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To quote Nate A.M. on his music review site, “did Minoshima genuinely think ‘DROP DAT FUCKIN’ KAZOO BRUH’ was a good stylistic choice?” I’m not a fan of it, parody or not, but the lyrics were short enough that I thought I might as well translate them. 296 more words

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Doll of Misery

I’m usually a fan of ayame songs, but last album’s “Blossom Flight” really didn’t hook me. I think I’m enjoying this one a bit more, but nomico and mican really take the cake this time. 479 more words

English Lyric Translations

Audio - The Last Day

Can I pick music as well as the organisers of the Skeleton Disco…?

The tracks were more slow, atmospheric and “spooky” rather than the music you’d hear at a rave. 53 more words