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How to FIND and do WORK you LOVE

You should watch this video.

I know how he feels…I wanna bang my head often.

The million dollar question…”How much longer am I going to let myself  feel this way?” 100 more words

Self Development

This Cant Be Real

This can not be real…….

I never get messages, and I never get hit on. How is this even happening?

How do you go from being the girl that everyone makes fun of and that no one wants or desires to becoming the girl that is getting more and more attention by the day. 148 more words

UPDATE: Life in the New America -or- Living the RV Gypsy Lifestyle

Well… well… well. Seems like I have been booted from this FB group after answering a “questionnaire” sent to me by one of the admins. Obviously in response to my earlier post. 222 more words

RV FullTime Living

‘Bio’ Saturday

Yesterday was a ‘bio’ Saturday. ‘Bio’ does not stand for ‘bionic’, but for the French adjective ‘biologique’, which means organic in English. According to… 619 more words

Alternative Lifestyles


Somehow we’ve managed to build a society that gives away sex with the touch of a button,
While our children are starving for another type of loving. 359 more words

Parallel Universes and Peas.

My grandfather got really pissed at the Biffster once because he wasn’t being manly enough to please his old world sensibilities. Mostly he was terrified that the Biff might be “queer.” I mean there were so many clues to justify his concern, like the fact that Biff wasn’t hitching up his jeans, scratching himself or strutting while both horking and spitting. 968 more words

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The dark side of the moon

How glad will I be when today’s dark new moon is gone. A friend’s astrologer described it somehow as ‘trying to keep a candle flame blowing in a tunnel with a constant Force 8 blowing through’. 195 more words

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