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Alternative Currency Versus Government Money

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Alternative Currency Versus Government Money

By IamSatoshi

Ulterior States – an IamSatoshi Production – a film by Tomer Kantor.

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April Fools

When someone sends me an email, I figure it belongs to me, so I have no compunction about sharing it. Here is a letter I received today. 353 more words


What Zombucks have been released so far?

 The provident metals company has released a wonderful set of 7 silver coins over the last 2 years. They are known as the ZOMBUCKS collections. AKA the currency of the Zombie apocalypse. 163 more words


The real value of Bitcoin

I still have bitcoins and occasionally use them to buy things with. In fact I am currently looking at investing with it. But until that happens here is a great video on the value of Bitcoin and the crypto technology.

Parenthood And Responsibility

Article 10 - Alternate Currencies


Any and all currencies shall be deemed to apply to the separate currencies of all territories in respect of which the member has accepted an agreement with and/or membership of the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency unless the member declares that its action relates either to the local currency alone, or only to one or more specified separate currencies without any influence on outside and/or additional units of currency, or to the local exchange and one or more specified separate currencies.

Articles Of Agreement

Peter Schiff Podcast 6

This is week six of Peter Schiffs podcast. He does a good discussion on the current economy and the future of bitcoin. He is always worth a listen too.