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A Parallel Love Story?

There is a theory espoused by some that there is actually a parallel/alternate experience of life that is running concurrently with the one we are aware of, and that if we could become aware of it as well, it would give us the experiences to which our alternate choices had ope… 1,224 more words

A Journey To An Alternate Universe

Hector Perez was a cop in Cleveland, Ohio for twelve years, before he unwittingly stepped into an alternate universe.

One moment he was chasing a burglary suspect in the city’s eastern warehouse district, and the next moment he was standing alone in a deserted warehouse wearing some odd clothing! 1,190 more words

Flash Fiction

Who Are You, Really? And Who Do You Want To Be? - Coherence (2013)

It’s a classic horror movie trope: a group of friends/family members/co-workers/etc. gather for dinner/games night/vacation/etc and over the course of the night/weekend/winter/etc, some outside force beyond their ken terrorizes them. 2,162 more words

Felixuish - Page 5

The story began here.

 Page 5 in cahoots with Daily Prompt: Foreign

I awoke with a start. Before I knew I was conscious, I’d pulled the dagger out from its sheath, spilling the last swig of wine from the bottle on my nightstand. 1,520 more words


The Mind of God: The Promise of String Theory

There is a Russian proverb which goes: If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.

I was thinking of that saying these last few weeks while I try to find time  to write my stories (a full time job in itself), blog, draw, and experiment with my new camera – all while holding down a full time job. 996 more words

Musings From The Home Planet

The Marvelous Infinity War: Untying Mysteries the PR Campaign Won't Touch [PSYCHOLOGICAL SPOILERS]

I write about true crime full time, so I’ve found the teasing done by Marvel across 18 films compelling, fun and psychologically sound. Marvel are masters at coherent  1,176 more words

The truth is out there: I called THIS one when I was 14…

My 9th grade science teacher, Mr. Coleman, gave us an assignment to “create our own solar system” and “describe each planet, its atmosphere, and geological/geographic properties.” Something like that, anyway—I don’t really remember the exact parameters. 449 more words

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