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Howl II

A museum piece. A new area to explore inspired from museum displays. Where fragmented elements are placed in assumed positions to imply the whole. An incomplete puzzle with suggestions but not conclusive. 76 more words


Street altars, Bali

One of the things I love about Bali is how they mix their spiritual beliefs into their daily lives.  Although there are many temples and shrines on the island, you don’t need a designated place to make an offering in Bali.   286 more words


Vision Quest

This month’s vision quest was not the most intense, but it was the clearest. I am going to use part of my existing novel to answer a call for submissions. 192 more words


My personal ancestor altar

A few months ago I decided to put up an altar to honor my family and ancestors.  I have a pretty amazing family so it seemed only natural to pay tribute to the people who have filled my life with so much love. 342 more words


The altar that started it all...

15 years ago I was just starting out in the product styling business (it’s still my “day job”).  “What’s a product stylist?” you ask… well, I basically make stuff look good so people want to buy it.   206 more words


We Did It! 

We are very proud to announce that the Mother Grove approved our charter and we are officially Northern Rivers Grove of ADF!  The members of Northern Rivers have been working towards this since we set out to become a protogrove.   266 more words

Más Shrines!

I am a creator.  I need to create, but I also strongly feel the need to show off what I create.  So here is a side show of shrines I never got to blog about before they sold.  125 more words