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Dreaming princess

He went to the castle to save a princess. He hew his way through the thorns until his sword was blunt and his arms were bleeding. 70 more words


Crown of Thistle

Once I dreamed I was a princess or

someone else important like a


and the angels took out my trash and

scrubbed my toilet. I dreamed… 115 more words

Creative Writing

Yet Another Scandal

This post was written as part of the 100 word challenge for grown ups over at Julia’s Place.

I wrote to my mother to ask whether those enormous, yellow apples in my garden are poisonous – she knows more about that sort of thing than me. 102 more words

Flash Fiction

Home Repairs

“I’ve been up since dawn today, at the top of a ladder repairing my roof. I’m scared of heights, but I couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it for me.  93 more words

Flash Fiction


He opened the wooden shutters and peeped out of the window, standing well back so as not to be seen. Nobody there. He strained his ears, listening for…something, some sign that he was not alone. 80 more words

Flash Fiction