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Chapter 20: Strong Bonds

The rat and I stare at each other without speaking. Neither of us dare to make a move. 1,857 more words

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Chapter 18: Rats are People, Too (End of Arc 1)

I see a familiar scene after regaining consciousness. Anya is latched on as usual, stuffing her face with my Mana. 1,214 more words

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Chapter 15: Respecting Local Traditions

I feel a powerful sense of déjà vu as the snot-covered freak lunges at me with a dirty knife.

Wait, that’s not fair. Even if he’s trying to kill me for basically no reason, I shouldn’t judge his appearance like that. 3,166 more words

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Sleep's Revolving Doors

I avoid sleep,

Un-restful hours’

Passage to another

Planet no more convivial

Than awake world.

Childlike, I resist till

Close to dawn—drowsy

Drape drops down, 98 more words


Chapter 14: Enjoying the Local Hospitality

During our short journey to the nearby village, we probably passed by several thousand furry rocks. There are so many that this area is probably known for furry rocks. 1,165 more words

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Chapter 12: The First Seal

I am 12 years old, and I really have to go to the bathroom.

This morning, I woke up from this weird dream where I was old, and stupid, and this demon lady was bullying me, and a tree yelled at me, and my fingers got cut off, and then I ran around bleeding and waving around a ball until I passed out on the ground. 2,121 more words

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Chapter 10: A Gentle Tingling Sensation

“The fiend! It’s her!” Samson says incomprehensibly. “Quickly, attack with the resolve to die! Vengeance is within reach! Jonathan, sally forth! We must sacrifice ourselves for the greater good!” 1,299 more words

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