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Working Jupiter I

Aradia and I built our Jupiter altar just short of a week ago.  Since then, we have done relatively little Jupiterian magic — a couple Orphic Hymns, participating in the Magical Working Against the False Kings, a bit of dream incubation — but the changes in our lives have already been remarkable. 181 more words


Do you have an altar, shrine or sacred space?

I do have an altar but it’s not a worshiping at altar, more somewhere I leave some of the objects and tools that are important to me. 191 more words


Orion straddles the rooftops

The underside of night
and I am throwing away boxes
that held pieces of my old life

and there you are,
as I’m tiptoeing back from the dumpster… 131 more words


Imbolc Musings

Aradia and I actually put up our Imbolc altar almost three weeks ago, as a part of the ritual of “putting Christmas away.”

We kept it simple: white candles, red cloth, and the images of our household gods and spirits. 384 more words


2016 Imbolc Ritual Reflection and Omen

In contrast to the weather of previous Imbolcs, Northern Rivers Protogrove was blessed with an incredibly mild winter day.  There was a warmth in the air which lifted everyone’s spirits.   784 more words


Gideon has proven to be a challenging story for me this time around as I find myself camped out on sections of scripture for days at a time. 688 more words

Witchy Wednesday - Altars

Altars?  Do I have altars??  Not as such, no.

I’ve never really been one for a lot of pageantry in my path.  I meditate anywhere I can be alone for a few minutes.   813 more words