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Hello, Homo Denisova!

Keith Hudson

In today’s Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson — frequently talked about as the next Prime Minister of England when David Cameron decides to retire sometime in the next five years, as he’s already promised — although my money is on Sajid Javit . 699 more words

Photo of the Day: Belukha mountain, Russia

Belukha Mountain located in the Katun Mountains, is the highest peak of the Altai Mountains in Russia. 19 more words


The Altitude Gene, A Denisovan Gift

Jan. 23, 2015

By Medical Discovery News

Those traveling to the Himalayas have a tough time adjusting to the harsh altitude. But for those native to Tibet, called the Roof of the World due its location 14,700 feet up, it’s not a problem. 425 more words


Алкыш сöс

Алкыш сöз

О, öрö турган кудайым!
Айлу кӱндӱ Теҥерим,
Агаш ташту Алтайым,
Аргала мениҥ тынымды.

Ак кубарлу ОТ-ЭНЕ
Ажыра баспай јӱрели.
Айылда отурган јаандардыҥ,
Адын адабай байлайлы.
Кӧк јалбышту От-ЭНЕ
Кӧмирин баспай јӱрели.
Тӧрдӧ отурган јаaндардыҥ

Алдыла баспай байлайлы.