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I am struggling with this word; it seems slippery and elusive(to paraphrase TS Eliot).


I just had another anti-Corbyn tirade:”he is too associated with homophobic, racist, sexist hard left class-based politics {workerists}”, and he “needs them for his power base”. 460 more words

Love and Silence

Love and Silence

I sometimes read the Guardian relationship columns when the usual news is too depressing or dreary. Most people write in about their grief and grievances—loss, misunderstanding, jealousies, fear, childhood traumas, heartbreaks, guilt, etc. 3,667 more words



In the context of the current form of globalization, modernity, from the perspective of the Modernity/Coloniality research program, is articulated as follows:

1 Historically, modernity has identifiable temporal and spatial origins: seventeenth century northern Europe (especially France, Germany, England), around the processes of Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the French Revolution. 572 more words

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“The MC program should be seen as an other way of thinking that runs counter to the great modernist narratives (Christianity, liberalism, and Marxism); it locates its own inquiry in the very borders of systems of thought and reaches towards the possibility of non-eurocentric modes of thinking” (Escobar 2007:180). 296 more words

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Alterity Behind the Scenes 4/4

“I wanted to work with Kayla for this because it feels like no one ever talks about domestic violence…when they clearly should.”

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Alterity Behind the Scenes 3/4

“It’s not just women.”

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Alterity Behind the Scenes 2/4

“Domestic violence is something that impacts millions of people yet no one ever really understands how exhausting it can be…that’s where dance comes in”

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