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Are electric cars really cleaner? In Georgia, maybe not

Gasoline versus electric.

Which is the better choice for green-minded individuals? Turns out, it’s not so clear-cut.

It depends on what part of the country you live in and how electricity is generated there, whether from clean sources like wind and solar, or dirty ones like coal. 234 more words


United Airlines Invests In Alternative Fuel Company, Plans To Use Biofuel In Trips This Summer

Last year, Southwest Airlines announced it would start using biofuels created from forest remnants to power some flights beginning in 2016. Today, United Airlines raised the stakes in the alternative jet fuel game, announcing plans to fly a plane this summer using fuel generated from farm waste and oils derived from animal fats, while also investing millions of dollars in other alternative fuel processes.  376 more words

MM - Overflow (I Need You)

It felt like another song week.  This one is close to my heart because of who and why it was written.

I have a wonderful friend in South Dakota who owns my favorite coffee shop in the world. 266 more words


Japanese Man Invents Machine Which Turns Plastic into Oil

I believe that we as a people need to focus our attentions on oil alternatives, electric for example. We need something less harmful – ideally harmless – to the atmosphere and ourselves than our current paradigm allows . 51 more words


Move over EVs, air-powered cars coming to market

We’ve seen a lot of development in recent years in the realm of alternative fuel technology.

Electric vehicle sales are taking off. Many companies are also converting their fleets to run on compressed natural gas, with MARTA buses being one local example. 79 more words


Audi Introduces "Blue Crude" (Alternative Fuel Made of Water)

This might just change the world of cars and fuel as we know it. Audi just introduced “Blue Crude” which is an alternative fuel made of water and carbon dioxide. 79 more words