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Introducing... Courtney Farren

Courtney Farren’s music is intimate and chilled out. It’s the kind of music you’d have morning pillow cuddles with because the person you want to wake up to isn’t there. 67 more words


Kev Minney - "Stories Of The Sky" Review

Kev Minney’s acoustic pop rock melodies are infectious. It’s a crowded genre, so you need to be able to stand out from the crowd and Kev does that for me by playing to his strengths of his clean, lilting voice and adding that lilt to his music wherever possible. 533 more words



It’s no secret that the Brits know how to rock, and Puppet Rebellion knows how it’s done. The Manchester-based outfit, who has shared stages with the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen and the Slow Readers Club, is gearing up to release its debut full-length album in November via Scruff of the Neck. 67 more words

New Music

Nothing But Thieves - Broken Machine - Album Review

Nailing your second album is probably the hardest thing to do as a band. The parodoxical balancing act of keeping with what made you so good in the first place, but evolving musically, trips up a lot of incredibly talented bands; Catfish and the Bottlemen’s disappointing ‘The Ride’ is testament to the fact that stagnation is stale, while Imagine Dragons’ ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is what happens when you try and change too much. 1,135 more words

Alt Rock

Occultation - Dark Moon Lilith (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the band, album name and artwork seem to suggest something aimed at the black clad, wannabe pagans who still have visions of relocating to Sunnydale and hanging around with Buffy and the gang, I am most happy to report that Occultation rises far above such first impressions. 343 more words

New Music Friday: Swedish Death Candy - Last Dream [13.9.17]

Like a drug addict stumbling through life I am addicted to a fat bass riff, something to waste away with a consistent head bang – this song is my fix. 127 more words


ALBUM REVIEW: 'Run' by Prawn

At this point, maybe it’s just best to accept that bands like Prawn don’t want to be “gotten” by the masses. It wouldn’t be entirely ignorant to assume that a band’s primary aim would be to appeal to the greatest number of people as they can, and yet, with this tepid combo of emo, indie-rock and math-rock, it remains so difficult to like or even concentrate on at points that a fulfilling listen is a rare thing indeed. 618 more words