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leaks in through the door-gaps,
And from my secret cell I spy
The world without—

On a weatherbeaten park bench
A tangle: her slender hand on his hips, 175 more words


Alterity- Reflections from the Field (3)

In this excerpt, I reflect on alterity. I felt very different from everyone in the village, understandably, but this feeling was not always of the same intensity. 825 more words

Gilyard, _Voices of the Self_

Gilyard, Keith. Voices of the Self: A Study of Language Competence. Wayne State UP, 1991. (175 pages)

Gilyard offers an auto-ethnographic narrative of his coming-into-being as a black young man, juggling between different discursive worlds in and outside of school. 285 more words



Holbeck Hall, Scarborough/ Birmingham Snow Hill station residuary body/the liminal rest home/abandoned houses/decrepitude/desuetude/decayetude: the ghost stories(spectral psychogeography), the rants, the lgbt/Queer theory,the syntheses, the hybrid(sebaldian) stylistics; HAVE I NOW SAID IT ALL? 29 more words

Alexander and Rhodes, "Flattening Effects"

Alexander, Jonathan, and Jacquline Rhodes. “Flattening Effects: Composition’s Multicultural Imperative and the Problem of Narrative Coherence.” CCC 65.3 (2014): 430-54. (25 pages)

Alexander and Rhodes, … 610 more words

Teaching Of Writing

Lyons, "Rhetorical Sovereignty"

Lyons, Scott Richard. “Rhetorical Sovereignty: What Do American Indians Want from Writing?” CCC 51.3 (2000): 447-468. (22 pages)

The backdrop of Lyons’ incorporation of rhetorical sovereignty… 777 more words


Villanueva, "On the Rhetoric and Precedents of Racism"

Villanueva, Victor. “On the Rhetoric and Precedents of Racism.” CCC 50.4 (1999): 645-661. (17 pages)

Villanueva considers the impact of multiculturalism in American society generally, Composition and Rhetoric specifically. 396 more words