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4 Easy Ways To Relief Headache

Having headache is annoying and sometimes it is difficult for us to avoid. Mostly when we are under pressure, headache appeared automatically. If it gets worse, we might faint due to the pain we felt. 433 more words

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Fungal Infection Makes News

By Joan McDaniel         July 14, 2016

Recently, I have turned to getting health news from England and the BBC News website.  I find the BBC site contains articles a little more “newsworthy” then the politically correct news creating American Press. 297 more words


Drink Filter Tap Water Not Soda

By Joan McDaniel July 12, 1916

Where Have I been?  Good Question I’ll answer by saying in the Garden. I have planted, harvest and seem a little pre-occupied with working unwanted extra hours at work. 506 more words

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Swiss to recognise homeopathy as legitimate medicine

Source: Swissinfo.ch

The interior ministry has announced its intention to elevate five complementary therapies including homeopathy to the same level as conventional medicine.

Homeopathy, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine will acquire the same status as conventional medicine by May 2017. 179 more words

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Harvard professor says ‘Miracles from Heaven’ and other remarkable cures could be real

Source: Washington Post

By Jeffrey Rediger

When I went to see “Miracles from Heaven,” I saw more laughter, crying and applause than I’ve ever seen in a movie theater. 401 more words

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Bernie Sanders’ Long History With Alternative Medicine

Source: Time

From his college readings to legislation in Congress, the Vermont Senator has had unusual views on health.
On the day of his crushing victory in the New Hampshire primary, 74-year-old Bernie Sanders shot hoops with his grandkids. 335 more words

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Video: This man's blood has saved the lives of two million babies


Every human life is sacred and precious. Anyone who saves a life; it would be as if he or she has saved the whole of humanity. 438 more words

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