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Wattpad Spotlight: Another Human Falls

Book promotion! “Another Human Falls (Goldenswap)” by Catdog2025

Check out this Underswap AU fanfic featuring a murder mystery and monsters.

After all the monsters from the underground were free, everything seemed to be perfect.

152 more words

As Fast as Lightning - Chapter 1

~This story does not follow the plot of CW’s show the Flash~

Maddie groans as the wind blows her hair in face clouding her vision from the google map app on her phone yet again. 668 more words

The Flash

Snow and Bautista Unleash in "Bushwick" this August

RLJ Entertainment will be unleashing a new action thriller entitled Bushwick on August 25, 2017.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and will make its Cannes debut tomorrow night. 162 more words

American Films

Alli Mia Fora- Fourth Chapter

“Because i know how not to depend on anyone anymore.” Maine’s cold voice made everyone in the table  enveloped in silence while she stares at me with bitterness and coldness. 459 more words


Maybe In An Alternate Universe We End Up With The Ones We Lost

It was the kind of bittersweet consolation for the hopeless romantics who went through a breakup: that somewhere, in an alternate universe, they actually end up together with the person they broke up with. 929 more words

Alli Mia Fora- Third Chapter


I was still in a shock. My dress is soaking wet and Richard is still staring at me. I was speechless. His features changed but his face is still some how the same. 520 more words


Alli Mia Fora- Second Chapter


It’s been 2 hours since i arrived at this party. Almost all of the Grade eight students batch 2016 to 2017 are already here. 714 more words