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Alistair, Part 9

Aria stared at the bodies, her eyes wide. Vishnya and her father, Elkin, had been dragged from their bed with their throats slit. Brilliant crimson blood pooled around the wood frame of the bed, and the skin of the corpses had grayed, smelling of death. 1,489 more words


LL LOTD: Set 2

Hey all, got another collection of Polyvore outfits

Since this idea came to me I have made 37 outfits in total for the alternate universe version of me. 388 more words

The Diary Entries

By the Time. [Part IV]

By the time you leave, my world collapses.

I remember how different our worlds were once before we entered each other’s life. I was never a dreamer since the beginning, nor were you a stiff person like I was. 1,254 more words


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I had blacked out in the girls’ locker room in school. There was a bang, and I felt something heavy on my chest before everything got blurry. 3,014 more words

Alternate Universe

Dragon Tale Treat • Halloween Freebie

Trick or treat!

For Halloween this year, I’m handing out a sweet, magical treat that won’t go straight to your thighs. Download your free copy of… 123 more words