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The life of matter: concepts of impersonal agency in the pokéverse

After a week-long hiatus in which I tried and failed to catch up on some reading, we’re back with a little bit more about how the show is addressing the idea of difference. 1,125 more words


Welcome to my blog!

What is this blog about? 

This blog will connect readers with resources that promote community development, economic stability, and well-being.

Why am I blogging?

As an engaged scholar and economic geographer, I have spent many years exploring alternative definitions of “development”. 269 more words

Voice of the apokélypse--communication and alterity in episode 19 and beyond

A single, belated update this week. I’ve got my ongoing Ph.D. reading (did you know Leonard Cohen a) is Canadian and b) pre-music career, wrote a novel in which there is depressing sex on nearly every page?) and I’m also prepping a paper for submission to a journal, so things are busy. 1,952 more words


On our treatment of the apparently homeless

If you walk down the urban core of most cities you are bound to encounter someone who appears as homeless. Furthermore, when we talk about the plight of these people there are few people who can be found who do not see the situation of the apparently homeless as a problem that needs to be addressed. 986 more words


Literacy Was Shameful in Ancient Thrace: Aelian Varia Historia, 8.6

“People say that none of the ancient Thracians knew how to read. In fact, the barbarians who live in Europe all believe that reading is the most shameful thing. 62 more words


New Link and #DDOR

For those in Colorado that love to follow heavy metal rock genre and news surrounding it, The Weedily Deedily is all about that. Written weekly by… 236 more words


CFP: Ethnographic Engagements with Digital Alterity

Antonia Walford and I are putting together a panel for this year’s AAA on the digital and alterity. The call for papers is currently open: 388 more words