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I’m driving around Barre, Vermont, and can’t find the high school, so I pull into a garage. I glanced at a map before I left work, and figured, what the heck, a high school can’t be that difficult to find. 218 more words



The front of our house has two small glassed-in porches, one on the first floor and one on the second. Since the windows are single-paned, we closed them off for the winter, leaving them as darn cold storage. 140 more words


This Old Book

Walking with my friend through town, we find a cache of free, reeking-of-basement-mold books — a strange collection of Zen and psychoanalysis and car repair that might have come from my own  jammed shelves. 178 more words


And Then We Receive This Day

As if the air is transformed into honey, the afternoon moves languorously. I prop open the library door — an everyday event in the summer — but fresh now, the parents and I leaning in the open doorway. 183 more words


Kid and Her Cat

Whether the sun will ever appear in the Northeast Kingdom appears a matter of faith. I know the sun will return, likely soon, likely  82 more words


The confusion that is relationships

Okay, so how would an average person define the term “relationship”? Maybe a romantic connection between two people? Does romantic imply sexual too? Don’t all human connections not mean that there is some kind of relationship? 675 more words


Live and Let Live, Seriously

You know, sometimes I’m amazed at apparently ordinary people’s level of intolerance and general petty judgement of others. On the front page of one of the UK’s “newspapers” yesterday, the headline read “Tran and Wife”, about a man who used to be a woman and a woman who used to be a man who have recently wed. 227 more words