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Sunday Evening

Every year at at this point in the summer – just about at the end – I have an almost insatiable desire to lie down and take a nap. 139 more words


Strong Wings

My neighbor stops by while I’m weeding my kale seedlings, asking what’s this? and this? and then stands where mulched blueberry plants edge up against a wild spread of field, heading down the back hill. 57 more words


Episode 38: Lee Harrington Talks Gender, Shibari, Kink & Much More

Lee Harrington is our guest this week, and if for some reason this is your first time listening to Lee speak you are in for a treat. 643 more words


Watering Down Deep

When I was a kid in the backseat of our green Jeep while my parents drove back to New Hampshire from our trips to Toledo and then often west of the Mississippi, Vermont was the final stretch on a very long journey home, and my mother claimed it was always raining in Vermont. 244 more words


The Gay Choice: The LGBTQ ideology is built on SAND; whereas, the Ex-GAY Christian ideology is built on ROCK

BUILD YOUR IDEOLOGICAL HOUSE on a STRONG FOUNDATION- for it will MAINTAIN your SOUL through the STORMS of LIFE and propel you INTO ETERNITY – St.Khawnan… 1,245 more words

Discussion: Gay Vs. Ex-gay

The Gay Choice: The LOST concept of "the GAY grace"

The LOST concept of “THE GAY GRACE”– taught only in the LGBTQ community, but is NOT TAUGHT in the BIBLE.

Many GAY SYMPATHIZERS & PRACTICING homosexuals/ lesbians believe that God’s “grace” actually saves those whom practice such behavior; eventually allowing them into heaven.   1,137 more words

Discussion: Gay Vs. Ex-gay

Ray Boltz - Once a Man of GOD; NOW a Practitioner of Perdition [HELL]

Concerning Ray Boltz– who used to be a TOP Contemporary CHRISTIAN musician (Dove Award Winner), leaving his family and the Christian music scene for a GAY lifestyle… … 554 more words

Discussion: Gay Vs. Ex-gay