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After high school I went through this weird transition period from thinking I knew it all as an “adult” to knowing absolutely nothing about myself or where I wanted to go/do with my life. 1,757 more words

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I wanted to start out my second post with a huge thank you for all the positive feedback I’ve received since my first post. Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post, I had a busy weekend and am also coming down with what I’m pretty sure is the plague. 255 more words


The Fighter

Since Cristian and I began this fundraising project, we’ve been astounded at the positive attitudes and happiness of everyone we’ve met.

I wasn’t really expecting another such uplifting experience from our meeting with ex-amateur boxer Richard Jones because of his gruelling history with motor neurone disease: He developed a genetic variant of the illness 3 years after his twin brother died from MND. 482 more words


On The Path to Curing ALS

In recent months and weeks, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has been sprawled all over newspapers and newsfeeds. Its symptoms are cruel, but what shocks most people is the elusiveness of this degenerative disease’s cure. 818 more words

University Of Malta

"It's grown tremendously:" More than 5,000 walkers flock to Greenfield Park to defeat ALS

WEST ALLIS — More than 5,000 strong, walk to defeat ALS. The Milwaukee Chapter of the ALS Association held its largest fundraising event of the year at Greenfield Park on Sunday, October 11th. 364 more words


#theblackdotcampaign and what the professionals think!

Whether it is saying where you like to place your handbag for breast cancer or filming yourself dump a bucket of ice on your head for ALS, it is no lie that social media campaigns attract people in the thousands to a certain issue. 1,020 more words