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Herr Trumpf was destined to lose the upcoming election from the start given his antagonistic rule or ruin mindset irrespective of his history of hatred of women and his innate inability to get along even with (ostensibly) his friends (Republicans) as well as his enemies, enemies being defined as anybody who disagrees with his thin-skinned egotistical conclusions as played out in me-me-me real time. 606 more words

Webtoon Review: Flow by Honey B

Magic is normal. Rather, being born under a god is the norm. Some gods are weaker, others are stronger. To be born under a weak god means a lesser chance in both education and society, but a strong god means high school and training which later equals a higher status. 370 more words


Downside Up by Richard Scrimger (2016)

4.2 stars

Fred is in six grade and is still reeling from the loss of his dog Casey. One day, as he is walking home from school, and he loses his ball under a sewer grate. 218 more words


Drifters - 01 (First Impressions)

The Gist: Toyohisa Shimazu is a hardcore samurai who holds the line in the Battle of Sekigahara for his lord and uncle to escape. In a fantastic showdown with the lord of the… 713 more words

Anime Reviews

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World

Title:Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World

Episodes 1-25

Natsuki Subaru is a young man with a purposeless life, until one day he finds himself in a fantasy world. 545 more words


[WebNovel] - The God of Lyn - Chapter 5

Continuing on with my ‘The Radiance’ arc, here’s the 2nd chapter. With the conclusion of this arc, I’ll probably wrap it up in ‘Volume 1′ and neatly gather it all in a single place. 3,609 more words


The Secrets of Solace (World of Solace #2)

Title: The Secrets of Solace

Author: Jaleigh Johnson

Series: World of Solace #2

Lina, an apprentice Archivist, has an insatiable curiosity. That was how she found the crack in the caves that led to a cavern with a buried airship. 323 more words