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A breakfast of leftovers and a horrible calorie count!

I had some leftovers from the weekend. Some potato slivers (about a potato’s worth), Tofu, half a red onion and 2 Seitan sausages. All needed eating and finishing off. 498 more words


non vegan pangs.

Woke up this morning really fancying scrambled egg in a bun. It was a pleasure to find a healthier and tasty alternative!

Scrambled egg in a bagel was an infrequent favourite and if I made it, I made it at the weekend when there’s time to take your time and enjoy breakfast. 196 more words


A healthier version of a bad breakfast.

I found a way of having an old favourite for breakfast. Cheese on Toast.

This was never a healthy option but was somehow quite comforting as well as filling and quick to make. 99 more words


The trouble with breakfast.

Any other meal seems easier to manage. Lunch – something savoury with veg. Dinner – salad, something hot, potato based or pasta with sauce and veg. 221 more words


The Breakfast Club: Croque Madame Muffins

Hi. It being Ramadan and all, nipping out for a Friday breakfast review isn’t really an option here in Dubai. But I do love a weekend breakfast adventure, so the obvious option in my mind was to bring the brekky adventure to my kitchen.  482 more words