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Talking Dirty

I needed money and a friend said “Why don’t you work as a phone sex operator, you have a sexy voice, you talk dirty and you aren’t afraid of anything?” (Don’t always listen to your friends… just kidding!) 7 more words


Hey everyone!

I have revisited this blog after a long slump of no creativity and limited stimulation, which hasn’t done much for my mental state. I see a psychotherapist who is such a super awesome person. 197 more words


It is what it is...

Over the past 10 years I have undergone many life changes and learnt many things. I shall try to summarise my thoughts for today;

When the world around you changes beyond your control, you can either try to change things to your way, you can do nothing but bitch and moan or you can learn to adapt to your surroundings. 93 more words

Popular Culture

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Friday night. I’m home after an intense work week. The chicken soup is simmering on the stove. Outside my windows the never ending snowfall has painted the hanging branches of the big birch tree into gorgeous white waterfalls, creating a beautiful painting along the whole west side of the apartment.

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Is Polyamory Bullshit? An Exploration of Common Misconceptions about Polyamory

Whether you’re new to polyamory, just starting to open up about your relationship orientation, or have a loved one who’s poly and want to wrap your head around it, it’s helpful to look at some of the common narratives that arise when a person self-identifies as polyamorous. 1,754 more words

Alternative Lifestyles

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A lot of people have long ago packed their suitcases and left in the pursuit of a different life.

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The Young Graduates (1970)

The world of the cinephile can be both grim and rewarding simultaneously. Here we have Crown’s exploitation version of growing pains and it’s unexpectedly anodyne. A pretty high school senior Mindy (Patricia Wymer from TV’s Malibu U) has a boyfriend Bill (Gary Rist) who tees her off so she starts having sex with one of her married teachers (Steven Stewart), then thinks he’s knocked her up. 227 more words