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Van Dyke

Well, it looks like I’ve taken too deep of a breath while relaxing after this semester, and have fallen off the grid a little with my blog.   601 more words


Lumen Printing and Gum Bichromate Photography

Lumen printing is another camera-less process and belong to alternative processes area. It involves black & white or colour photographic paper and natural light. Apart of it we need organic materials or digital prints could be use for this process. 517 more words


Pinhole Photography

Pinhole camera doesn’t have lens. Very small hole represent the lens. Light travel through the hole and format image inside the camera, which could be created from, simply box. 218 more words


The Cyanotype Process

Sir John Herschel invented cyanotype in 1841. The tone of the image is Prussian Blue and is created by using two solutions of Ammonium Ferric Citrate and Potassium Ferricyanide. 319 more words


Westin . Petra

“The best love is the love that makes you a better person…without changing you into someone other than yourself.”

This couple’s shoot was taken in and around Eden Valley Estate in Medford, Oregon.

Gum Bichromate

Gum Bichromate

This is a contact printing process, which starts from using a good negative, which a high contrast. (Deep blacks and whites).

This process works by using an all-natural product (GUM ARABIC) made from a sap of tree. 357 more words

Lumen Prints

Lumen printing is a technique ideal for camera less printing. The Lumen print are made by using different materials placed on photographic paper and then exposing these objects on paper in UV light (sun). 139 more words