweet Abandon: A Journey into Secrets and Lies next memoir in line for Dr. Phyllis A. Langton, Professor Emerita GWU…

“A story about families that live with secrets and lies grounded in shame.”

About Last Flight Out…

How do you live the rest of your life when your doctor says, “You have Lou Gehrig’s disease, you probably have six months to live. 1,142 more words

Press Release

BMAA and ALS: A Close Look at Eutrophication

The overall equation representing one of life’s ultimate achievements, photosynthesis, is the biggest oversimplification you will find in any basic science book on the planet. It shows water, carbon dioxide and sunlight as reactants and glucose and oxygen as products. 673 more words

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