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The Kids Are Alright (2010)

It’s not an especially new dilemma not to know your real father – a friend of mine did a genealogical survey in Ireland c18 years ago and discovered that more than 20% of legitimate children in the Republic were not born to the head of household (and obviously didn’t know … national incest alert!) And in these days of alternative families and soaring rates of illegitimacy, who knows who anyone is without a DNA test?!   193 more words


On the other side of the counseling table

I have served as pastor to several churches in the U.S. and overseas for the past 20 plus years. During this time I have undergone various training in the areas of family, marriage and general counseling and coaching. 167 more words

Scones à la Ciabatta

Laziness leads to great things in life and this recipe is proof of it in its most concrete form. To put you in context, I live in Montréal in a apartment which I share with four other people. 612 more words


Star Collector

In life, I feel like there are people who have got it figured out – or at least, believe they’ve got it figured out – and then there are people like myself who are perfectly aware of how unfigured out their life actually is. 928 more words


A Review of the 2016 Slamdance Film "Fursonas"

By: Alystar McKenneh-O’Neil   and Danielle McCormick

“Fursonas” is a documentary about people who dress up in animal costumes. Oddly, sex comes up a lot and it appears to be just another fantasy game put on by young gay men. 363 more words


Somewhere in the middle, but also at the beginning: Life in an Aluminum Can

I currently live in a 28′ 1977 Avion Le Grande travel trailer that was gutted, save for a tub pan, when we got it. We had decided to try our hand at living with less, but our main goal was not to end up homeless – which felt like a very real possibility. 993 more words


Douchebbaggery Ranch: Politically Incorrect Adventures In Homesteading

“Farm” is a four-letter word.

What most back-to-the-lander hippies lead you to believe is that farming is “hard work but oh so fulfilling, away from the rat race, so close to nature and wonderful” blah blah blah, but that’s only the part of the story that passes censorship. 450 more words