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Coaching Creates Positive Feedback Loops

One thing I find fascinating about my coaching practice is how I find myself continuously learning more about myself with every client, and how I get to share my experience, my learning, with my clients. 160 more words

Alternative Lifestyles

8 Days

Home-education, on the road

“And what about history, what about geography?” rang the alarmed voice of my ever-worrying mother over the phone, obviously without grasping the irony of her words, so concerned she was about the education that her grandchildren would (not) get while travelling. 424 more words

Two kinds of love: True love and making-do love!

I wrote a Valentine’s Day post that painted a gloomy picture of love in the 21st Century. I said that only a very few ever find true love while the rest keep chasing for it with or without a partner. 641 more words

The Bride

Welcome to Relationship & Lifestyle Coaching!

Let’s begin….

I love what I do!  I teach people how to break through false beliefs and negative behavior patterns.  I offer my clients tools that empower their life and their relationships.  532 more words

Alternative Lifestyles

How to FIND and do WORK you LOVE

You should watch this video.

I know how he feels…I wanna bang my head often.

The million dollar question…”How much longer am I going to let myself  feel this way?” 100 more words

Self Development

This Cant Be Real

This can not be real…….

I never get messages, and I never get hit on. How is this even happening?

How do you go from being the girl that everyone makes fun of and that no one wants or desires to becoming the girl that is getting more and more attention by the day. 148 more words

UPDATE: Life in the New America -or- Living the RV Gypsy Lifestyle

Well… well… well. Seems like I have been booted from this FB group after answering a “questionnaire” sent to me by one of the admins. Obviously in response to my earlier post. 222 more words

RV FullTime Living