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The Sixth Doctor – Jeremy Brett (1984-1990)

Stern, dark and fierce, the Sixth Doctor was a tall and thin man. He was a much more methodical Doctor, reminiscent of a Holmes-esque detective, which was reflected in his dark coat and suit. 385 more words

The Fifth Doctor – Helen Mirren (1978-1984)

The Doctor’s first female incarnation was far more adventurous and daring than any of her predecessors.. She battled the newly-regenerated Master several times. During her life, time itself became an enemy, with many strange anomalies and paradoxes. 169 more words

The Fourth Doctor – Fulton Mackay (1975-1978)

Profile: In many ways a kinder and grandfatherly version of the First Doctor, the Fourth was an older man with a moustache. An eccentric scientist and inventor, he was motivated by his quest for knowledge and new experiences around the universe, which often got him into trouble. 170 more words

The Third Doctor – Ron Moody (1970-1975)

Profile: As opposed to his over-the-top and loud predecessor, the Third Doctor was a reminiscent of a goofy scientist. During his self-imposed exile on Earth, he was aided by UNIT, a military force who defended the Earth from alien attack. 274 more words

The Second Doctor – Brian Blessed (1966-1969)

Profile: Crashing to Earth in 1966, the Second Doctor was a loud and bombastic piratical buccaneer, vastly different from his predecessor. Together with new companions Penny and Ben, he was a much more active and physical incarnation, in his own words deciding that there was evil that must be fought rather than simply observed. 245 more words

The First Doctor – Boris Karloff (1963-1966)

Profile: When his granddaughter Susan was followed to his spaceship, the TARDIS, by her two teachers Ian and Barbara, the Doctor propelled the ship into time and space; first landing on the irradiated planet Skaro, where he encountered the Daleks, then the planet Giganticon where the entire planet’s life was far bigger than on Earth. 264 more words

The Demon Prince of Momochi House Volume 2 by Aya Shouto

Volume 2 brings quite a bit of insight into the nature of the Momochi House as well as more background on Aoi. The Nue creates a new follower from the Ayakashi, ensuring even more trouble for Himari. 228 more words