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The Van

Let the Search Begin

Once we decided to drive, we began researching rooftop tents to put on my Jeep Liberty. I’d say we spent a good 3-4 weeks researching tents, roof racks, weight limits, pricing options, ease of set up, etc. 1,511 more words


The Appetizer

Part A: Two Roads- Safe & Secure or Free & Unknown
Once the decision was made to dive into the unknown and live atypically from what we’ve raised to strive for- little things I’d never thought about before started creeping into my thoughts. 501 more words


LGBT Pride/History. Enough Shock factor.

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I am a bisexual, Caucasian, Blue-Collar class, agnostic, assault surviving, homemaker. I identify as female (technically I identify as frustrated, tired, mother), and I am pro-choice on both abortion and adoption. 1,427 more words

Be An Example

So What the Hell is Minimalism?

When we talk about minimalism we generally think about a few key things. Firstly we think about having less material possessions. We think about not consuming so much. 2,071 more words


An Argument in Favour of Setting Zero Goals.

Today I finished reading Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus’s book: Everything that Remains. You may have heard of this duo, The Minimalists, as they now have a ragingly popular documentary on Netflix called… 930 more words


Meet Daidra and Me!

I love a train depot.

It is 2017 and I have been with her since 2015 August.

We have been committed to one another since Christmas Eve 2015. 522 more words

Objectum Sexual

Abandoned Exploration

I’ve recently come across some of my old urbex photo albums, which I’ve started posting in the “Abandoned Exploration” section of my blog. Abandoned exploration has fascinated me long before I had my driver’s license, and it’s something I’d love to revisit in the near future. 385 more words