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Something Old, Something Blue

Okay, I am officially addicted to cyanotypes. The rich, Prussian blue, the high contrast style, and that lovely vintage feel come together to create such a unique final result that can only be achieved using this historic medium. 281 more words


What Is And What Was

In David Campany’s Between the Snapshot and Staged Photography he writes, “A single photograph might be described as narrative if it suggests a situation or scene that extends beyond its spatial and temporal frame.”  Many of the abstracts that were photographed in Braddock fit this description, some more obviously than others. 42 more words

Alternative Process

The Worker

There was a time when the steel mill in Braddock was working full force.  This is no longer the case and employment is difficult to find.   65 more words

Alternative Process

Pears For Sale

One other image that stuck in my mind as the water rushed through Ellicott City was a small box of pears in front of Yates. I seriously doubt that this small store made any money selling the items they placed in front of the store, but I believe that they decided to use this valuable property as a reminder of the historic nature of the city. 44 more words

Alternative Process

The American Dream

Sixteen years ago when my wife and I were looking for a house, our first choice was to find a place in Ellicott City. After looking at fifteen to twenty houses none matched what we were looking for so we found a place in Columbia, not far away. 155 more words

Alternative Process

Cyanotypes on fabric

Still getting to grips with printing on fabric – it’ll look different when it’s dry. Could be better – could be worse!

Still getting to grips with printing on fabric – it’ll look different when it’s dry. 6 more words

Lines and Curves

I have started a side project, working on abstracts that were photographed in Braddock. The idea of these images is not to make one try to guess what they are seeing, in pretty much all cases that will not be a problem, but to obfuscate the full context in order to suggest a new meaning. 135 more words

Alternative Process