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Altai Mountains, Kazakhstan, 890 AD

Times were dire. Warfare was rampant and food was scare, people were dying in droves. She needed to do something, anything, and so she decided she would make the dangerous voyage to the astral plane to seek answers. 385 more words

The Altitude Gene, A Denisovan Gift

Jan. 23, 2015

By Medical Discovery News

Those traveling to the Himalayas have a tough time adjusting to the harsh altitude. But for those native to Tibet, called the Roof of the World due its location 14,700 feet up, it’s not a problem. 425 more words


Алкыш сöс

Алкыш сöз

О, öрö турган кудайым!
Айлу кӱндӱ Теҥерим,
Агаш ташту Алтайым,
Аргала мениҥ тынымды.

Ак кубарлу ОТ-ЭНЕ
Ажыра баспай јӱрели.
Айылда отурган јаандардыҥ,
Адын адабай байлайлы.
Кӧк јалбышту От-ЭНЕ
Кӧмирин баспай јӱрели.
Тӧрдӧ отурган јаaндардыҥ

Алдыла баспай байлайлы.

Photo of the week: Russian Altai, July 2013

We left Kazakhstan and crossed into the Russian Altai region on our way to Mongolia. Rather than head north to Barnaul and following the main road, we decided to cut east across the mountains by Sentelek and join the road south of Gorno-Altaysk.  236 more words

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