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Ten Facts About Siberia

Ergaki Nature Reserve (Krasnoyarsk Krai. Siberian Federal District)… the reserve is 3,429 square kilometres (1,324 square miles) in size


  1. Siberia occupies almost 10 percent of the land on the planet.
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In The Land Of The Gods

Mongolia is one of the highest countries in the world. Did you know that? Over 80% of the country is over 1000m. The whole region was lifted to very high levels by successive geological upheavals and as a result Mongolia is a deeply eroded mountainous country, with snow capped mountain ranges, forested slopes, open-high plateau steppe land…rolling into semi desert and then the desert in the south. 296 more words

A Mongolian Road Trip

Space. Glorious, mesmerising, limitless space. That’s what a majority of visitors to Mongolia will remember most.

The power of the landscapes is an integral part of any journey in Mongolia.  129 more words

Pristine Lands @ Siberia - videos

There is too much to say about our trip to Siberia and writing stories about travel is time-consuming. So here is the best I can offer without dedicating too much time to a full blown story. 3,959 more words

Life Cycles

Photo gallery: The Altai Mountains - Tavan Bogd National Park

Bayan-Olgii in the North-West of Mongolia is popular with tourists in September/October, largely because of the eagle festival. Matt and I choose to beat the rush and head out just a little early, while the streets of Olgii were still sleepy and the Altai Mountains relatively untouristed. 401 more words


Why Weddings in Mongolia are so Much More Fun

I remember musing that a wedding planner would think I’d lost my mind. Wrestling? You want wrestling at your wedding?! Her shock giving way to complete bewilderment and horror when I followed up with…..and by the way, we’ll want a horse race too. 2,368 more words