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Today’s Shot 134

Two – Thousand Miles


Sharing, look she says

From two-thousand miles away…

Sisters on FaceTime

For a moment – I am there

Flags all down the lane… 14 more words

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Today’s Shot 133

Out my Backdoor

Technically, I did go out my backdoor… and then I bumped into these around the corner. A fun find!

As a part of : … 14 more words

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Today’s Shot 132

Farm Life


I rarely stop on work trips, but I’ve always wanted a picture of an irrigation sprinkler. This one was also watering my pathway so it was unavoidable!

💦 🌾 💧

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Today’s Shot 131

Stars in her Eyes

She opens her arms

Wind’s soft breath traces her shape

Stars shine in her eyes

For: Cee’s Flower of the day – FOTD… 10 more words

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Shiatsu, Secret Pathways and the Seasons - Exeter, Devon

We started a walk, a few days ago, by going through this beautifully overgrown ‘secret path’

Such a great start to what turned out to be a pretty special walk overall. 435 more words


Shiatsu, the Menopause and Peri-Menopausal symptoms - Exeter Devon

I am now in my mid forties and I feel like each morning and now watch myself age. I see more grey hairs and looser skin around my neck. 324 more words