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This place I see in my mind’s eye, it is a recurring daydream, slipping unbidden into my subconscious, a balm against the unrest of a trying day. 598 more words


What If...

What if we couldn’t lie? What if every word that came out of our mouths was the 100% unadulterated truth? You’re probably imagining all the people you would have pissed off by now, or the things that you’d never want your parents to know about. 393 more words

Evija: Chapter 2 - Doctors [2]

But he had no time to think about that at this moment. The footsteps came closer to him. Closer and closer they drew onto the place close to the wall where he was lying. 200 more words


Iotorath, Part 4

“There,” Aria said soothingly. She spooned a mashed paste of warm water and an herb called irashil onto each side of Valtteri’s shoulder, both where the arrow had pierced him and where she had forced the head through. 1,100 more words


The Winds of May

I sat and watched from the edge of the cliff, as the deep blue of night began to shimmer and grow into the first pale pink of morning light. 663 more words

Short Story

The Alien And The Mercenary

An attempt at a return to sci fi via endless rendering & compositing. I am really looking forward to a laptop from the last half of this decade now as a result.

Alternate Universe