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RH Null Chapter Six: A Kiss? NOW LIVE

Chapter Six: A Kiss?

He squeezed my hand in reassurance. “With you feeding him he’ll be better than okay.”

Sighing, I nodded and the entire room shifted in the wrong direction. 281 more words


RH Null Chapter Six: A Kiss? (teaser)

Chapter Five: A Kiss? (teaser)

Something tickled my spine. Thirsty, so damn thirsty it hurt. It burned, my throat was on fire… So weak and hot, just so hot. 35 more words


Chapter 8 – The First Ripple

At the same time that Pauline was facing an amorous Viking while possessing the emanation of a mermaid in another world, Jon was still enjoying the honeymoon phase with the automaton. 2,059 more words


Chapter Five: Too Rich NOW LIVE

Chapter Five: Too Rich

“When did he leave?”

“Last night.” He busied himself with making my breakfast.

“Where did he go?”

Phichit swallowed. “Out.”

“Where’s Yuuri and Viktor?” 255 more words


RH Null Chapter Five: Too Rich (teaser)

Chapter Five: Too Rich (teaser)

“Oh, hi.” Phichit’s voice behind me had me spinning around so fast my neck cracked. “I’m sorry.” He backed up a few steps, another vase full of flowers was in his hand. 39 more words


Chapter Four: His One and Only NOW LIVE

Chapter Four: His One and Only

“And Viktor? He’s odd but I like him.”

“Sure. Let me get him, okay?”

I nodded and Yuuri got up then left me alone. 218 more words


The Family Man (2000)


On Christmas Day, Jack Campbell (Nicolas Cage), a Wall Street executive, goes to sleep as a wealthy bachelor and wakes up a middle-class family man, married to Kate (Téa Leoni), his college girlfriend, with two kids. 91 more words

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