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The Factors Leading up to World War I

World War I was started through many different circumstances. The main people who started the War were the Slavs.

There were the East Slavs, the Russians and the Ukrainians. 442 more words

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Beer Regions: France


Welcome to another post about Beer Regions, where I basically give you more reasons to travel than you already need!

Today we’re going to discuss France, which is in Europe.   848 more words


Germany/France Trip

In just two days I will be on my way to Alsace-Lorraine, France. From there I will trek through Germany and into Salzburg, Austria before coming home. 151 more words

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The Dreyfus Affair and Anti-Semitism

The Dreyfus Affair was a political crisis in the French Third Republic, starting from 1894 through to 1906, and although it was concluded more than a century ago, France is still feeling the fallout… 925 more words


Fool me once, Alsace-Lorraine

Via Justin Peters: General Paul Pau—not only did he lose his arm in the Franco-Prussian War, he also lost his second “L”, apparently—comes out of retirement today… 65 more words