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Amateur Gallery Chemigrams

I have spent the last few months perfecting my skills with alternative forms of photography. Among cyanotypes, vandykes, liquid light and tintypes, I also began experimentation with chemical painting on flashed paper or chemigrams. 103 more words


Dry Plate Gelatin Photography - Addendum

I’ve found an exceptional third source for this process which includes all of the ins and outs of making your own emulsion.


It’s based upon a workshop that was given through the Austin Alternative Process Group.   46 more words


B&W King - They're Alive!

There was a moment of confusion and remorse as the B&W King site seemed to have just gone missing.  I was myself quite confused.  By all accounts the site was indeed down and the ebay presence was all but gone.   172 more words


EVIL - Arista Ortho Litho 3.0 Film Pt. 2

In conjunction with my efforts to come to terms with Dry Plate photography, I set out this afternoon with my one least offensive failed plates.  To be honest, the only plate that survived my first efforts.   687 more words


Anna Atkins - witness to an important moment...

As seen from other posts, I have an interest in early photographic processes.

Anna Atkins was an important witness to the ‘birth’ of photography in Britain. 191 more words


BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!

I want to keep this short.  BUY THIS BOOK!!!  What an incredible book.  I purchased this and it arrived shortly before the holidays, just in time for me to carry it along on my trip to see my sister in Austin, TX.   279 more words


Dry Plate Gelatin Photography - Pt 1

As I’d mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I’ve recently acquired a new 5×7 camera.  I’m loving it.  The B&W King developing tank was the key to the kingdom when it came to using sheet film.   1,110 more words