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gratitude-a-thon day 2010: a gift idea: give

In the case that you are looking for a gift that honors someone who is my idea of a badass hero, then consider a gofundme donation to Rich “Ratt” Kennedy.  772 more words

Neon Lights

I’ve never thought of myself as strong, maybe because no one else ever has, but I also never thought I’d be sitting in a dimly lit grocery store parking lot three weeks before Christmas with my Dad who was just diagnosed with ALS talking about our very short future. 1,030 more words



I used to think how suicide is such a selfish act, but I didn’t realize selflessness is a luxury for the emotionally wealthy. You can’t afford the mental resources to think about other people when you don’t think anything in the world matters anymore. 47 more words


24-Hour Lockdown

Today is the ALS fundraiser. Instead of walking for the cause, I’m sitting here in my room.

I am sitting in bed, not leaving this room for the whole day to show support and solidarity for ALS patients who lose their mobility and are trapped in their own body for the rest of their lives. 276 more words


MUST WATCH: Man with ALS pleads with Sen. Jeff Flake to make the right decision

This is a must-watch. You can visibly see Sen. Jeff Flake moved by this man’s plea to vote no on the GOP tax bill.

ALS patient…

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We love you Clark family

One short week ago a Secret Santa gave us an incredible gift, $10,000. I wonder if he really knew what kind of gift he was giving us. 214 more words

Family Sells Christmas Trees To Fight ALS

FAIRHAVEN (CBS) – A special Christmas tree farm in Fairhaven is only open one weekend a year. All proceeds earned at the Douglass Family Farm support a cause close to their hearts. 130 more words