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Unexplained shadows

This unit was unexpected treat, not unexplained shadows…

I did learn a lot in such short amount of time discovered techniques I never knew they existed.I only wish we have more time… 181 more words

BTEC Level 3

Topshit photography journal 16th of June 2015

Tomorrow is a big day. I’m almost finished with my preparations for Vienna Photo Book Festival . I’ve cashed in all my chips and now it’s time to go. 610 more words


Two collodion workshops in the centre of the world!

Ciao tutti,
here is a video on location scouting around my town of Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia, EU. I’m planning to make two collodion workshops, a basic and advanced one. 37 more words


Week 21: Humanize

Often times, when faced with a set of closely outlined directions, and told to make something creative from it, I get stuck.  I can’t get away from what I’m told and just think creatively.   996 more words

52 Week Challenge

Skypetography: Rolling Hills of CA

Shot over Skype.

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Images of Chance

As I’ve worked in the wet plate collodion process, I’ve accumulated many images that show extreme effects of chemical reactions and accidents of the process.  Sometimes colder temperatures caused the developer not to flow properly.   294 more words

Wet Plate Collodion

Black spring

That feeling when the plate is so good you can’t wait for it to dry before taking a picture of it and sharing to the world…I love that feeling.

Hen Island