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Patron Saint of Lost Causes 

A good friend of mine moved away, and told me that he kept seeing all of his loved ones doppelgängers because he was homesick. He said mine was an Asian chick on a bicycle in China town. 342 more words


Forest Memories

We’re in the process of buying a home!  We’ve been looking for a few months, and it seemed like we weren’t going to find anything for awhile.   423 more words



  • Associated with Mother Earth and the birth-death-rebirth cycle
  • Should not contain conductive materials such as iron or steel since they could interfere with the energies of ritual tools of the same material.
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another simple daily devotional

Lately I’ve gone through a period of very little personal spiritual practice. I’ve been wanting to get back into using my altars; I have kind of a sprawling altar on the mantle and adjacent shelves in the den, and a compact version in the kitchen. 642 more words


Altar for extinct species and ecological losses at Many Gods West

I will be setting up a public altar at Many Gods West this year for honoring extinct species, destroyed places, and other ecological losses.

There will be two parts to it: one small-scale Life Cairn, and a Memorial Wall where people can post writing or artwork. 226 more words

Land And Land Spirits


People keep coming, bringing flowers, candles, notes, posters, photographs. Silent. Some sitting in the grass around the central of several the ever-growing altars. Some with their backs to the flowers and candles, turning instead to the chalk-covered wall of words. 379 more words


Litha Altar

Getting ready for my favorite Sabbat of the year.

Oak leaves for the Oak King.  :)

Pretty cool chalice, huh?

Wishing you and yours a happy Litha! 6 more words

Festivals & Sabbats