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Chapter Eleven - Preparation

The Countess said she would pay fifty gold coins to anyone who completed the mission, as well as a bonus to the one who killed him. 2,158 more words


Music Wednesday #1

This is hopefully something I’m going to do for a while, at least. Throughout my entire life, music has been a very big deal to me. 167 more words


Discussion: Transported to Another World

A common theme in some fantasy novels is the teenaged character from modern day Earth who gets transported to a fantasy world. These tend to be young adult fantasy. 30 more words


The Edge: A Dreamscape

Preface: Like most people, I don’t generally remember my dreams. I usually wake up knowing I had some nighttime adventure, but unable to remember exactly what transpired. 868 more words

Profound Thoughts


Bibliographic Information

Coraline by Neil Gaiman,  with illustrations by Dave McKean                                                        Published: 2003, c.2002   Published by: Scholastic Inc.                                                        Paperback, 163 pages,  ISBN-13: 978-0-439-57773-1

Genre: Horror and Supernatural Fantasy                                                                                          Recommended for grades 6-8                                                                                                             ATOS Book Level 5.1.   532 more words


Chapter Eight - Gaining a Level

It was getting dark by the time they walked through the gates of Riverbrook. Sam judged it was probably only five or six, assuming a day was twenty four hours like he was used to. 1,676 more words


Slideshow for "Turner: World Change" (coming soon)

Coming in late spring of 2015 – Book 2 of the Spaceships and Magic series