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Onscathed: Seeing Clearly

The hardest thing about the descent into the cancer world was a surprise, like almost everything else in the cancer journey.

It wasn’t “faith”, or physical pain, or even a lack of resources. 300 more words


Oncscathed: At the Crossroad

The day I received the diagnosis from the biopsy: malignant.

Right there metaphorically appeared a crossroad ahead.

One direction led to conventional chemotherapy. And the sickness that comes from the toxic effects of chemotherapy. 185 more words


Oncscathed: Dreamlike Appearance

Fourteen months ago, a biopsy came back positive for NHL cancer.

Three months ago the CT scan showed No Evidence of Disease.

Between those two mile markers lies the collective set of experiences that are recalled as ” the cancer journey” or sometimes “descent into the cancer world”. 249 more words


Oncscathed: Two Worlds of Cancer Treatment

The cancer treatment world is really two separate worlds, based on two divergent belief systems, two different views of how the body works, what causes cancer and therefore how to treat cancer. 485 more words


Oncscathed: The End of the Search; Finding the Right Doctor

I found Dr. Colleen Huber and her team at Nature Works Best Clinic, Tempe AZ late in August, 2019. On Sept. 17th, started treatment 3 times per week with intravenous megadose vitamin C therapy. 127 more words


Cancer Patients Need Not Lose Hope With Natural Treatment

Liver Cancer Natural Treatment from the Budwig Center has helped save the lives of many patients suffering from liver cancer. Hitherto, many of these patients had already resigned themselves to the inevitable as there was no end in sight to their suffering. 298 more words

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Budwig Centre; Alternative, Affordable Cancer Treatment

Have you or your loved ones been diagnosed with cancer? Are you looking for Alternative Cancer Treatment with a complete program that combines both natural and holistic treatments? 269 more words

Alternative Cancer Treatment