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A History of My Shrines and Altars

This is a post I’ve wanted to write for a long time. Like many Pagans, I’ve had various altars and shrines throughout the years. Putting altars together is an act of devotion in itself, carefully picking each piece for its symbolic significance as well as its aesthetic qualities. 2,058 more words


Temporary Altar...

… On the cabin window.

I did my morning meditation and yoga on a dock facing Star Lake. It’s been a relaxing Lughnasadh weekend full of swimming, kayaking, board games, and good company.


Happy Wep Ronpet!

Today is Egyptian New Year! Unlike last year, when I used an “idealized” date of August first to celebrate, this year I felt nudged to actually figure out when the heliacal rising of Sirius would be in my area—and it was this morning! 276 more words

Feasts & Festivals

Making Mini or Traveling Altars

Not every one is out of the closet, can practice the Craft openly, perhaps you travel a lot, or simply don’t have space for a large altar, in whichever situation fits your circumstances, the answer may be a mini altar.  846 more words


Basic Altar Maintenance

Having had an altar (or altars) of one sort or another for quite a while, I know too well that it can be much easier to set up an altar than it is to maintain it. 721 more words

Hellenic Paganism

Altering altars: towards an upgrade

In this back region of the back ridges of very far Western North Carolina, in what I am guessing is the smallest Catholic population sized parish in North America, we have two church buildings, Holy Redeemer in Andrews and Prince of Peace in Robbinsville. 519 more words