More Women Can Safely Forgo Chemotherapy

According to data from a study conducted in 2018, most women with breast cancer in its early stage don’t always need chemotherapy. This means most women can now avoid the toxicity associated with chemotherapy as well as the time and monetary burden of this treatment option. 270 more words


The Fitness Thing

I’ve always been more focused on food than fitness. If fitness was a “thing” growing up, it was lost on me. Growing up in the New York City projects was my fitness center. 1,164 more words


Prognosis for Stage 4 Colon Cancer

Receiving a diagnosis for stage IV colon cancer can be devastating but it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Colon cancer at this stage may not be curable since it will have spread to several other parts of the body but life still goes on for patients. 282 more words


These Lifestyle Changes Could Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

According to research, there is a one in three chanceof Americans developing cancer. The risk varies with every type of cancer and from person to person depending on environmental factors and lifestyle. 301 more words


Cancer Cooks

I no longer qualify for a premium time slot at the oncologist’s office. I haven’t gotten the magic 5-year cancer-free blue ribbon yet, but I’m far enough out of the woods to relegate afternoon-patient status. 743 more words


Is Your Medical Consent Properly Informed? | Alliance For Natural Health

Does your doctor tell you about the risks of treatments being offered as well as alternative options and support you in making informed decisions about your health care choices? 63 more words

7 Ways to Reduce Your Risk for Cancer

When it comes to preventing cancer, we’ve both bad and good news.

Well, the bad news is that experts haven’t designed a foolproof approach to prevent it. 295 more words