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A Legend of Starfire (A Sliver of Stardust #2)

Title: A Legend of Starfire

Author: Marissa Burt

Series: A Sliver of Stardust #2

Wren still has nightmares about the land of Nod, the evil Boggin she so narrowly stopped, and the horrors at the gate between worlds. 334 more words


ARC Review: Rogue Magic by Kit Brisby

Title: Rogue Magic

Author: Kit Brisby

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Expected Publishing Date: January 30, 2017

Genre: Paranormal, MM Romance

Format: eBook, Paperback

Page/Word Count: 328 / 81,000… 471 more words

Book Review

A Broad Brush Editing Moment

Celebrate your first draft, but know that it isn’t the end, just the beginning. The magic you’ve created is nothing compared to what’s possible. Now, let me take you on a little editing journey. 159 more words


The Burning Page (Invisible Library #3)

Title: The Burning Page

Author: Genevieve Cogman

Series: Invisible Library #3

The Library’s timeless existence may be running out. Alberich, though he cannot enter, has found some way to threaten it—a fact painfully clear to Irene, who has been stuck doing dangerous missions thanks to her probation. 502 more words


Light Novel Review: No Game No Life [Volume 5]

After temporarily leaving the Sirens’ game, Sora and Shiro travel to Avant Heim in order to gain the knowledge necessary to beat their game. When they arrive, they quickly meet Azril, the first Flügel created, the Representative of the Winged, and Jibril’s “older sister.” Azril holds much love for her “younger sister” Jibril, so she agrees to help Sora and Shiro. 959 more words

August Hail

Caszandra (Touchstone #3)

Title: Caszandra

Author: Andrea K. Höst

Series: Touchstone #3

Cassandra Devlin has forged a funny sort of life for herself on another world. Now her newest relationship is rearranging her world all over again—this time in good ways. 353 more words


Lab Rat One (Touchstone #2)

Title: Lab Rat One

Author: Andrea K. Höst

Series: Touchstone #2

Cassandra Devlin is still adjusting to being on another planet. Well, technically, planets, since she’s been the instrumental force in re-opening Munia for Tare’s people to recolonize. 436 more words