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TMI Tuesday: The Life You Want

These questions are from this weeks TMI Tuesday. If you would like to get involved then follow the link in red and you will find all the questions and information on how to get involved. 700 more words

Alternative Lifestyles

My critique of the documentary Love unlimited: Polyamory in Scotland

I first heard murmurings of a potential documentary on polyamory by the BBC in 2017 on one of the poly Facebook groups, at that point I dismissed it as just another journalist looking to capitalise on the growing interest in polyamory & ethical non monogamy. 788 more words

Alternative Lifestyles

What is it that I blog about anyway?

I’ve been thinking a bit about what it is I am doing (or trying to do) when I’m writing this blog recently. Looking back over previous posts there are bits and pieces about… 591 more words


Alternative England and Wales (1975) - a psychedelic guide to UK counterculture

I spent a lot of my adolescence combing through the haphazard piles of stock in my hometown’s excellent second-hand bookstore, Scrivener’s. A former Victorian shop and boarding house with five floors of books on every conceivable subject, Scrivener’s has been a reliable source of cheap and eclectic finds, as well as a consistent employer for a long line of friends (the owner, interviewed in the above article, is a really nice guy.) It was in the attic of this bookstore that my partner unearthed Alternative England and Wales, written by the activist and self-styled psychonaut Nicholas Saunders. 2,022 more words


Online Support

Staying connected is an important component for my success. I know no one personally who is doing this locally, therefore it is important for me to stay in touch with like minded people via various media. 314 more words

Poly on Film: Gregg Araki’s Splendor and the rare poly rom-com

At the climax of Gregg Araki’s 1999 romantic comedy, Splendor, a 20-something beautiful woman about to marry a morally dubious man is interrupted by a declaration of love from her true beloved. 838 more words

Alternative Lifestyles


This afternoon, driving home with my friend, our 12-year-olds in the backseat with their skis, sharing crackers, my friend remarked that the days were longer already. 211 more words