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Altered Book - The Owl Story

One of the participants in our Book Art Creative Workshops decided to try one of the suggested techniques of creating an ‘altered book’, where a whole book is reconfigured to create a completely new work of art. 39 more words

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Altered Book of Monsters – #28 - Giraffe Woman

After two literature inspired monsters, I decided to return to my hybrid human-animal people.  I thought it would be fun to play with the proportions of a giraffe, fusing the head of a woman onto that elongated neck.   100 more words

Altered Book of Monsters – #26 - Dapper Cthulhu

My 12 year old son requested that I paint Cthulhu in my altered book of monsters so his wish was my command.  Cthulhu originates in a 1928 short story by HP Lovecraft and is described as having an octopus-like head, a body covered in scales and large wings protruding from its back.   146 more words

Review of Altered Books by Georgina Coburn

Janet Souter’s Genome series of altered books transform familiar objects into sculptural meditations, playing with the idea of hereditary information and the “small changes in the genome which make every living thing different”. 255 more words

Altered Book

Altered Book of Monsters – #17 - Banshee

A stressful morning with the kids was the inspiration for this altered book spread.  They were dragging their feet about getting ready for school, having to be poked and prodded to get anything done, there were misplaced shoes, gripes about packed lunches, whines about the chilly morning air.   147 more words

Altered Book of Monsters – #16 - Kelpie

I grew up listening to and reading traditional Scottish folk stories so all that magic and mythological beasties loom quite large in my imagination.  I thought at least some of those should feature in my Altered Book of Monsters and so I started with a kelpie. 198 more words