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Witching with Toddler Or...

How I learned not to freak the hell out when he wants to play with my supplies.

To most of us, the altar and our witch supplies are a great source of pride and any outside hands touching can be really disconcerting.   357 more words


The Altar

I have been meaning to do a blog about altars likely since I started The Spirit Garden.  I will not be sharing a photo of my altar.   255 more words

Creating your Altar

As I have said a few times before, when I was first introduced into the craft I was very much concerned with doing everything properly; my altar set up was no exception. 540 more words

Home Life

Αργή και σταθερή κερδίζει τον αγώνα (αλλά μόνο επειδή το κουνέλι είναι ένα πρόσωπο τράνταγμα)

Slow and steady wins the race (but only because the rabbit is a jerk face)

So our basement is still full of my sister in law’s stuff, but we added all the spare bedroom crap to it so we finally have the complete main apartment for ourselves. 308 more words

Higher Self

The power of the Fire Element in the Aries New Moon

Let us welcome Grandmother Moon as she begins her new journey today, Thursday April 7th, at 4:25 AM Pacific Time (11:25 AM UTC). Today she is in the Dark Moon… not even a glimmer of reflective light. 319 more words

Lunar Cycles