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How owning less is Free-ing

A few days ago a friend of ours interviewed us for her book on patriarchal hierarchies. Because with three kids and the whole shibam there’s really no spare time for special decor – and also because at times raw can just be beautiful – here’s the uncut, raw version of her transcript, some of it will appear in print next year. 1,433 more words

Our Journey

Tiny Shiny: With And Without The Finer Things

It’s been two weeks and one day since we arrived at the new home. Since then we’ve accomplished a lot in the way of gearing up for this new life setting. 385 more words


Accidential Utopia: The Cultural Freehaven of Ruigoord vs. the 1960s Hippies of Haight Ashbury

By Anikka van Eyl

Nobody likes a hippie, right? Hippies are lazy, dirty drug addicts that live off the system and contribute nothing to society. This is the common perception that mainstream society holds of hippies; they are a nuisance, promoting radical thinking and won’t conform to that of the traditional life. 4,698 more words

Alternative Lifestyles

QVC as porn!

Until a couple of years ago I thought QVC was one of those late night shopping channels for people tired of counting sheep.

Boy was I wrong! 288 more words

Erecting a Safe Space: “Queer A‘POC’alypse”

By Gregory Stewart

One day I received a Facebook message inviting me to perform at a spoken word show for queer people of color. A friend of mine who attends Brown University with me and was also studying in Amsterdam had asked me if I’d be interested in performing and then gave my name to one of the event organizers.   5,505 more words


Let’s talk about sex...

I mean REALLY talk about it!

Guess what? That is the one thing that most couples do NOT do! No one really talks about what they want in the bedroom. 371 more words

Raw Hearts

Like so many other New Yorker readers, I’m glad to check out what my favorite writers have produced, and early this morning I was drinking coffee while reading… 264 more words