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The Young Graduates (1970)

The world of the cinephile can be both grim and rewarding simultaneously. Here we have Crown’s exploitation version of growing pains and it’s unexpectedly anodyne. A pretty high school senior Mindy (Patricia Wymer from TV’s Malibu U) has a boyfriend Bill (Gary Rist) who tees her off so she starts having sex with one of her married teachers (Steven Stewart), then thinks he’s knocked her up. 227 more words


The Peculiar People

Essex, my home county. To many the word Essex is a byline for tacky; footballers wives, x factor contestants, white van men and girls with spray tans. 391 more words

Commune Scene

Green, green, green! Last night, reading about Vermont’s commune scene in the 1970s, I had to laugh about hippies coming to Vermont in the glory of summer, and then finding winter a different reality altogether. 172 more words

What's in a name? That which we call a marriage, by any other name would still take work.-- Apologies to Shakespeare.

I know that this is supposed to be a blog about female led relationships and marriages but if we don’t start with the basics then I am doing the same disservice to anyone reading this as a number of other sites have done. 1,363 more words

Female Led Relationships

The Kids Are Alright (2010)

It’s not an especially new dilemma not to know your real father – a friend of mine did a genealogical survey in Ireland c18 years ago and discovered that more than 20% of legitimate children in the Republic were not born to the head of household (and obviously didn’t know … national incest alert!) And in these days of alternative families and soaring rates of illegitimacy, who knows who anyone is without a DNA test?!   193 more words