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Project Dag

This blog has been set up to record progress on Project Dag as I work towards creating some daguerreotypes in Birmingham this year. The word Daguerreotype will be shortened Dag in all future writing as the word is annoying to spell and long to type. 145 more words

Alternative Photography

Cyanotype adventures

Right now I’m in the throes of an alternative process frenzy. Well to be honest I took a few days out last week while I sewed 2 dresses and a top…when I get flow I get flow big time and then I was in the throes of a stitching frenzy but that’s another story. 719 more words


Skypetography: Paths in Northern CA

Shot over Skype.

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Skypetography: Belgium

Shot over Skype with a model from Belgium – Love that the bird was caught in the background of the shot. =)

Do not copy or use any of the images here or herein without written consent.  6 more words


Creative Alternative Wedding Fun with Boxless Booths!

If you’re looking for some fun, interactive and creative entertainment for your wedding day or event, Boxless Booths are the perfect addition to add some extra excitement! 272 more words


Cyanotypes - how blue can you get?

Looking at other posts on my blog you can see I like the Blues! So working on cyanotypes allows me to extend my interpretation of blues :) 1,010 more words

Alternative Photography

Vantage point in photography / Wet Plate Collodion & Salt Print Process

In this video I’m presenting my creative process how am I approaching a motif conceptually and also physically. Wet plate collodion is so slow process that an hour or two of thinking is nothing in comparison how much it takes to make one photograph. 1,008 more words