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Beer Regions: France


Welcome to another post about Beer Regions, where I basically give you more reasons to travel than you already need!

Today we’re going to discuss France, which is in Europe.   848 more words


Germany/France Trip

In just two days I will be on my way to Alsace-Lorraine, France. From there I will trek through Germany and into Salzburg, Austria before coming home. 151 more words

International Travel

The Dreyfus Affair and Anti-Semitism

The Dreyfus Affair was a political crisis in the French Third Republic, starting from 1894 through to 1906, and although it was concluded more than a century ago, France is still feeling the fallout… 925 more words


Fool me once, Alsace-Lorraine

Via Justin Peters: General Paul Pau—not only did he lose his arm in the Franco-Prussian War, he also lost his second “L”, apparently—comes out of retirement today… 65 more words


The Murder of Jean Joures - July 31, 1914

“What will the future be like, when the billions now thrown away in preparation for war are spent on useful things to increase the well-being of people, on the construction of decent houses for workers, on improving transportation, on reclaiming the land? 609 more words

Day Forty-Six

We did not need breakfast this morning after a generous dinner last night in the hotel, (mmm, coquelet roti), so we left the car in the hotel’s car park and walked into Colmar once more.  485 more words


Six weeks in ...

Brrrr. We dropped a few degrees on the Saturday transfer between France and Italy, but this was accompanied by a marked increase in humidity so it didn’t feel much cooler. 1,011 more words