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The Street 8

Whoops! A bit of a gap between posts, it’s been pretty busy…

Final weeks trying to get everything finished…graded unit to complete, other projects to get sorted out, finished pieces for the End Of Year Show and also our business plan to submit which we need for our Getting Started In Business project. 170 more words


Tiny Tuesday: Introducing the Minim

I met Brian Levy almost three years ago at the Yestermorrow Tiny House Fair, where he debuted his masterpiece of a tiny house on wheels. At that time, Brian had just finished building a prototype at… 215 more words

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Tiny Tuesday: Homes for the Homeless

Hailey Fort (aptly named!) is a student in Washington state with a heart for the homeless. Over the past three years, Hailey has donated hundreds of pounds of produce from a homegrown garden to local charities, as well as hundreds of articles of clothing from friends and neighbors. 216 more words

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Tiny Tuesday: The Shelter Pioneer

Lloyd Kahn is one of America’s great builders. His career spans five decades of developing efficient and inventive uses of materials, space, and energy. More than just prescient, he established many principles of green building that are now mainstream. 152 more words

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Last night, in addition to a heck of a lunar eclipse, was the beginning of the Jewish holiday Sukkot. The goal of the holiday is to construct a temporary outdoor shelter, or sukkah, and spend as much time as possible inside it over the next eight days. 283 more words


Tiny Tuesday: To Yurt or Not To Yurt?

The traditional yurt is one of the great examples of vernacular architecture. Developed over 3000 years ago by central Asian nomads, this tent-like building consists of a canvas skin draped over a lattice wall structure and radial roof rafters. 376 more words

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What I'm playing with now

Sometimes, you must give yourself permission to play. Art becomes not so fun when you have to keep doing the same thing again and again — working hard to meet some external need — like a deadline, due date, quota, etc., and you never have enough available time for free experimentation. 545 more words

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