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Altai Mountains, Mongolia

Photo: @wanderingfoxspirit

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Pristine Lands @ Siberia - videos

There is too much to say about our trip to Siberia and writing stories about travel is time-consuming. So here is the best I can offer without dedicating too much time to a full blown story. 3,959 more words

Life Cycles

Photo gallery: The Altai Mountains - Tavan Bogd National Park

Bayan-Olgii in the North-West of Mongolia is popular with tourists in September/October, largely because of the eagle festival. Matt and I choose to beat the rush and head out just a little early, while the streets of Olgii were still sleepy and the Altai Mountains relatively untouristed. 401 more words


Why Weddings in Mongolia are so Much More Fun

I remember musing that a wedding planner would think I’d lost my mind. Wrestling? You want wrestling at your wedding?! Her shock giving way to complete bewilderment and horror when I followed up with…..and by the way, we’ll want a horse race too. 2,366 more words


Photographing Kazakhs in Mongolia and the Importance of Tea

We sat on the ground around a low wooden table waiting for the day to begin. It was overcast, threatening rain and the ger was dim, throwing everything into monochrome. 1,768 more words