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I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get another emo Ayame song again, but this one really grew on me. It inspires a lot more warm feelings than the last couple Ayame songs. 616 more words

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Pleasant Place

Very good. While I liked Don’t Lose from Ignition Dancehall because it was a change in style from Ice Break and Unchain Pendulum, I didn’t like the lyrics. 408 more words

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Dream Again

One of the better songs from the album. Funnily enough, I think all the best songs from this album weren’t done by Minoshima (Eyes of Truth, Dream Again), but I also think all the worst songs from this album also weren’t done by Minoshima (Score, Kokytus). 279 more words

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Better than Deadline from Engaged Dancehall, but not by much. The lyrics are alright, but that’s all I’d call them, which is more than I can say for some of the lyrics in this album. 410 more words

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Beautiful Sky

Beautiful Sky

Vocals: nachi
Lyrics: Mei Ayakura
Arranged by: Masayoshi Minoshima
Circle: Alstroemeria Records 【Official Site】
Event: C91
Original Theme: U.N. Owen Was Her? 317 more words


Winning Hands ~ Alstroemeria Records

Lyrics have a lot of references to the Hanafuda game, including words written on the three red poetry ribbon cards. As for the meaning, and thus the translation, I’ve browsed around the internet for Hanafuda-related Japanese sites in order to keep the translation as closer as possible to the Japanese meaning. 525 more words


[Comiket 86] Alstroemeria Records - FLASHLIGHT

Originally published 8/17/2014

From my preview:

A Comiket wouldn’t be complete without Alstroemeria Records.

As usual, Alstroemeria’s albums can be a hit or miss (usually misses). 

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