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WWOOFing in Montana

It was the closest I had ever come to throwing a dart at a map and taking off. For several years I’d been interested in working with WWOOF, a program that connects people to organic farms and ranches and coordinates participating in the daily working operations in exchange for room and board. 1,174 more words


Alternatiba, puis le labyrinthe vert

« Incroyables comestibles » ; système de cuisson solaire ; « L’eau, bien commun » et le Léman (la monnaie alternative utilisée durant Alternatiba) 812 more words

Alternative Lifestyles

How to become a newbie minimalist

I really like the blog Zen Habits because its one of the original minimalist blogs that actually takes a wider view on simplifying ones life as opposed to just ones home. 521 more words


Losing Home

There’s this weird thing that happens when you leave home for the first time. Well, there are two possibilities. You either miss it, or you don’t. 380 more words


Day 4 of a Passage from Crete to Malta: Arriving is the best part

Whilst the wind’s becalmed, there’s usually still enough to help the engine a little. We are very happy to find out a few hours out of Malta that we’ve only used half of the amount of Diesel to what we did last time. 231 more words

Sailing With Kids

If American Idol Was My Muse Instead of Dave Grohl

When I think about kids listening to how important education and university is then they think ‘oh this is how you become a farmer.  You get yourself in debt to the tune of 30 grand and you sit in a lecture hall with 800 other people for three fucking years listening to someone who has never farmed in their life rabbit on about the latest EU/Greenpeace/Governmental theory on how to farm.   348 more words


Twilight People

Look where the Twilight people go

stepping through darkened veils

to where, we don’t know

What do they seek

under the cover of blue?

Between dark and light, 86 more words

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