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The Sacrifice AU

I would like to get all of your opinions on something, a society about which I am considering writing.

Imagine a society where everyone agrees to a voluntary population control, through voluntary sacrifice. 419 more words


DC To Release 'Gotham City Garage', Which Focuses On And Reimagines The Company's Best Heroines

Gotham City Garage, a line of collectible statues which took DC Comics best female superheroes and revamped them as hardcore, tattoo-encased biker chicks.

Well, now the line (in similar vein to DC’s Bombshells) has received it’s own comic which is set in an alternate universe where Lex Luthor has turned Gotham City into a paradise which you can never leave known as The Garden. 173 more words


Wish your alternate self well

Most Monday’s, I post a Motivation Monday post on my collaborative blog, The 3:30 Project. I wanted to share this week’s post here, too! Happy Monday! 605 more words

Save My Sanity

Wish your alternate self well

One of the things that I’ve found follows me through life is the wondering questions, “what if…”

What if I had majored in x?

What if that relationship had worked out?

573 more words

wille179's "Unicorns Are Magical"

Today’s story will offer you exactly what you want to read in a horror fic.

Unicorns Are Magical
• 3,899 words

“Unicorns are wonderful!”
“Unicorns are fantastic!” 1,208 more words


The Great Pixar Debate: How Negroni's Theory Lends Itself to Fanfiction Writing

With the pull of a lever, the white and pink door vanished. All that was left was a pile of shredded wood and a knob. While countless other doors still linked the human and monster worlds, this door was shredded to ensure Sulley and Boo were separated and that the pair would never see each other again. 1,526 more words


COMICS: Green Lantern Earth One Will Drastically Change Hal Jordan's Origin

DC’s Earth One, a collection of tales which reintroduce a variety of DC Characters (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and the Teen Titans) into a more modernized setting and ground their origin stories, but still maintain their core traits and personalities. 294 more words