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ADIDAS, How Old Are You?

Adidas, how old are you? That’s a typical question anyone who sees this picture should ask. I’ve asked mine already.

We all know Adidas as an international brand seen everywhere and there’s no doubt that it is the most (imitated) popular sports shoe brand. 121 more words

General News

News: Archaeologists Find Ancient Mummy Approximately 1,500 Years Old in Mongolia

Remains of a suspected female of Turkik origin have been found at an altitude of 2,803 metres in the Altai Mountains.

The ancient human remains are wrapped in felt. 180 more words

Far East Asia

Preparing For The Eagle Festival

In Mongolia, numerous festivals are held throughout the year. These include both the Sagsai and Ulgii Eagle Festivals that take place in Bayan Ulgii Province in western Mongolia. 79 more words

Ulaanbaatar - Red Hero

In September 2015, we were joined by photographer Massimo Rumi. His time was specifically focused on the Kazakh eagle hunters in western Mongolia, but he did capture this vibrant image of the foothills of Mongolia’s capital city  – Ulaanbaatar. 186 more words

Research At The Foot Of The Altai

Being the owner of Eternal Landscapes, I believe it is important that we remain in touch the ‘real’ Mongolia. We do this through our ongoing research trips. 163 more words

Life Of A Kazakh

Tsambagarav Uul National Park stands high above the provincial borders of Khovd and Bayan-Olgii aimag and forms part of the Mongol Altai Mountain Range. The 4208m peak that the national park is named after is one of Mongolia’s most beautiful snow-capped mountains and surrounded by wild open valleys. 306 more words