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Meet Daidra and Me!

I love a train depot.

It is 2017 and I have been with her since 2015 August.

We have been committed to one another since Christmas Eve 2015. 522 more words

Objectum Sexual

Abandoned Exploration

I’ve recently come across some of my old urbex photo albums, which I’ve started posting in the “Abandoned Exploration” section of my blog. Abandoned exploration has fascinated me long before I had my driver’s license, and it’s something I’d love to revisit in the near future. 384 more words


The Boston Marriage: Food For Thought

With Spring in full swing and Summer just around the corner, we’re coming out from under our down coats and busting out those sandals, shorts and…veils? 809 more words

Working Girl

Looking into the Eyes of My Husband’s Girlfriend

How I came to be in an open marriage (and, no, I’m not talking about sex here) 4,790 more words

Danger, Danger Everywhere... Don't Drop Him in the Drink

This past week was Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week (you can read more about that here: (MMH Coalition) . Given that I’ll happily discuss the post-partum state of my pelvic floor with casual acquaintances at baby yoga (pretty much okay, still pee if I cough hard more than 4 times, thanks for asking), you can guess I’m in no way ashamed to say that since Bertie was born, I’ve struggled twice now, with a resurgence of my old pal, Anxiety Disorder. 780 more words

The Road Less Traveled

Into “The Magic Shop”by neurosurgeon James R Doty born to poverty and dysfunction. He came across a split in the road of  his life. He took the Brain Rd. 21 more words

New Release! House of Pleasure: A Swingers Story APRIL 18, 2017 ~ AVASTERLINGAUTHOR It’s out! My newest erotica ebook is available: A House of Pleasure: A Swingers Story.. Check out the summary: A House of Pleasure made for swingers. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Grace and Steve fall into a routine, like married couples often do. They want something different, but they’re too stuck in a rut to try something new. When Steve finds out about a secret club for swingers, he jumps at the opportunity. Now all he has to do is convince his wife. Grace reluctantly agrees, and during their first visit, they meet an intriguing married couple. Faced with their first real taboo, Grace and Steve dive in headfirst to fulfill their fantasy, and Steve tries out wife swapping. Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99: Amazon or Amazon UK (& other Amazon markets) Smashwords Barnes and Noble Kobo Inktera I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage. If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story. House of Pleasure: A Swingers Story (sample) “Is this for real?” Grace flipped over the gold embossed invitation in her hand, the parchment paper thick and expensive beneath her fingers. Whoever made it must’ve spent a fortune. “A swingers club? Really?” She eyed her husband curiously, watching as he pulled off his belt. Was he serious? They had mentioned branching out to spice things up and keep their marriage interesting, but this was quite a move without a baby step in-between. Steve nodded, removing his sports coat. “Yeah.” He took a seat beside her, the mattress dipping down under him. He loosened his tie, pulling it off to toss on the chair by the bed, along with his blazer. “We talked about this.” His voice was melodic, soothing. It was the thing that always pulled her in, lulling her into a state of compliance. “Yeah, but I didn’t think you’d tell your friends!” Her tone was incredulous, but not upset. To say she was surprised would be an understatement. “Who all knows?” Studying his face, she awaited his reply. Boys and their locker room talk, she thought to herself. Strangely, that thought gave her a little jolt. What all did his friends know about her? When they had visited, did they envision her in all sort of slutty scenarios? Grace wasn’t sure she hated the idea. What would it be like being passed around all his friends? Jesus, she definitely needed to lay off the erotica. “Only Pete.” He slipped off his sleek, black shoes next. As an ad executive, Steve dressed his best every day, and she loved watching him peel off each layer of his designer suits. “He told me he had a way to help, then the next day he came to work with that.” His gaze scanned her expression as he gestured to the invitation still clasped in her hand. “Do you know how hard something like this is to get? We’re going, aren’t we?” His voice lifted like an eager schoolboy. She knew how excited this topic made him; he’d mentioned it every night since it first came up. “Pete tells me it’s the cream of the crop. Serious business. Everyone is vetted, so things are safe. I know how careful you are. Background checks and such. I think they even have guards on duty.” “I’m guessing we’re having background checks done on us as we speak?” It was smart, though; she had to admit that. There was a sense of security in taking a chance on sexual matters when they were handled by responsible adults. He moved the hair from her neck, and she shivered. “Probably.” “So, Masquerade Night, huh?” She thought about all the variety that offered and the idea of shopping crept into her mind. A lovely new dress. Something sleek and tight, clinging to every curve. Something clandestine had always appealed to her. A mask gave a sense of anonymity and allowed one the excuse to act like someone else, to indulge the parts that were usually kept hidden. “This coming Friday.” He smiled, trailing the backs of his fingers over her freckled shoulder before pulling down the thin strap of her camisole and placing a kiss there. “I’ll even buy you something new and sexy.” His teeth raked across her skin. “What d’ya say, baby girl?” (end of sample)