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Sharper needles

It’s been almost two years since I got my very own craft room, and it took me awhile to get the room settled and to figure out what would work and what wouldn’t. 370 more words

Sewing & Quilting

Actual Real Science

Apollo 9 Spacewalk Glitch Led To Life-Altering Experience | Video


And maybe not quite so real, but with the age of information and techno-trickery, we may never know what is real. 67 more words


The Reality of Photography

There is a never-ending debate on altering photographs – What’s acceptable and what’s not. How much editing is too much? In my opinion, it really just depends on what kind of photographer you are or want to be. 497 more words


Letting out a pair of jeans

I must have been delusional, buying the size jeans that I did. They were snug in the fitting room, but I had just shed a ton of baby weight after #2 was born and I figured I would keep losing. 328 more words


Creative Control

Ordering online can be a hit-or-miss game. And the only snag with the overseas retailers that I’m so fond of is that it’s usually not worth it to return things. 112 more words


Altering The Carpet In Your Bathroom For The Far Better by Chic Decorations

When individuals want to go via a bathroom remodeling project, they want to keep in mind that the carpet is a vital element of the approach. 41 more words

Projection Mapping Creates Altering Setting In Superbien's Music Video For Irma by Beauty and Hairstyle

Dezeen Music Project: French visual effects studio Superbien has used projection mapping to transport Cameroonian singer Irma to different environments in this single-take music video for her track Save Me. 29 more words