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New order part two

“Captain’s log,the enterprise was saverly damaged in the battle with kahn an enigmatic figure from earth’s past. We are beginning damage control procedures. Fortunently casulties were lite. 1,281 more words

Star Trek

REVIEW: K-20 - The Fiend with Twenty Faces (2008)

2008, Toho Company/Nippon Television Network/Robot Communications

Shimako Sato
Chikahiro Ando
Takuya Kurata
Kazuyoshi Ishida
Shimako Sato (screenplay)
Soh Kitamura (original novel, “The Story of Nijyumenso”) 653 more words

Film Reviews

Entry Nine: The Incident

It’s been all over the news and of course my site. I was involved with an incident that included Frederick Chilton and Abel Gideon. Two men I’ve previously mentioned. 1,073 more words


[Trilijah] Untitled 03


Elijah Mikaelson (The Originals) & Darren (Wasted on the Young)

Continuing after Offer

Part 1

“Oh la la, it’s really true as the rumors spread,” cried the beautiful redhead that popped out of nowhere. 1,558 more words


Entry Eight: Coffee Date

Alana seems into me, really into me. I don’t mean in a way that she wants to get information out of me either. That is unless she stares at everyone like she wants to fuck them and I don’t think she does. 313 more words


Purified Sins (Fan Fic)

Pairing: Bedelia/Freddie


Under the guidance of Bedelia Du Maurier, Freddie has decided to push Hannibal Lecter to the very edge of insanity.

Notes: 7,388 more words


Entry Seven: The meeting

This meeting with Jack, Alana, and Will was interesting. They want to set up a phony interview. Well, not exactly phony. You see I will actually be talking to Abel Gideon, well known killer but not the Ripper. 681 more words