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Requested by Tewi Inside. I can’t say these lyrics hooked me like the others in the album.
I feel like lyrics like this have been done before, and better, in other Alst songs. 673 more words

English Lyric Translations

Deeper Than Your Eyes, Farther Than Platinum Moon

Requested by Eiki. Camellia lyrics usually seem like a pain, so I tend to skip them, but they were pretty nice this time, I think. 449 more words

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Alstroemeria Records

One of the most known circles established by Masayoshi Minoshima. Dance music touhou arranges (made by Masayoshi Minoshima, Nhato, Tsukasa, REDALiCE, Syrufit, t+pazolite etc) and charming female vocals by Mei Ayakura, mican*, Nachi Sakaue, nomico, 3L and many more — you can find it all here.