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Twilight People

Look where the Twilight people go

stepping through darkened veils

to where, we don’t know

What do they seek

under the cover of blue?

Between dark and light, 86 more words

Creative Writing

Keeping Up With the Jones´s Don´t Laugh If Your a Williams

I wasn´t christened when I was a baby, it was a sort of an invisible exclusion at school that I had neither been christened or even had a middle name, add into it that I have a very unusual Welsh first name (Nia) and a very common Welsh surname – … 820 more words


The Skinny on Polyamory & Open Relationships [Repost]

This article was originally posted on linkedin by AngelaRenee Washington. Please visit her original posting and share your thoughts there as well. All credit to the author. 1,554 more words


Molly and Pim and the Million Stars by Martine Murray.

Molly and Pim and the Million Stars by Martine Murray. Pub.Text Publishing, 2015.

A novel for primary/intermediate students that is very different indeed. I suppose the correct word is alternative as Molly’s mother is into herbs and potions and gathering plants in the woods. 190 more words

Intermediate Fiction

Air by Lisa Glass

The View from the Den.

(Message from Eve and Moira: Before we start, we need to state the blindingly obvious: that Lisa is both a fellow Book Fox and our personal friend – so by no fevered stretch of the imagination could what follows be described as completely unbiased. 1,175 more words

Fiction: 21st Century

First impressions of Turkey

Turkey. Magical feeling of a ferry tale land. Arrival to the Muezzin’s exotic calls for prayer from the mosque in tranquil Bozburun. Little laid back village. 532 more words

Our Journey


Perspective… What you see not only depends on what you look at, but also on where you look from.