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Infinite Whoniverses- A World Without the Doctor 2- Saviour of the Jagaroth!

Here’s another scary concept, following on from my rework of Robots of Death in Series 2, what if Scaroth had succeeded in saving the Jagaroth and changing history? 119 more words


Time #1

Flashes past of dreams remembered
I’ve met you before. I think.
We live and die each day and night
Out and in. In and out of existance. 33 more words


Parallel: A Book Review

“At every moment, each person has the freedom to choose a different path, thereby changing the trajectory of his life. Nothing is set in stone.”

879 more words
Book Reviews

Parallel Universe

Hullo, H!

You’ve probably heard me mention that phrase more often than you’d like to hear. A long time ago, a philosopher (William James is his name, I think) came up the theory of a multiverse where everything could happen at the same time in these multiple universes. 629 more words

Alternate Reality

INFINITE WHONIVERSES- The Cult of Davros 2- Intervention: Liverpool

This Episode of Infinite Whoniverses- The Cult of Davros 2 follows a story thread begun in episode 4 of Triumph of the Daleks/ The Cult of Davros in Chester as an Agents track them to… 68 more words

Adventures In Muppeteering!


Here’s yet another First for Infinite Whoniverses- a Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover episode!

I wondered for a while if the NeoGallifreyan Doctor or Timelady Doctor should do this, but Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor seemed a better choice. 185 more words