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The Harry Potter universe has always been an interesting one to me, primarily because the intention is for it to exist in our universe, and be hidden from us. 534 more words


True Names

In the last post I made, I discussed the importance of names and their meanings. This post will touch on that a bit, but I will mainly be discussing “true names.” In the Kingkiller Chronicles (Name of the Wind series), every person and every object, and most intangible things have names. 426 more words


In the Presence of Other Worlds

If there’s one writing technique I’m fond of, it’s imagining alternate universes. To consider how differently events would turn out if one key concept were changed, be it one small event (Bruce Wayne was shot instead of his parents, as per one comic series) or a larger idea (what if Hollywood, but in a fantasy setting?). 844 more words

The Third

This time, when I wake up I keep my eyes shut and hope that this is all a bad dream. When I open them I know that it’s not. 560 more words

Alternate Universes

The Second Time

I wake up once again disorientated and confused. My alarm clock is going off with a loud buzzing noise. It has happened again. What is going on?  639 more words

Alternate Universes

The First Time

I woke up one day to a room that looked like a more extreme version than my own. The windows let a a golden glow of the morning sun in the most beautiful shade I had ever seen. 1,002 more words

Alternate Universes

If Fairytail Was Shoujo

Although I quite like Fairytail, I’m not the biggest fanatic, so I’m not exactly up to date with the manga or anime.

However, I did hear from a friend who did finish the manga that NaLu, my FT OTP, didn’t happen. 886 more words