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Have you or your loved ones been diagnosed with cancer? Are you looking for Alternative Cancer Treatment with a complete program that combines both natural and holistic treatments? 269 more words

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Hurts So Good

Fever is a healing reaction that will help my body heal, wake up my immune system, and activate my white blood cells, but first, it will kick my ass. 847 more words


Could Have Been Dealt Aces & 8’s

I would never categorize my day’s as routine. I maintain a rhythm, I have a formula, I enjoy a groove, but “routine” sounds so stodgy, so monotone. 864 more words


Examinations of a Different Color

I don’t remember ever describing myself as avoidant, fatalistic, or passive in manner. There’s a good reason for that…I’m not any of those things. The cancer diagnosis hasn’t jaded me. 621 more words


Snake in the Grass

Every other day I head up to the third floor for a special biological infusion. Some days it’s ozone-therapy, other days Vitamin C or immune stimulators, today it’s snake venom. 487 more words


Breast Cancer Surgery: How Cost Influences Treatment

In many women, even those with insurance cover, the cost of breast cancer treatment will influence their choice of the type of surgery. Due to this finding, there should be a guideline on how physicians present breast cancer treatment options to patients. 330 more words


Glass...2/3 Full

Perspective really is everything. I’m intrigued by how much mine changes as new information becomes available, take bleeding, for instance. I bet that’s not something you give daily thought to, actually, neither do I. 526 more words