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ALBUM REVIEW: 'Modern Ruin' by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Think of someone who’s used raw talent to get to where they are today; odds are, Frank Carter is better than 95% of them. Leaving Gallows at what was essentially the peak of their success was a real ‘jump the shark’ moment, and when Pure Love tried a similarly ambitious tactic, they were left dead in the water. 801 more words


Iktelan - Zoo Harmonics (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you chose to see 2014’s Business in the Front, Party in the Back as a mission statement, that pop-punk can be cleverer and more demanding of itself, then you will also see… 284 more words

ALBUM REVIEW: 'Afterthoughts' by Greywind

With the amount that their name has been thrown around lately, you’d find it difficult to believe that Afterthoughts is Greywind’s first proper release. In the last twelve months, the Irish duo – comprising of siblings Steph and Paul O’Sullivan – have covered more ground than ever before, embarking on their first ever live dates, dropping single after single to enormous response, and building sufficient levels of hype from most corners of the rock media. 693 more words


[P@D] Plum Creek Rhythm Section - Handbag (covering Replacer) / Dashtortion - Through The Snow | Alt. Rock

Two more P@D songs for you today! First up is this rather mellow cover of Replacer’s song Handbag done by Plum Creek Rhythm Section – so a combination of two artists whose songs on the P@D albums are consistently some of my favourites. 67 more words

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ALBUM REVIEW: 'okay.' by As It Is

The cynicism that could’ve initially been thrown in As It Is’ direction can be excusable in hindsight. While their debut full-length Never Happy, Ever After was a notably strong start for the Brighton pop-punks, in the almost two years since its release, its stock has taken somewhat of a dive, and the smoother, more mainstream accessible sound compared to their earlier EPs has only become more noticeable. 833 more words


ALBUM REVIEW: 'Ambitions' by One Ok Rock

Minds tend to jump straight to the Western world when discussing rock music. Of course that can’t usually be helped, but bands like Japan’s One Ok Rock are a welcome reminder to broaden our horizons when it comes to searching for our new favourite artists. 455 more words


Emma Ruth Rundle - "Marked For Death" Review

Towards the back-end of 2016 I stumbled across several new artists that blew me away and Emma Ruth Rundle was one of them. She’s been making music for many years but her unique brand of dark guitar driven experimental rock drew me in immediately on first listen and has only grown in intensity since. 512 more words