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Responsibility to the Other

“The other person is not simply a step on the philosopher’s ladder to metaphysical truth. And perhaps the source of wonder with which, as Aristotle claimed, philosophy begins, is not to be found by staring into the starry heavens, but by looking into another’s eyes, for here is a more palpable infinity that can never exhaust my curiosity.” | Simon Critchley, “The Ethics of Deconstruction” 2,157 more words

The Upside-Down World

I’m beginning to think that the more honest you are the less credible/authentic people think you are.
It doesn’t matter if you say the right thing if you’re honest and blunt or if you’re right about something, you’re going to be catalogued as a fake (or a liar). 119 more words



In the past I’ve held the tacit belief that everyone should be like the person I intended to be: someone dedicated to the truth and oriented towards insights, someone emotionally motivated by the excitement of… 217 more words


Yes, I remember Liskeard,

The land of lost content,

For, on an October day,

The branch train

Terminated there


Bad hommages (or postmodern collages?:P) aside:-it is, again, a day of porous time boundaries: 2005/2006??. 400 more words

Eris is the Goddess of Alterity

A new god has entered the Western Pantheon. Her name is Eris.

So, yeah, of course Eris is old-greek, so you’d say not new, but She has been reborn. 449 more words


Eris é a Deusa da Alteridade

Há uma recém chegada no Panteão Ocidental. O nome dela é Eris.

Tipo, Eris é parte do velho mundo grego, pode não parecer muito nova, mas houve um renascimento. 462 more words


Alterity in Post-colonialism

Alterity is derived from the Latin alteritas, meaning ‘the state of being other or different; diversity, otherness’. Its English derivatives are alternate, alternative, alternation, and alter ego. 476 more words

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