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All You Need To Know About Trigger Point Massage

Muscle contraction is not considered a big deal among people. However, it can cause considerable pain if not treated timely.  Generally, it can happen any time owing to wrong posture, overuse of a group of muscles or injury. 87 more words


When Should I See an Herbalist?

If you’re a customer without a cure in our healthcare rat race, you might want to explore seeing an herbalist!  Our current healthcare system has become something that resembles a pill dispensary chasing symptoms instead of exploring the underlying root cause.  502 more words

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Food is Medicine.  –Hippocrates

Alternative Health

Sexual Addiction Recovery

The term “sexual addiction” describes those who engage in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behaviors despite increasingly negative consequences to self or others. 938 more words

After Sexual Abuse.....

Sexual abuse/assault leaves emotional and psychological scars that are not always obvious to others or even yourself. Below are ten of the most common *sexual effects from  813 more words


Anxiety is a normal coping mechanism; however, in excess, it can be detrimental. More than just a situational response, anxiety disorders are characterized by a persistent and oftentimes irrational dread of everyday situations which can interfere with daily activities. 597 more words

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Emotional Rescue

It may show my age but I personally love this song and album from the Rolling Stones plus it really seemed to fit on today’s post about emotional health. 567 more words