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A Forgetting

“Why do you think you are missing something you never had?”
Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club (1989)

I can’t quite pin this feeling down, but I know it’s been around for awhile—the lingering shadow of a leaf withering to the ground, in mid flight, on the draft of a wet Thursday monsoon. 157 more words

Creative Writing

Hastings and Manning: Acts of Alterity

Hastings, A and Manning, P. (2004). Introduction: Acts of Alterity. Language & Communication 24:291-311

We have to fight against this absoluteness that identity has and think of it as relational, especially in linguistic anthropology. 246 more words

Performance Studies

Ganesha's Trunk as a Misplaced Phallus

Psychoanalysis immunes itself with the impregnable wall of symbolic, despite creating a level playing field of having multiple symbolic connotations. In a nutshell, one cannot afford to discount the plethora of analysis. 177 more words


Inoue & Poe, Race and Writing Assessment

Poe, Mya, and Asao Inoue. “Introduction.” Race and Writing Assessment. NY: Peter Lang, 2012. 1-14. (14 pages)

Inoue and Poe’s book considers the ways in which issues of race and racial identity manifest in classroom and large-scale writing assessments. 486 more words


Ball, "Expanding the Dialogue on Culture as a Critical Component when Assessing Writing"

Ball, Arnetha, “Expanding the Dialogue on Culture as a Critical Component when Assessing Writing” (33 pages) AW

Ball confronts, like others, the ways that writing assessment designs have excluded the voices of teachers, but specifically for Ball, she is centrally concerned with the too often exclusion of voices of teachers from diverse backgrounds about how best to educate children of color. 645 more words


Faigley, "Judging Writing, Judging Selves"

Faigley, L. (1989) Judging Writing, Judging Selves. College Composition and Communication, 40(4), 395-412. (17 pages)

Faigley’s overriding aim is to interrogate the ways that teachers’ evaluation methods in a writing course—which often includes autobiographical essays—prompts students to construct particular conceptions of self, often functioning within Western discussions of self. 426 more words


Essai de définition d’une pratique clinique avec des patients migrants dans une consultation psychiatrique spécialisée

Author(s) : Abdelhak ELGHEZOUANI



Les mouvements forcés ou volontaires de populations apportent de nouvelles questions théoriques et cliniques aux institutions de santé mentale. A travers une pratique spécifique, nous pensons avoir tenté de répondre à ce défi clinique en élaborant un cadre conceptuel et des dispositifs de soins croisant les axes de l’altérité culturelle et linguistique, de la précarité socio-économique et des conséquences cliniques des violences collectives sur les personnes.

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