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“Ringer”, the latest infectious earworm from Dallas, Texas-based rockers The Unlikely Candidates, is a deceptively delightful allegory–the object of the narrator’s desire, the Ringer, represents materialism run rampant. 125 more words

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Iconic psych-rockers Dr. Dog have long been superheroes in my book, but I had no idea they donned ninja gear under their capes…earlier this year, the band released a new album, … 239 more words

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A Mouthful of Marbles - GagReflex (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The rules of pop used to make things very clear. A band with members numbering double figures is an orchestra, one with less than three is a duo…a lounge act, the sort of thing that you’d find at the bar of the Ramada Inn doing jaded covers to jaded listeners and probably billed as a popular beat combo. 316 more words

ALBUM REVIEW: 'Zero Worship' by Young Legionnaire 

If any album was likely to bear the preconceptions of “difficult second album”, it would be this one. When Young Legionnaire properly arrived in 2010, the meeting of minds between former The Automatic and yourcodenameis:milo member Paul Mullen and Bloc Party bassist Gordon Moakes, expectations were rightly sky-high, and their 2011 debut Crisis Works actually managed to live up to them, a hard-hitting album of spiky post-hardcore that saw the embryonic stages of a devoted fanbase developing. 560 more words


Christina Rubino 'Godspeed and Guns'

Brooklyn artist, Christina Rubino, joins forces with Director Frankie Nasso on her music video for “God Speed and Guns.” What is depicted as a modern… 237 more words


Syd Arthur - "Apricity" Review

Psych rockers Syd Arthur have quietly crept into my favourite rock band tier over the passed few years with their growers not showers. Each album has a unique tone and often aims to miss the usual tropes of popular riffs. 487 more words


Undiscovered Music With A Unique Sound

You know that feeling you get when you hear new music?  That chill down your spine.  Those goosebumps.  That feeling of excitement.  It’s hard to come by.   283 more words

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