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What traveling has taught me

For the last year and a half, I have traveled and worked in many different environments. Although this has been great fun, it has also been a great opportunity for learning. 1,253 more words


The Whole Ball of Wax

We are just finishing up our honey harvesting and that means its time to render wax! I love to render all kinds of fats (gathering deer fat as we speak) but wax is probably my favorite as it scents the entire house and that scent is probably what it would smell like on Mt. 261 more words


The real reason for selling our boat

It came as a bit of a shock when all my un-usual tiredness, until then non-existent sea-sickness and starving whale-like hunger during our month in Crete and last… 772 more words

Travelling Family

Parallel Universes and Peas

My grandfather got really pissed at the Biffster once because he wasn’t being manly enough to please his old world sensibilities. Mostly he was terrified that the Biff might be “queer.” I mean there were so many clues to justify his concern, like the fact that Biff wasn’t hitching up his jeans, scratching himself or strutting while both horking and spitting. 968 more words

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It’s the perfect age to stop. Stop working after decades of indentured labor. Stop raising children. If they are lingering kick them out, even better – do yourself and them a favour and sell the family home from under them, they quickly get the point. 775 more words

Early Retirement

What I've Learned

We are always changing and evolving. We all go through positive and negative experiences that continue to shape us for good and/or bad. Years ago I learned that life is really about the journey, for me. 724 more words


WWOOFing in Montana

It was the closest I had ever come to throwing a dart at a map and taking off. For several years I’d been interested in working with WWOOF, a program that connects people to organic farms and ranches and coordinates participating in the daily working operations in exchange for room and board. 1,174 more words