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July 25 - Last Leg To Stand On

Today’s factismal: The Solar Impulse II is on its last leg of an around-the-world flight.

All too often we forget that the future is happening now but it started long ago. 293 more words

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Big Yellow Taxi

I happened across this AP story by Frank Eltman in yesterday’s newspaper: “Solar projects can’t save the forests for the trees?”

According to the article, several projects are currently in the works to cut down hundreds of acres of forest in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island and then build solar farms in their place. 267 more words


Boulder Has Amazing Solar Energy Potential! Is it right for your house? Find out...

Boulder has huge solar energy potential! Did you know The City of Boulder has a tool to help you measure the solar potential of your roof? 164 more words


The Power is in the Proof

Since we have had our solar installed, I have written an update each month so that anyone even thinking about going solar can have the facts in hand. 516 more words

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Time to get serious about developing wind power

Re: U of S team works on smart wind power grid (SP July 14):

Your article talked about the work being done by electric engineer Tony Chung on power systems modelling in anticipation of adding more wind energy to the Saskatchewan electrical grid. 451 more words


There's power in that wind

I’ve been spending a lot of dreamy time these days on a 15 year old breeze.  An almost forgotten name popped up on some website or another, and after a series of rabbit holes and poking around in digital cardboard boxes, I’ve come face-to-face with a previous self. 76 more words

Muskrat power plant boondoggle tests Trudeau's green energy commitment

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is considering a request to guarantee new debt offerings to finish an over-budget and delayed hydroelectric project, a test of his support for low-emission energy development. 976 more words