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Cosplay Basics: Altering plastic props

Well that gun is almightily blue, now what?

Current plan for May MCM has been finalised between myself and EternityLivesForever. We’ve picked something from a game that has been such a huge part of my gaming life that I’ve been bouncing the idea around in my head for the longest time. 537 more words


Over There!

I caught this guy gesturing this way in an antique store this morning. The photo is cropped, I admit, but I thought the gesture was well worth isolating. 40 more words


Blue Slip

Hi All,

I made three slips some time ago (one is yet to be completed). I made them after buying a stretch slip for £3 and cut around it, I used matching ribbon for the straps. 221 more words


Blue Magic Dress

Hi All,

I finally have decent pics of old clothes I’ve sewn!! Rejoice!!

The beauty in showing you today was made two years ago in summer. 190 more words


Should you vary your workouts day-to-day?

So you have built up the motivation to start going to the gym and lifting weights. Congrats you have gotten past the first step to start getting into shape! 579 more words


DIY: downsize/alter jean waist

So I do this thing where I like something and its not even close to my size, but I buy it anyway because I like it and I think I can do something about the size, and I usually succeed, except for in the case of shoes, I just let myself suffer there. 369 more words


Bare Shoulder Beauty

Hi All,

I made a sassy yet elegant dress for a client and friend that wanted it for a ball.

As soon as I saw the pattern she wanted me to use, I recognised it and knew I was going to enjoy making it. 198 more words