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"Defenders of Life" Film Review

By: Adrienne Vaught

In this gritty drama we see and feel the slam of modern socially accepted rules into ancient indigenous cultures. First we meet a twenty first century cultural anthropologist and her young son in the forests of South America. 354 more words


Guerilla Kitchen: Respite in Consumption

By Charles Bardey


As my first introduction to volunteering at Guerilla Kitchen, I was given two main instructions: (1) hang any pots and pans on hooks to preserve the limited space; (2) don’t break the food processor, because it’s “really, really important.” This instruction was part of no official orientation, but was instead dashed off quickly by Elise, a longtime volunteer and organizer at Guerilla, as she showed me the locations of items as we came upon them in the kitchen and dining room: salt, beans, cutting boards, beer. 5,398 more words

Alternative Lifestyles

The Hedge Revival: wisdom from the margins

It’s a funny creature, the word ‘hedge’: like all the best words, it’s something of a shapeshifter. In one sense we use it to convey a boundary, something which closes us in. 1,474 more words


Fatherhood: The missing link

As a husband, father and dad, I am not irrelevant to my family’s well-being. In fact, I am vital, crucial, important, necessary and irreplaceable.

Of course, my wife is all those things to our family, too. 1,513 more words

Coming Out - The Sexuality Version

So I have previously written about my kinky coming out, and it has been so well received, I thought that I would write a little something about the sexuality side of things too. 1,405 more words


Floss Does Fetish Clubs

In the most recent episode of #ProudToBeKinky, myself and Bakji talk Fetish clubs. If you have no idea what #ProudToBeKinky is check out my blog entry ‘ 1,013 more words


Jus' Talkin' Story

It has been quite a while since my last post…of course most of 2016 has been the whirlwind of life whirling swirling twirling all around with complete entanglement, yet to speak of it in words to share seemed so…not the time, for a long time. 1,854 more words