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In the last two articles, I have explained what Altars are and their importance.

Today, I will be explain how satanic altars operate:

One of the most popular forms of altars is a Physical altar that is used for sacrifices which is usually something that is Blood based. 387 more words

Collecting and Storing Oracle & Tarot Decks

This topic occasionally comes up when a popular vlogger goes on a purging mission to shed themselves of too many oracle and tarot decks they’ve amassed. 726 more words

Oracle Decks

Building Altars While Waiting on God

“When the people saw that Moses delayed to come down from the mountain, the people gathered themselves together to Aaron and said to him, “Up, make us gods who shall go before us.

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Mind In Motion


Today I will be discussing the importance of altars:

  • Altars are places where the divine, demonic and human worlds interact.
  • Altars are places of exchange, communication, and influence.
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Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead altars touched me. We saw some set up on the street, outside of people’s houses or businesses. 479 more words


Merry Samhain and Dia de los Muertos

Have had a very busy holiday week… and it is not over. Just wanted to take a moment to share the view from my world. 185 more words

My Day of the Dead Altars 2017

I’ve been creating Day of the Dead altars for many years now.  Every year I add more items to my DOD collection and swap thing up as I work through the set up each year.  723 more words

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