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Dust and Daemons

La Belle Sauvage

(Volume One of The Book of Dust)

by Philip Pullman

Readers of  His Dark Materials will recall that the story resolved satisfactorily at the end of… 773 more words

Book Review

Coherence: Darkly Alternate

One Comet.

Eight Friends.

Infinite Parallel Universes.

A friend suggested Coherence on one horror-movie night, and we all sat down to watch it right after Insidious 2. 532 more words


Fun Scifi Tropes: Alternate Universes

Alas, Squiders, today we come to the end of our scifi trope series, and we end with alternate universes, which are a personal favorite of mine (which seems to be a trend). 509 more words


Alternate Universes (I'm learning to live in this world)

When I was in school I knew a boy who believed in alternate universes.

We had Materials and Design Tech together in year ten, and he’d often find his way to my work bench where he would sit and discuss his theories with me. 1,244 more words


Shine Cycle Précis: From Carthage to the West

From Carthage to the West is the tentative title of the twelfth planned novel, and the last in my notes so far, in the “Alternate Universes” sub-series… 670 more words

Shine Cycle

Alternate Universes.

I wonder in an alternate universe, would I be fat, skinny, taller or shorter? Smarter, dumber, in love with some one or just breaking up? Perhaps I love coffee more than I do, or maybe I don’t. 882 more words


Inheritance of Criminality & Genetic Purging of the Human Race.

As scientists break new grounds in the study of criminality, fiction writers of today break their keyboards attempting to find every loose thread in the theory and spin it into a yarn. 725 more words