Wormwood...Who Knew?

I have been looking forward to today’s treatment (this sounds a lot more odd than it should). I start off in the infusion room with my semi-weekly ozone blood wash. 715 more words


Waterbed Workings

I’m officially awake. A new physical therapist administered my Kneipp treatment this morning. He obviously thinks that “the slower the better” is the way to go. 802 more words


Weekend Wandering

Many things come to a halt now that the weekend has arrived. The clinic is quieter in some ways as there are very limited treatments offered. 828 more words


Things Are Heating Up Now

New information comes to me on Wednesday’s wings. It begins like most days, an early walk into Kurpark for bitter salt water before breakfast. There’s a lovely young women that greets me when I arrive. 963 more words



The church bells herald the start of my day. The measurement of pulse and temperature are a daily directive and I dutifully attend to both before getting out of bed. 1,061 more words


Day One, Again


The travel is lengthy. I leave Minnesota on Sunday just before noon. The usual rules of the airport game apply. International travel requires a three hour advance arrival to the airport. 1,005 more words


Who Need Bladder Cancer GcMAF Treatment?

Most of the aged adult men are affected by bladder cancer. This is a rare type of cancer. But when this occurs, the urine color can change and this perhaps the first sign for bladder cancer. 237 more words

Alternative Cancer Treatment