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The Blue Sky– Galsan Tschinag

For my literary trip to Mongolia, I read The Blue Sky by Galsan Tschinag. This book follows Tschinag’s childhood of being a shepherd boy in a nomadic tribe in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains. 660 more words


Altai Whitewater Guidebook

Contribute to the first complete guidebook about Altai whitewater for kayakers and rafters in the English language.
By Anton Sveshnikov

Altai is a highest mountain system of Siberia, where Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China all come together. 298 more words

The Paddler News

Ancient Jew’s harps found in Altai Mountains as musical instruments reappear after 1,700 years

Pretty cool, mouth harps, or jews harps, hand made from native materials. Amazing the human connection to music… we aren’t the most acute hearing creatures in the animal kingdom, but we certainly make the most complicated and intricate noises, and we do it with tools, that we create specifically for the purpose. 35 more words

History, Archeology, Science

Critical Theory and the Anthropology of Heritage Landscapes

“Cutting-edge. Builds on innovative fieldwork across three continents to offer a sophisticated take on the political and cultural complexities of landscapes exploited by resource-extraction industries.”—Laurajane Smith, author of  256 more words


mongolia: 5 vignettes

it’s been a year since my trip to mongolia, and i promised myself that i would write it down, and i wouldn’t forget my experiences. well, i procrastinated … for a year. 1,181 more words


News: World's Oldest Needle Found in Siberian Cave

Although this news isn’t current (the needle was discovered last summer), it will still be of interest to anyone who didn’t read about the discovery at the time. 167 more words

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