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the unforest

in the unforest everything matters
but nothing is real
at least until you look at it
in the unforest birds walk backwards
bears dance madly in gold moonshine… 84 more words


I step outside my door and look
at the stars above my head
shining in the sky whispering my name
and I realize my real home is the universe… 7 more words


Alternate Realities

I think in alternate realities,

slave to infinite possibilities,

thinking thumps,

with caustic thoughts,

eating its own flesh,

many worlds,

futility be damned,

as the song goes on and on, 22 more words

birthday poem

another year around the sun
as I spin,spin and spiral in space
ever expanding into the universe
sometimes it all I can do to hold on… 28 more words



I actually get to destroy Gallifrey again this episode (SPOILER ALERT!!) As The Master in my first Cosplay role, though I’ve done a bit for Tiglet’s Time Travels and the Star Trek Preservation Trailer, but this and next week’s episode- The Centurions of Time, though I won’t spoil that one! 27 more words


flashback number 369 and thoughts of a rainy day

I turn in circles looking
on the floor for a memory
I had just a moment before
I twist and I bend as I fold… 47 more words



As of this moment book two has eclipsed book one in word count by ~350 words or so.  210,000 total.

For comparison, this is about 550 pages longer than anything I was ever told to write.

The Wonders Of Technology