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Your letters for Friday, May 27

Canada needs more medical schools

Re: “The naked truth about foreign MDs,” May 16.

It is unfortunate that this country must import foreign doctors because we do not have enough medical schools to train our own. 649 more words

Rachel Notley

What Is A Solar Rebate?

What Is A Solar Rebate?

A Rebate is a amount of money a person is entitled to receive from a third party when purchasing a endorsed product! 348 more words

Alternative Energy

World’s Largest Solar Rooftop System Goes Online, Will Power 8,000 Homes

The Indian state of Punjab is now home to the world’s largest rooftop solar plant. The massive array will produce 11.5 megawatts of energy and is expected to provide clean power to 8,000 homes. 126 more words


Renewable Energy Jobs Surpass Oil and Gas Sector for First Time in U.S.

The number of jobs in the solar business grew 12 times faster than overall job creation in the U.S. last year and outpaced those in the oil and gas sector. 41 more words


5 Floating Solar Farms Helping Power the World

Floating solar projects are popping up in all corners of the world, from Japan, the UK, Brazil, the U.S. and Australia.

There are a number of benefits to floating solar plants, aka “floatovoltaics.” Compared to mounted panels, floating systems are naturally cooled by the bodies of water they sit on, therefore boosting power production efficiency. 189 more words


Paving the Road for the Future of Transportation

Mark Frohnmayer had a pretty specific checklist when he was looking to buy an electric car a decade ago. He wanted a vehicle that suited his travel needs, boasted a premium build quality and helped move the needle in terms of climate change. 1,383 more words

Innovation & Tech

Why Solar Doesn't Work For Everyone

Renewable energy is on the rise! there is no doubt about it. Solar leads the pack!

It’s the cheapest to install! has a longer build life, components such as regulators and connectors are easier to acquire. 315 more words

Solar System