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Me and You: Taijitu

An ode to you, my alter ego,

my doppelgänger.

You were neither evil nor dark,

you were my savior.

You led me to my troubles, 118 more words

MIT's AlterEgo headset can read words you say in your head

May 20, 2018

I don’t want to alarm you, but robots can now read your mind. Kind of.

AlterEgo is a new headset developed by MIT Media Lab… 264 more words


Alter Ego

People have multiple faces?

I wouldn’t know about people

I sure do

Faces is not the word, maybe more like alter egos

They are so many… 31 more words


Multiple Personalities

Dissociative Personality Disorder

I have recently read 2 books featuring Dissociative Personality Disorder (DID), aka Multiple Personality Disorder. What’s weird is that I borrowed both books on the same day at the library, not realizing both had DID as a feature. 476 more words

This Way Please

Photobox – Foxcity –  Choices
Pose – Foxcity –  Meme 1
Shirt – Alterego – Hollister
Shorts – Alterego Missy

Shape – Custom Shape I Made… 55 more words


AlterEgo,device invented by students at MIT, which can hear and response your inner voice!.


After few years of research and experiments, a graduate Arnav Kapur developed a device named “AlterEgo”. 

AlterEgo is a device with whom u can talk to and it will reply to you inside your head instead of saying aloud. 134 more words


MITs new headset reads the words in your head

There’s always been a glaring issue with voice computing: Speak to a voice assistant with other people around attains you feel like a bit of a weirdo. 318 more words