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On writing 

I want to start writing. My life has become a chaotic mess recently and I think writing some of it out might help. I’ve made some Major Life Changes in the wake of facing some other Major Life Changes, and apparently I don’t tell my friends about what I’m doing. 306 more words


Knockout Punch

I’ve reached the full dose of my study medicine and it’s knocked me out.  At least I think that’s what it is.  You see, I’m working on a new daily schedule to help me handle the meds and ALS overall.   484 more words


Cyclists Ride Cross-Country To Raise Money For ALS Research

WELLESLEY (CBS) – The Wellesley High School girl’s basketball coach received a special achievement award this weekend. The achievement? Riding his bike cross country to raise money for ALS research. 467 more words


22. Tune 'Em Out

You know who I’m talking about. The people who  ask you if you’re getting better, when you have a chronic condition that you are just living with, but until a cure is discovered, you aren’t about to recover from.  591 more words


​happy diwali - diwali dreamy scribbles

diwali*-drenched dreamy scribbles …


those deepavali nights,

our fingers, tongues,

senses …

flickering amongst the diyas,

of those infinite delhi diwali lights,

our bodies ablaze, 112 more words

Scribbled Verse

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

If you are on Facebook with me then you already saw this. I was challenged to post 7 Black and White photos of my life on 7 consecutive days with no people and no explanation. 405 more words


the palette of colours

the palette of colours …

earthy dust awash with rustic tinged passion,

vibrant hues of emotions sketched,

aflame with jasmine scented swirls,

each dawn breathing life, 97 more words

Scribbled Verse