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Setting up a Shrine

Setting up a shrine is one of the first things Cunningham suggests in Solitary Practitioner, and it was something I approached with excitement, my first real step into this world, what will be my starting point, my link to the Divine. 627 more words


Advent : Week 2 : The Light of Plants

The second Light of Advent
It is the Light of plants:
Plants that reach up to the sun
And in the breezes dance.

Above is a picture of my Advent altar adorned with dried and live plants, flowers, and the beautiful crown foo fresh greens I made from at the Winter Light Faire at the Waldorf school. 36 more words


A Room Full of Altars

It seems my love of visual merchandising and interior design is going to be apparent in my room. Not at first glance though. The walls have never been painted and are far from flawless. 188 more words


Ever since Evelyn was diagnosed, Jen and I have been getting up at 3 AM (as instructed by the doctor) in order to check her blood sugar level. 649 more words


Why Making Vows Is Important In Relationships

One of the first things J and I did when we first started courting was create our own vows and promises to each other. The main one was, of course, to fight together as a team and take the courtship to the altar where we say “I do” and we exchange our now vows for new and better ones. 391 more words


☆My Altar: A Breakdown☆

Hi kids. I’m on drugs and feel compelled to breakdown my altar and post detailed close ups and captions along with it. 246 more words

Making Your Own Altar - The Basics

One of my last posts was focused on the basics of how to blót, for the beginners who have just started to practice the rituals of the Norse/Germanic faith. 779 more words

Pagan Celebrations