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Prequel / a tiny Grand Tour

Journeys to “Rome” (what and where and whose is Rome?) more than to any other city are characterised by a remarkable depth and intensity in their narrative dimension. 4,030 more words


Ziya Gökalp, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the two Emile Durkheims

All too often the political divides in Turkey are simplified into a crude division into a secularist/republican (Kemalist) camp and an Islamic/Islamist camp, with the only complication allowed for being the conflict around Kurdish minority rights. 1,060 more words

Dolmage: “Metis, Mêtis, Mestiza, Medusa: Rhetorical Bodies Across Rhetorical Traditions”

Dolmage, Jay. “Metis, Mêtis, Mestiza, Medusa: Rhetorical Bodies Across Rhetorical Traditions.” Rhetoric Review 28.1 (2009): 1-28.

Dolmage argues that we have created a rhetorical history that does not account for all rhetorical bodies. 75 more words


Tropical Amsterdam

Tropical Amsterdam is a story about many things. Using the platform of the few remaining Dutch in Sri Lanka, a hangover from colonial times, Alexa Schulz tells a poignant tale of a community on the verge of extinction. 330 more words

Good Cripple, Bad Cripple: What the hell does that mean?

So, Disability Studies is an emerging interdisciplinary field/theory that literature, sociology, history, cultural studies, and the like are beginning to use as another tool to talk about “otherness.”  It happens to fit in nicely with other messy topics centering around the “other,” – the fancy word for otherness is “alterity” (my favorite philosopher on this topic is… 1,868 more words

Disability Studies

Searching for perfection in others

Prince Andrei considered such a vast number of people as contemptible and insignificant beings, he wanted so much to find in someone else the living ideal of that perfection for which he strove…

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Cannibal Alterity

Today the discussion is alterity and the changing face of it. Alterity has be discussed elsewhere, but this author thinks a look at media depictions of such things is immensely interesting. 2,090 more words