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Van Dyke 2017

5 years…..5 YEARS it has been since I last made a Van Dyke…oef…Glad I kept a blog so that I could look at the notes again :-) 354 more words

Atelier Contrastique


Had a wonderful opportunity to work with Nykira. She’s a beautiful woman with a beautiful personality.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

I had contemplated so many time doing up another solo, especially since my last was nearly 10 years ago, will it be a series of works? 942 more words

Wet Plate Collodion

Stepping Up the Pinhole Game

Feeling I wanted to move up to a larger format, I constructed my own pinhole camera out of foam board.  You can buy cameras like this online, crafted beautifully out of attractive woods, but they cost hundreds of dollars – I’m not ready for that yet! 231 more words

Pinhole Camera

From Paris to Pinhole

Last May, I spent a very pleasant few days in Paris, where I ran across this bookstore, Artazart.  I bought a pleasing book with the allusive title of… 947 more words

A Year of Wetplates

A year ago I ventured into the world of wetplate photography as prepared as I possibly could be – I had read several books, countless articles, watched I-don’t-know-how-many videos on YouTube and attended a workshop before I went it alone. 244 more words