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State of Affairs, Bernie Sanders, and so on

  • Above: A sober, factual analysis of the true state of decline in America. I think that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has some good points, and I’m sure there are plenty of things he has to say whether he agrees with them in principle or not- that is after all, the very nature OF politics… It’s obvious that he is no fool, and he does seem genuine rather than contrived.

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New Energy Outlook 2015


By 2040, the world's power-generating capacity mix will have transformed: from today's system composed of two-thirds fossil fuels to one with 56% from zero-emission energy sources. 520 more words

Alternative Energy

Electric Utilities and Renewable Energy

A few years ago at the State Fair in Hutchinson, I chatted with a Westar employee in an alternative energy booth. My sense from that conversation was a feeling of pride. 1,020 more words

Earth Care


Driverless cars, smart homes, streetcars and high-speed rail, skyscrapers clad in solar panels – there are a lot of visions out there as to what smart, connected cities will look like. 2,343 more words

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Unit 6 Writing: Task 2

Hello class!

Please write an essay of at least 250 words in response to the following question:

Governments should make more effort to promote alternative sources of energy. 35 more words

Task 2

Alternative Generating Energies and Sustainable Solutions

Join us for a fascinating introduction to thinking outside the box and solving problems in new ways by exploring projects with AGESS aimed at providing alternate water, food, and energy solutions in California and beyond.   99 more words