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[TM] Chapter 25 - Elisven's Memories

In the sky of Glilia, the glorious sun had just risen from a deep slumber.

As the sun stretched its rays of warm light across the lands of Glilia, its light illuminated that which was hidden in the darkness. 2,124 more words


[TM] Chapter 24 - Elisven's Suffering

“Father, I am here!” exclaimed Elisven as she held her father in her arms.

The sound of her father’s voice encouraged her that he was not lost to her. 2,550 more words


BOOK REVIEW: VAMPED by David Sosnowski

I will admit: I did not buy this book for myself. It was given to me as a Christmas present by a good friend of mine, who knows my sense of humor and my love of vampires, no matter how saturated the market is. 660 more words


[TM] Chapter 23 - Bandit Hideout Part 2

Hidden amongst the trees, Trint’s party surveyed the bandit hideout. From where they were, they could see that there were a couple of bandit guards at the entrance. 3,488 more words


Chapter 27: Granting Voice to the Voiceless

Anya starts stretching, cracking her knuckles loudly one by one. She carefully watches the expressions of the surrounding onlookers. Contrary to her earlier words, she doesn’t look annoyed in the slightest. 1,939 more words

Mana Tank Magus

Chapter 26: Advancing Bravely with the Queen's Gambit

As my bleary slowly vision resolves, I discover that our possible escape routes have been blocked by a bizarre cast of characters. 1,862 more words

Mana Tank Magus

Wp Cp2

Well, here is the second chapter of wisp’s path. Enjoy!