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Turning a Dress into a Spring Top

I bought this shift dress from a charity shop for £5 knowing it wouldn’t fit me.  Normally the dresses I get from charity shops are huge so I know I can adjust them but this is a size 10, meaning I can get into it but it’s really tight around my lower half and a bit too big around my top half. 110 more words


Mind-altering drug could offer life free of heroin #heroin

Can our correspondent kick a long-term opiate habit by taking one dose of a hallucinogen? Learn more about heroin addiction here http://www.heroindetoxclinics.com/heroin-information/

Life altering day

Ok…. Maybe not quite. But it’s been a good one DESPITE HAIL/SNOW IN APRIL!!

This morning I ventured to a town 20 minutes away to eat baked goods, chat to my friend who doesn’t live near anymore, and to raise money for a team of young people going to South Africa. 140 more words

Thoth borderectomy

I’ve been itching to alter a deck for awhile now. I just got 4 of my 8? decks in the mail, from storage. I almost immediately wanted to start whacking away at the Thoth deck. 61 more words



Passing of time.

How quickly drops the mind into,

Dementia abyss

Life And Living...

revamping a pair of shoes

About 2 months ago I bought these pair of ballet strap shoes (they appear to be flats but have a slight heel that is hard to see in the pictures) from a store called Gujo (called no-brand store). 153 more words