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A Gathering of Shadows, by V.E. Schwab

I read the first book in this series a couple months ago and liked it a heck of a lot, so much that I grabbed up the next book and started it almost as soon as it was in my possession. 521 more words


Dark Matter, by Blake Crouch / **** ½

At this point, I’ve read a handful of books that Blake Crouch either wrote or co-wrote, and by and large, I’ve enjoyed them. Crouch is undeniably a pulpy author, and his prose is basically fine but unexceptional; for all of that, though, his ideas are rich and compelling, and Crouch has a knack for zigging when you think he’s going to zag (a talent that served him incredibly well in  727 more words

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Sully Baseball Podcast Rewind - December 29, 2015

On December 29, 2015, I talked about Johan Santana, Miguel Cabrera and what could have been with aborted trades.

Enjoy this Sully Baseball Daily Podcast Rewind… 9 more words

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

Alternate Universes

David Bowie didn’t die, he just returned to the Goblin world to continue living as the King!!

And Anton Yelchin, he’s fighting the ghostly bodachs in the dimension that we cannot see…!!! 28 more words

Alternate Universes ... by Alice ..

Revised; originally published on 22 August 2013 

Dear Ones,

A rough drawing of alternate universes. Imagine a hall of mirrors … millions of mirrors. In the drawing, each ellipse is a galaxy … 31 more words

Astrogeophysics - EMF - Hologram

Shine Cycle Précis: Building Elvida

Building Elvida is the tentative title of the fourth planned novel in the “Alternate Universes” sub-series of the Shine Cycle. It will be set on… 484 more words