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Weekend Ramble

Disclaimer:  This post contains some of my Christian beliefs.  It is not my intent to try to force my beliefs on any of my readers.  These are just my thoughts and my thoughts come from my world view that has been shaped by what I’ve been taught over the years and what I have decided to accept as truth. 528 more words


SONG OF THE DAY Big Nothing - The Wreck

Big Nothing are a Bedfordshire 3-piece consisting of Olie Campbell (vocals and bass), Alex Acreman (drums) and Dom Notarangelo (guitar and backing vocals).  From what I can gather so far, their music combines elements of alternative rock, grunge, post rock soundscapes and constantly flits somewhere between heavy-laden guitar rock  and 90’s-inspired Indie (the latter being more evident in today’s song “The Wreck”). 172 more words


Dirty Beaches - Lord Knows Best

This song has a cool piano which makes my skin go weird. I like it.

Photo credit: http://www.vancouversun.com/cms/binary/10356423.jpg


Then Thickens - Restart Your Heart

Sludgy, lovely indie music. Heavy on the guitars, light on the heart. They don’t even have a Wikipedia page about them yet, so edgy and fresh. 19 more words


Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties - Our Apartment

Okay, so being a vegetarian lasted like 3 months until I got bored. And then I found this cracking song. Might I also add, an excellent band name. 33 more words



Tanya Montana Coe, namesake of Tanya Tucker and the daughter of country outlaw legend David Allen Coe, left a secure career in the corporate world to pursue music. 1,182 more words