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Torres - "Three Futures" Review

Torres’ blend of rock has always been a unique mix of big chord numbers crossed over with tracks that circulate vaguely and demand you wait for the pay off. 611 more words


Cherry Cola

What name rhymes with cola?

easy, right?

It’s Lola.

The Kinks do such an amazing job at making this tune so catchy. Funny thing to think that the song means Coca Cola. 129 more words

Gaffa Tape Sandy - Beehive

People often talk about the chills you feel on your skin when you hear something achingly beautiful. Scientists have even proclaimed that this rare phenomenon is reserved for people with ‘special brains’ – I bet this was the validation you were all waiting for…it was for me! 147 more words



It often seems that our dreams know more about who we are than our conscious being wants to admit.  We are often in wonder at the fantastic images that our minds assemble when reality and inhibition collide.  466 more words

New Music

EP REVIEW: 'Never Let The Devil In' by Lullaby 

It can be difficult to know how to judge a band like Lullaby. At a time when more conventional alt-rock remains heavily saturated, it’s both unfair to deem a new act’s worth merely by the company they find themselves involved with, of which they have no say in the matter, but it’s also impossible to take them in a vacuum and not contextualise any views within their own genre. 429 more words


ALBUM REVIEW: 'Chew' by Muskets

If we weren’t currently in the throes of an alt-rock renaissance that lets bands forge their path via their own creative means, Muskets would simply be another group of chancers consigned to the underground and fighting for a slim chance for recognition. 607 more words