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In That Day

No one will look
at their false altars
or the work
they have done

for all eyes
will be on Me
the Holy
Lifted One. 59 more words


Witchcraft and Magickal Workings

Wiccans can be a witch and witches can be Wiccans but they are not the same thing. Wicca is a religion whereas witchcraft is a practice. 496 more words


Sunday February 11, 2018: Enshrining Our Values in Our Housekeeping

A song at even time before the little ones say Good night; the habit of together saying a Good morning grace to God; perhaps a silent grace among the other greetings of a happy breakfast table; a picture in that bare niche of the wall; a vase of flowers on the mantel piece; well matched colors under foot.

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Spirit Altar

I’m so excited! My spirit altar for the Free Court (the main band of Otherworld spirits I interact with) is *finally* back. It’s probably the ritual space I spend the most time with at this point, and I’ve missed it so much. 441 more words

Spirit Work


Ewes begin to lamb around the first of February. At its heart, Imbolc is an ancient Irish festival celebrating the births of the first spring lambs. 618 more words


Let's DO This!

The church desparately needs to open the altars again!

PRAYER is ALWAYS a good thing.

Don’t ever stop talking to the ONE that hears and answers!


A Rite for Brighid

My Imbolc rite turned out to be a very simple one due to time constraints and not focused on the holiday itself.  It was slightly adapted from A Rite for Brighid from the ADF website.  244 more words

ADF Dedicant Program