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The Travelsome kid's 8th blog: Photography

As promised in my last blog, this blog will showcase my newly acquired photographic skills ;)
The photo above shows me sitting patiently waiting for the ‘Western green lizard’ to come back out of its hiding place, yes I am sitting in the road which I could not do safely anywhere I can think of in England, but hey, this is France and it is vast compared to England. 464 more words


Simplicity Story: Brianne's Minimalist Journey

Note:  This is a guest post from Breanne, who blogs at Metalsmithing Poodle.  You will love her story of how she embraced the simple lifestyle through pursuing her art and moving into a parkour gym. 1,063 more words

Good times and Farewells

One of the most beautiful things about cruising life turns out to also be one of the most painful: Making – and leaving – new friends. 273 more words

Our Journey

Drawing For Food

I went to school for jewelry design and metalsmithing but quickly realized the sheer amount of space and tools required to continue creating in this medium will make it very hard to fit in my nomadic minimalist lifestyle so I have reverted back to drawing! 346 more words

I Just Watched "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Of course I didn’t pay to watch it and I also waited until all the hubbub died down to bother. I do enjoy a bit o’kinky kink but probably not as much as this Christian Grey guy. 785 more words





This poem is called:
mixed metaphors


the physics of nonsense and non-compliance:
radical action in the forefront

meager meandering of an eager and creative soul child… 458 more words