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The Sinner's Prayer, Decisional Evangelism, Altar Calls & Monergism vs Synergism | Jesse Morrell

Jesse Morrell of http://www.OpenAirOutreach.com teaches on the biblical basis for “the sinner’s prayer” “decisional evangelism” “altar calls” and explains how “synergism” is the teaching of the Bible, not Calvinistic “monergism.” 170 more words

Stray Dogs

There were two issues that it took me some time to come to terms with after I became a Christian. Having been a dispensationalist, the first was to get over my unbiblical understanding of eschatology (But that is an issue that I’ll save for a later post). 1,669 more words


Is the Sinner's Prayer Biblical? What About Altar Calls and Decisional Evangelism? Or Monergism vs Synergism? Jesse Morrell


Jesse Morrell


I’d say that God didn’t’ even hear 90% of people who said a “sinner’s prayer.” That is because they just wanted forgiveness. 1,014 more words

Are you an Altar Junkie?

In most churches there is a time for congregants to gather at the altar for a time of prayer. Usually in response to a message people will voluntarily come forward to receive a blessing, a touch from God or simply to consecrate themselves either for the first time as a new believer or for some a deeper walk with the Lord. 447 more words


Called to Love the Whore?

In what is becoming common occurrence, I came across an article in Christianity Today last year, which jarred and irked (“Called to Love the Whore… 1,004 more words

The meaning of altar calls

I remember when I was a child, going to a big tent revival meeting held at the Fairgrounds.  I remember the large area the tent covered, the sawdust on the ground, the many wooden folding chairs set up in rows, arching around the big stage.   2,308 more words

Year C Pentecost

Pastors Use Altar Calls to Provide Opportunities for People to Respond to God

YEARS AGO at Urbana 2000, my best friend and I were “sleepily praying” at the morning devotion of a revival-like atmosphere.  Then, we woke up because the people around us were standing up.   252 more words

Personal Devotions