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Would You Like a Side of Fries With That Rig?

A powerful smell of french fries accompanied the big rig that pulled in beside us. Steve Adler and his family were on their way to go whitewater rafting nearby. 119 more words

Multi-Fuel Sources

We know that Solar, Wind need backup energy sources. It is easy to add a backup energy source to the Lurtz Cycle.

Use natural gas, wood, oil, etc., to warm the water storage reservoir. 23 more words

Lurtz Cycle

Twig Stove Sooting Issues No More With Fuel Gel

A while ago I wrote about using heating pellet in a twig stove. I still believe in it, but until very recently I had suffered from a sooting issue with a paraffin-based kindling. 221 more words


Richard Corriere Car Report: Which is greener – Electric or Hydrogen

The goal is to eliminate vehicle emissions and reduce the energy footprint (or carbon emissions) of covering miles in a vehicle, it remains to be debated whether and how much hydrogen helps. 125 more words


The "LNG Fix" Becomes Law

The federal government’s bureaucratic and sometimes Byzantine procedures for enacting new laws can achieve the proper results. It may not be pretty or swift, but it does work. 602 more words

Richard Corriere Car Report: Dealers fight Telsa ban in NJ


Richard Corriere says, “Now Tesla Is At Risk Of Being Banned In Ohio.”

Tesla is now at risk of being banned in Ohio, too.  Yesterday, New Jersey approved a law banning… 256 more words


Three electric vehicles have joined Europe's biggest loser's list

It’s sad fact of buying a mass market car. Once you’ve driven it off the lot, depreciation begins—some faster than others.

In Europe, three electric vehicles have joined a less-than-desirable list: the worst first-year depreciators. 386 more words