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"American Culture," Burqa Bans, and the Need to Embrace the Other

What I should’ve been doing this morning was preparing for the meeting I have in an hour, or working on my paper that’s due tomorrow, or studying for the Hebrew exam I have tomorrow. 868 more words

The necessity of thought and the apparition of Alterity

This text served as the introduction to my Master thesis on Emmanuel Lévinas and Jacques Derrida, written in 2008.

All thinkers appear to have in common a feeling of inner necessity to articulate those thoughts which they actually articulate. 336 more words


Ambiguity, a tragic election, and Father Zossima

I am delighted and honored to be studying at Boston University with such brilliant, thoughtful, and courageous faculty, staff, and students. These post-election reflections strike me as probing and sane (carefully avoiding reactive hysteria): 1,668 more words

The Prodigal Son

I return again to the writing table—not out of habit nor boredom, but out of necessity. These days, the act of writing has lost its novel glimmer, and instead clads itself in a kind of dull, utilitarian mantle.  328 more words


You Are Me

In the last days I’ve been watching films to scape a little bit of reality. But it happened what always happens: I got deeper in reality. 277 more words


Daylight leaks in through the door-gaps,
And from my secret cell I spy
The world without—

On a weatherbeaten park bench
A tangle: her slender hand on his hips, 143 more words


Alterity- Reflections from the Field (3)

In this excerpt, I reflect on alterity. I felt very different from everyone in the village, understandably, but this feeling was not always of the same intensity. 825 more words